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Our Goals and Vision

Succeeding is such a great feeling. But assisting someone in reaching their goals is undescribable. To see their face once this part (stuggles, pain, doubt…) of the ‘journey’  has been accomplished…

We want to help others be able to be thought leaders in each of their industries. And there are different ways to go about doing it. Why not share what is working for others. One of them will work for you too.

 Let’s be with you on your journey.


Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs. We don’t like being restricted to what we can or can’t do. We embrace the opportunity to do things differently. The way that makes sense for us. The freedom, if you will. 

The opportunity to be us and not to conform. Do what’s right for us.

Our Story

There I was a starting entrepreneur with two kids under the age of 3.

I was spending all my time trying to do all the things that marketers and influencers teach. Wanting to make enough money to…

Well, can I just tell you instead?

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Virginia Purnell

Virginia Purnell

Virginia lives in Northern Alberta on a small farm with her husband and three children.  

Virginia is a master funnel builder having been certified as an FG Society Master Marketer, Funnelytics, and ClickFunnels Certified Partner.

She also helps businesses with their visibility through online searches.

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