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Kaci Brown was around Clickfunnels during their major growth and she was lucky to be around all the legends that have worked there. Today she is killing it with her own business and below is a little statement about her podcast. Amplify My Impact is The live-workshop style podcast that is on a mission to help others define success on their own terms, dream boldly, and build a legacy of impact. You can get a front row seat to join us in the journey of industry leaders how to Do more. Be more. Give more.

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About The Guest

Today I’m talking with Kaci Brown about how she helps businesses serve and scale through impact and integrity.

Kaci is a business consultant and marketing strategist that helps visionary entrepreneurs who want to make an impact as much as an income launch grow and scale online.

She leverages her unique experience and background in relationship marketing to help others turn their passion into a scalable, profitable business that creates a ripple effect to pay it forward in big ways.

She is one of a handful of individuals selected to coach within Russell Brunson’s to 2 CCX coaching program. 

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Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. Are growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible on.

Virginia [00:00:10] Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Entrepreneur Conundrum podcast. My name is Virginia Purnell, and today I’m talking with Kaci Brown about how she helps businesses serve and scale through impact and integrity. Kaci is a business consultant and marketing strategist that helps visionary entrepreneurs who want to make an impact as much as an income launch grow and scale online. She leverages her unique experience and background in relationship marketing to help others turn their passion into a scalable, profitable business that creates a ripple effect to pay it forward in big ways. She is one of a handful of individuals selected to coach within Russell Brunson’s to 2 CCX coaching program.

Virginia [00:00:48] At Click Funnels, the number one Amazon best selling author, co-founder of the Amplify Coaching Program and host of the Amplify My Impact podcast.

Virginia [00:00:58] Welcome, Kaci. Hi. It’s so good to see you again.

Virginia [00:01:04] I’m so glad you’re back. All right. Are you ready? Let’s jump in.

Kaci [00:01:10] Oh, I’m definitely ready. Let’s go, girl.

Virginia [00:01:12] Awesome. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Kaci [00:01:16] Well, so, I mean, I am I was just thinking this morning, I.

Kaci [00:01:21] I am so incredibly blessed. Like, with with the team and the clients that we get to work with and serve. I wake up every day and I’m just so. So grateful and joyful to be able to do what I get to do.

Kaci [00:01:36] And, you know, impact driven marketing is one of those things that I hesitated for for a couple of years to kind of pick that lane because because for us, you know, in the digital marketing space, it is like the grant card, don’t sell or be sold. And, you know, a lot of a lot of aggressive marketing tactics. And, you know, there’s there’s there’s these frameworks where it’s like sell, sell, sell. And.

Kaci [00:02:01] And I feel like we’re finding our stride with that serve first. And the sale is easy. And and that’s what we teach. And that’s what we help our clients with. And it’s just come through a lot of evolution, through some smaller businesses that we had to begin with.

Kaci [00:02:21] I I was a wedding photographer, made the transition into consulting and was lucky enough to be within Russell Brunson’s community, work very, very closely with with him and the coaches and the two DCX coaching program, especially, you know, just just seeing the beginning stages and growth. Stephen Larsen and Julie, as she was, she was scaling and to be able to be where we are right now, where hey, Vasquez, which was my original coach and mentor, and to come a club program where we’re partners now and they amplify my impact coaching program and agency.

Kaci [00:03:02] So it’s it’s it’s a lot that we’ve we’ve really been able to grow and scale ourselves to to increase that, you know, that that rate of not only growth of our business, but the way that we teach others to to impact as well. So multiplication is definitely our goal to teach that that you can scale by making an impact. And the more people and businesses that are out there that know it, the more good that can be done in the world. I like that part.

Kaci [00:03:36] Like the more good can be done in the world, especially with what everyone is dealing with right now. If the social distancing in it.

Virginia [00:03:45] And yeah, it’s refreshing to hear and feel. Yeah. Yeah.

Kaci [00:03:52] The beautiful thing about about what we teach is and it’s not like I woke up one day and it was like this is the clear path of of, you know, the message that I’m gonna own. It is truly an evolution like you have to you have to mold into finding your voice. And and that that little niche that you’re meant to serve. But just looking back and reflecting, like through every growth phase of business, it my winning strategy was relationships like building those relationships that that withstood the test of time. So like when I was a wedding photographer, we were we served in a way where each wedding represented like five to six referrals for future. So like we grew the business one hundred percent word of mouth. We didn’t have to do paid advertising. We did participate in the bridal expos. But that was really more of a strategy to build vendor relationships versus bridal relationships. And it’s just serving truly serves your business in the long run and through any economy, because with that was over a decade ago.

Kaci [00:04:59] So it’s still survived through the good and through the real estate downturn. And now here we are going through this crisis and it’s honestly the business who consistently serves that’s going to stand out and be the one that everyone remembers and that consistency of just being there, serving beyond the sale. And what I mean by that is, for an example, not only now with our clients as they launch, they also need to be guided through the consistency of publishing, how they’re going to continue to grow their organic reach and also begin to tip toe into paid traffic. Because there’s some really, really important strategies that if you skip or you miss your you’re going to end up paying like four to five times more than what you really could or should. But you’re also going to lose on the back end of with the lifetime value of those customers could be those loyal fans that literally not only buy one product, but they’re going to just follow you, rave about you, be your evangelist’s and share what you have coming up and ask you for more. When you get to the point in that business where people are asking what’s next or can you create this for me? Your are flipping the script on on demand for your product and your service. And I saw that formula really, really early on in wedding photography. So it works. Works in. Industry, the first business that I scaled was brick and mortar without any digital products. And it all came down to the foundation of serving the client passed the first sale. So it’s really, really important. And a lot of people get really, really excited about launching a course. And that can be great because that can move into that passive income, the residual income for certain models. But if you’re looking at a 30 percent refund rate or a 50 percent churn rate, or only 10 percent of the people actually finishing what you create, are you really setting out what you are meant to do? And are you really serving at the capacity and the level that you could be? So that’s how we built our business and that’s what we teach. What do you like best about the work that you do? What I like best about the work that I do is. Is. There’s two things I would say. It’s the win win win scenarios. And what I mean by that is I can only accomplish so much on my own. I can only reach so many people with my message. So there’s going to be a cap of impact. And when we take our methods and we teach them and we we mentor we mold someone else into we we have a saying that that poor and I like it’s one of our founding principles is like leaders create leaders. And when you equip someone else to be a leader to their tribe and to their community. That’s the second win because it’s it’s it’s so much more than just a successful revenue stream. Revenue is required for business like profitability is is a non-negotiable. Other than that, it’s just a hobby. But when you when you turn up that dial, when you when you amplify that purpose, that’s where the impact comes in. And when you create products and services that go beyond just serving the need or the solution that you initially created it for, like where you’re doing the same thing for your clients, that that that solution, like your your you’re expanding that ripple effect. So it’s like an infinite ripple effect of goodwill that you’re creating, because when you’re rooted in that integrity and you just create something that not only is a value that somebody can put to use, but you ensure that it’s not a quick fix, it’s a permanent change in and whatever is going to be that big domino for that person. They then are somehow like you’ve planted that seed of inspiration in them. So that’s where the win win win comes in. And if we can just continue to keep that going. I mean, one serving one and impacting one at a time really will change the world growing off of that.


Virginia [00:09:31] What technique do you use that you wish your clients knew more about or that they would implement more?

Kaci [00:09:40] So we we have we have a brave method that we teach our clients. And for me, it’s the acronym B-R, A, V, E, and for me, the glue that holds everything together is, is that V and that’s vulnerability. And it’s not just surface level of vulnerability. It’s it’s really being in touch with acknowledging and sharing that that pain of where you were, what struggle you went through to to drive you towards whatever reason, your big Y that you created that solution. It’s the power of empathy where you completely understand the problem inside and out, not only from your viewpoint, but from the people who are still struggling with it. And for me, that is such a magic secret ingredient that so many people miss because it’s the connection that starts the conversation.

Kaci [00:10:42] And if you know your audience and your market better than any of your competitors, like, truly know what keeps them up at night, what they struggle with, why this solution is important to them, you can speak to them in a different way. You can reach them in a different way. They connect with you and trust you in a completely different way. And it’s a complete game changer.

Kaci [00:11:02] And it’s taught, but it’s taught sometimes just at a surface level, like check this box.

Kaci [00:11:12] Be sure that you’re telling stories where you’ve struggled and how you’ve been vulnerable. But most people sort of just glaze over it and they don’t go deep enough.

Virginia [00:11:23] I wonder a lot of times if people don’t go deep enough because. They’re scared, like maybe they’re scared that their audience won’t like it or just being too real. I guess. I know it definitely. Yeah, I know it’s something that I’ve struggled with and I’m sure I’m not that well, only maybe I am the only one which would be good because then other people have to worry about that.

Kaci [00:11:50] No fear is absolutely present at every level.

Kaci [00:11:54] I promise you, if if you have made zero dollars and zero sales, you still carry with you just as much fear as the person who’s scaling their business from seven figures to eight figures and beyond, because every new level has an unknown and equally the unknown, like the ego within us, like we’re programed to stay safe. Like if we don’t move, if we don’t do something new or we don’t share a story. Because because sharing and speaking up and doing anything on that level is opening you up for rejection. And it just goes right back to like when we were all in school, whether you were homeschooled or grade school or whatever that looks like. People feared public speaking more than death sometimes. And when we’re personal brands or we have these platforms of social media sharing your story is equivalent to public speaking. So you’re opening yourself up for that judgment and for that projection. And a lot of times the internal conversations are a lot worse than the external conversations. But the reality is there is going to be people who don’t agree with you. There are going to be people who who who who publicly say those things that you’re telling yourself, like who are you? What what qualifications? Do you haven’t done it. But if we listen to them. And and we did not stand in the gap for one person. If if our message can reach and change the life of one person for me anyway, that’s worth the judgment. That’s worth the rejection. And I will go toe to toe with anybody and fight that battle any day. And I am very positive. I am not a confrontational person, but I am extremely mission driven. And so some people just have to figure out what their internal compass is, at what level that they want to be. And some people are not comfortable with emotions and vulnerability. And and now, honestly, like on the other side of that coin, that’s why emotion and vulnerability get attacked, you know? So there’s there’s some things that you just have to accept where you’re not going to please everybody. And and if you when you do it enough, it’s not a matter of if, but when you do it enough that fear becomes fuel. And leveraging that fear to fuel you forward creates just an unstoppable, really, really powerful momentum where you get to the point where.

Kaci [00:14:30] You you know that you’re not going to please everybody, and that emboldens you even more with your message, because you know that the people you need to serve in order to serve them have to be able to find you.

Kaci [00:14:44] And in our day and time like that means that you have to get loud. It’s going to be uncomfortable. But if you truly have a heart for impact and need to serve, then you will be willing to go through those uncomfortable growth phases and.

Virginia [00:15:02] And do what you need to do to get your message in front of people going off, of being open. What are your big goals that you’re looking to achieve over the next one to two years?

Kaci [00:15:13] So one to two years, I started all of this fueled by the determination for us to to truly have freedom in our family. And we have that. I wanted to increase the way that we travel. Like when when Adam was diagnosed, it was it was one of those things where. We knew, like healthwise. He may not be like our golden years of retirement and traveling the world, like, shifted to. And I guarantee that. And we want to do it now and we want to experience it with the kids. And so, like, we’ve been able to do that. We’ve we’ve been able to take trips to London and Paris and and more of that is in our future. But my big, big goal personally is to retire my husband so so that it’s not so much retire, but just so that he gets to choose and like that financial burden is not on him. And we’ve created a sustainable business with an incredible run rate that not only can we continue to give back at the pace that we want to give back and pour into others, but just that he had that level of stress.

Kaci [00:16:27] That is the one thing with with his ongoing treatment care after the brain surgery is stress and fatigue affect him greatly and can push him into seizures. So, like, I am just on a mission to remove every barrier of stress that I can. But as far as on the business side, we have a lot of really cool projects of. Multimillion dollar brands that we’ve we’ve partnered with and are scaling them beyond and organizing their team, so I’m I’m really, really excited about not only the marketing campaigns, but the growth strategy that we’ll be able to take them and to those multiple eight figures within the next couple of years. And every one of them are attached to projects that give back to the community or to animal rescue or child trafficking. Rescue or animal rescue. Like like just the environment like that. That is the one thing that I will say about the business that we get to do is that the more that we grow and scale them, the more the more they give back. And that’s just so, so amazing and humbling to be a part of.

Kaci [00:17:44] And that’s I think that’s why I feel like every day it’s such. It doesn’t feel like work. It just it doesn’t like getting those messages out there and serving. I will do that until my dying breath.

Virginia [00:18:00] It’s good to hear that you have found. It’s something that you’re passionate about and you’re not just working like it’s there’s more to it than just collecting a paycheck type of idea.

Virginia [00:18:14] So what do you think your number one roadblock is that stopped you from achieving that goal?

Kaci [00:18:23] So my roadblock that I’m working on right now is continuing to let go. More and more. And let other people step into the role that. I see how much I enjoy my passion and in growing the team. I. I want more people to be able to step into their lane and completely own it and feel that same freedom. But it’s it’s it’s hard to let go of, you know, when you when you build your company and you’re an entrepreneur, you learn to get really good at a lot of different things and strategies. And we sometimes sort of like buy into the lie that we’re the only ones that can do it and do it right. You know? And for the longest time, that’s what I struggled with. It’s funny, I was just messaging Alex schaffen today, and I was I was sharing with him. One of his defining moments a couple years ago was that one of the two DCX events when he’s when he said, if you have a problem with money, you haven’t given enough away. And that really kind of like turned the accelerate on my fire, like it was complete jet fuel to whatever that spark was inside of me. Because at that point in time a couple years ago, I didn’t want a team. I didn’t want other people to manage. I didn’t want that burden of responsibility for other people’s families to depend on that revenue. Like for me, I was fine with, like, just me. If if we gain decline, if we lost a client like that was all on me and I was OK to carry that. And as we grow and scale and continue to expand, the team restaged mission focus and mission driven and but that I’m not going to lie like that. That’s one of those responsibilities that we’ll always feel like not so much a burden anymore, because I know it’s necessary to to reach more people the way that we want to and and to serve at a higher level. But it’s it’s such a responsibility that I don’t ever want to take lightly. So I would say my biggest my biggest roadblock is letting more go. So that’s that’s what we’re working on.

Virginia [00:20:40] I think a lot of us can use letting go.

Kaci [00:20:44] It’s the only way to truly, truly, truly like. You’re not going to be able to do everything forever, and if you if the quicker you accept that, the faster your your business, your company will grow, your clients will experience better. Just just service and everything. And it’s one of those things where I learned I learned really quickly. I never want to be the smartest person in the room. Like, I want to surround myself with people who are geniuses at their craft and their lane. And the more I can do that, the more I can grow. And the more we can impact. And and that’s what drives me. So it’s it’s it’s it’s shortened.

Kaci [00:21:29] The decision making process and committing and investing in that way. But it takes a while to mentally get there and accept that other people are better than you at things.

Kaci [00:21:44] Well, it is key to because as entrepreneurs, we want to be able to have our freedom to do what we want to do or to spend with our family, but if we are not willing to let that go and to let other people have that responsibility, then we’re never going to get there.

Virginia [00:21:57] Yeah, you just you just created a box that you locked yourself in while pursuing freedom.

Kaci [00:22:04] And the obvious, like it’s right on the other side. But you’ve handcuffed your yourself and you can’t reach it. Yeah.

Virginia [00:22:13] What’s working for you to attract more business?

Kaci [00:22:17] So for us, again, it goes back to relationships, but publishing is really, really important, like letting people know what you’re doing, how you’re serving.

Kaci [00:22:26] And that was probably that was a little bit of an obstacle for me, too. Our clients are the heroes, like what they create and put out there and how they serve. So we’ve we’ve shifted the story for they are the hero and we’re we’re just sort of like the vehicle where the accelerant process, you know, we’re we’re not you know, we did this and yeah, we did the strategies, but they did the work. They served at a level that was higher than anyone else in there and their industry. And then we have that secret magic sauce behind it, too, to get that momentum and to scale. But they have to have that heart and soul of service to begin with to to even. Like, it’s it’s not easy. Like, you have to be able to endure it. Like you’re not going to put two weeks of effort and then literally be able to camp out on a beach for the rest of your life like this is this is something that it takes it takes work and it takes continued growth and evolution with a team. And I just that’s that’s the biggest thing that a lot of businesses need to realize. And I’m really, really thankful for for us to be able to serve in the process in that way.

Virginia [00:23:41] What would you like to share? That I haven’t asked you?

Kaci [00:23:46] What would I like to share? That I have been asked.

Kaci [00:23:52] I think the biggest thing is for people to realize there’s there’s not a special like there’s there’s no one special way. I guess there’s no easy button. Yeah, there’s there’s no easy button. And in marketing, I think I think I’ve been in marketing long enough where I can see a good campaign and I can respect a good campaign. But over promising and under delivering like that will never, ever, ever, ever work for the long term legacy of your brand. I think no matter where you’re at, if you’re just starting out, it’s OK to say, hey, I’m just starting out. I’m I’m looking for a few clients. I’m learning X, Y and Z. And I want to be able to do this for your business. I think if more people realized that they could just be open and honest and upfront, that they would have more people willing. And you don’t. You can. You can start your proof of concept for free. And you can start charging like a little for those testimonials and how to move it forward. But I think the biggest trap that a lot of people fall in is fake it to make it because this space and entrepreneur oralism like what you’re doing today may look different. A couple years from now. So, like, don’t get too married to the process and realize that it’s going to be an evolution and you’re going to like the same person that you are. Literally, when you woke up this morning, depending on the activities that you do today could not be the same person that you go to bed tonight. As you know, invest in your personal growth and realize that it’s going to be a journey. So I guess I guess my biggest, biggest, biggest message is enjoy and embrace the journey.

Kaci [00:25:33] And bet on yourself, like, do not think that you do not have enough of what you need to get started today. And if you do need something to fill the gap and be willing to bet on yourself and know that you’re worth it.

Virginia [00:25:49] Great words of wisdom. Thank you, Kaci, for the wonderful interview. How can people find out more about you and what you do?

Kaci [00:25:57] Yes. So definitely visit us on Facebook and amplify the impact.

Kaci [00:26:03] We have a private community that’s of impact driven marketers who are growing there and scaling their business intentionally. You know, we all believe in the same foundation of serving first and an intentionally growing to be able to give back. And we have coaching programs. We, of course, have the podcast, the Amplify Impact podcast. But we’re just we’re committed at every level to just have materials and resources available out there for free. And also, when you’re ready to to invest in yourself and to take those next levels, you know, we do have a group coaching one to one coaching and other programs that that really help help people understand the value that they that they have within. Because I think that’s that’s another thing I struggle with for really, really long time. Was that go it alone? You know, like, I’m I’m positive enough. I’m self motivated enough. I’m driven enough. And let me just tell you, like you align with the right people and community, and it is it is like jet fuel to to what you thought you were capable of. So, yeah, I think that’s that’s just our biggest thing is to continue to to light the fires that are within and keep that impact going.

Virginia [00:27:17] Great. Thank you, Kaci, for sharing with us and you. You’re welcome.

Virginia [00:27:24] Thank you to all the entrepreneurs in our audience for joining us for this amazing interview. I’m Virginia Purnell. And thanks for joining us on the Entrepreneur Conundrum podcast. Have a great day.


[00:27:39] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some left through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode

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