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Everything I do is to ensure your full success, which means you have access to my strategies, expertise and support for your full project. I’ve been building funnels since ClickFunnels was created 5 years ago.

I’ve coached, built full-funnel systems, written converting copy, created videos and so much more. I’ve helped hundreds of clients get results and I personally care about the success of your message and offer.

So, in short, I’m that crazy person you’ve been looking for.

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About The Guest

Today I’m talking with Ben Moote about how he helps businesses through funnels with funnel strategy and funnel hacking.

Ben has been building funnels and designing marketing strategies for the past seven years for hundreds of clients as an analyst first and a marketer second.

Ben takes a scientific approach to growing businesses with funnels and is now redefining the industry with funnel prospector.

Host of the podcast Hack That Funnel Radio. Ben is demystifying the science behind funnel hacking and how business can 3.x the results in half the time.


Podcast: Hack That Funnel Radio

Episode Transcript

Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia PR. We are growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. 

 Virginia [00:00:09] Hi, everyone. Today I’m talking with Ben Moote about how he helps businesses through funnels with funnel strategy and funnel hacking. Ben has been building Funnels and designing marketing strategies for the past seven years for hundreds of clients. As an analyst first and a marketer second. Ben takes a scientific approach to growing businesses with funnels and is now redefining the industry with funnel prospector. Host of the podcast Hack That Funnel Radio. Ben is demystifying the science behind funnel hacking and how business can 3.x the results in half the time. Welcome, Ben. 

 Ben [00:00:43] Thank you so much. I’m happy to be here. 

 Virginia [00:00:45] I’m glad you’re here. So can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you’re doing? 

 Ben [00:00:51] Absolutely. Absolutely. So first off, thank you for having me on. We met at a marketing event was to three years ago. Yeah. So it’s it’s an absolute pleasure being on. So everyone’s starting a podcast these days. And yours is going sky high. So I actually love it. So thanks for having me on. Yeah. So I graduated from college. Never wanted to be an entrepreneur ever. That was the absolute wrong direction for me. I wanted stability for my wife and make sure everything was easy and taken care of. There is a schedule and I started my first job out of college. And wouldn’t you know, at the bug bit me and that entire first year of working as an analyst at a large e-commerce business that everybody would know if I dropped the name. I I was at lunch always listening to entrepreneurs and I was reading books about entrepreneurship and being an innovator. I was like, Oh, got all I got is something I can’t just sit here like this is this is driving me insane. Just being an analyst and not being able to make a difference outside of my. I didn’t live in a cubicle. I was in a room. And I was there to help a lot of people and it worked wonderfully. I love being an analyst, but there was something more. There was something that that business knew that no one was talking about except for a certain fellow named, Russell Brunson. And so I started listening to Russell Brunson and start to listen to a couple of other people had pieces of this and big businesses, these big e-commerce businesses were using this growth hacking style of of of growth where they tracked everything. And if you understood how to do the analytics, you could find out exactly where their money was made and how they get it. At one point, the CEO stood up and said, we know how to generate X percent growth. We’re going to guarantee it over the next year with marketing. Everyone said who? I don’t know. That’s a good idea. And they all freaked out and they walked away. And I said, You can guarantee what? 

 Ben [00:02:53] That’s so cool, right? 

 Ben [00:02:55] You can guarantee it. Like, you know, which knobs to push and which buttons to to twist and vice versa. Any ways they know how to do it? Well, golly, you got to figure this out. I mean, stop using it. But we moved over and they I started trying to take on more marketing analysis. And as I did this, I was like, my goodness, why doesn’t anybody know this? Nobody in small business America knows how to do this. And so after a year of being in my profession, I left and I started my business. And so I started building out Web sites and marketing systems for local businesses. Now we can talk about all the times I failed. That fell on my face. That’s entrepreneurship. We can talk about all the times. Are you sitting in a room and wondering, should I get a job or what should I do? That’s just part of the journey. And it’s painful. And it’s not like I knew what I was signing up for because I’m like, you know what? I’m young. If it’s there’s a time to fail, it’s now. And so it’s just I just do it. So I jumped in. We pushed. We pushed. We pushed. Eight years later, we have an agency. We have products. We have a podcast. We have we have a YouTube channel. We have all these things that are just growing. And it’s it’s become a real blessing. But the journey has been crazy to figuring out how to take those those pieces that worked really well for that. We live really well for e-commerce businesses and growth hacking. Apply them into what we call funnels, just very simplified pages with one goal so that you can move somebody through a process and be able to monetize them and track everything simply and easily so that what you can grow exponentially and scientifically. So that’s what we’re doing now. And there’s a lot of people who sell families, a lot of people who build funnels. I happen to know a couple, but we also do we took it to a whole nother level at some point. We were working with customers and they weren’t quite sure. They really wanted us to explode their business. We were really excited about that. But if we are going to explode their business, I want to make sure we are delivering on absolute value and we’re building on the best foundation. So far, success was like here and there. It was miss. There’s there’s got to be a right fit with the customer. And you in the business. And then there’s got to be. Something else or some magical piece that I was missing, and so I started researching everything from when I was at the e-commerce business. Everything I’d gone through and all the training. And I realized people in this niche don’t do basic market research. But I like to call hacking. And so for this customer, we went and we finally hacked 18 competitors. We mapped out all of their processes. We distilled it down into the best steps that we saw. Overall, the best designs, we built all of them. And we tested it. And they broke the industry with the results they were getting. And so we went and did it in the dental industry, did the same thing. It was like we’re onto something. So at this point right now, every time we start working with a customer, do what’s called a funnel hack. We go and we research. We discover what’s working. We go really, really deep into finding out what is the message we offer and the hook. What are the hook story and offer that are really taking this off. So once we figure out HUC story offer, we’re able to blow it up. Everybody talks about if you’re in the space frontal hacking is this idea that you can model absolutely anything out there and you can copy it or come close to copying. Yes, that’s true to a point. That’s not what we do. We take what is working. It’s not the pages. Funnels are just a really big catcher’s mitt for all the attention that you’re sending to it. So if you can get the attention, you can get the right mitt. The design doesn’t matter as much. The messaging absolutely does that hook story and offer are absolutely critical. And that’s what’s really been explosive in a lot of fun. 

 Virginia [00:06:57] So are those some of the common mistakes that you see your customers making? Are there a couple others as well? 

 Ben [00:07:05] Well, I mean, that’s a great question. So our customers often make the mistake of number one, they just don’t know where to turn. They’ve heard about funnels. They’ve heard about how to make this work. They’ve hired somebody else to do it because they’re usually just too busy. And so which says let’s this. If you’re going to grow your business, you have to grow at some point by leveraging other people. So they’re leveraging. They’re doing a wonderful job of it, but they hire the wrong people who aren’t following the basic steps that they’re not taught. And so we’re trying to make sure that those are taught. But that’s one of the mistakes that I definitely made when I got started. And I see all the other funnel builders and marketing strategies strategists around me having is that they really want to get the result and they know the skill of the build, but they don’t know the skill of how to actually make it work. And so there’s a balance between the two in order to make that right. Catcher’s mitt for all the attention you’re about to throw at it. You need to look at the hook story and offer it to do the market research in order to figure that out. That’s boring. But it once you went to get in the groove, you don’t want to stop it, it takes over your life. I’ll do a final act for a customer and I’ll send them over. Hundreds of images and Excel files and all this stuff, and they open it up and they’re like, OK, you’re gonna have to give me. You’re gonna have to give me a couple days and they will digest through it. And they then learn. And usually they come back with exactly what I told them our strategy should be, which is absolutely fine, because now they’ve learned themselves the fastest way to learn how to do this whole funnel thing. Digital marketing, market research. Go. Don’t do it right. 


Virginia [00:08:49] I am just gonna switch gears on you a little bit. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

 Ben [00:08:55] The best advice, I guess, I ever received is. 

 Ben [00:08:59] I was speaking with. So I’ve been I’ve been partnering with a couple of different businesses here and there have been publishing and different Facebook groups helping out in different products. And the creator of analytics, which was a million dollar, almost two million dollar business in a year and then has now grown, it’s taken on a lot of venture capital. It’s an analytics company specifically for funnel builders and for funnel systems and die each year. The CEO was talking to me and I was talking over strategy back and forth. And he said, Ben, you have to realize. 

 Ben [00:09:33] You’re an analyst. 

 Ben [00:09:36] All of these numbers are people. And if you don’t know the person, you’re never gonna get this right. And I was like, take it all back. Everyone talks about when you start your marketing, you have to figure out what the avatar is. Everyone just not only somebody in their 50s or someone in their 30s, they have this much money to spend. They have this goal that this kind of lifestyle. No, if if you’re going to serve your customer, you have to know your customer as well as your best friend. At least in your mind, and if you can figure that out, it works. I had this drilled into me by a friend just as I’m preparing for money for my lunch. He said that on his on his desktop background are the initials T ATP. Think about the people. It’s not about the product. It’s all about how can you help? And if you can’t help you take a step back and find a way you can help, because I guarantee you, everybody can help somebody. I’m not saying everybody’s a guru. Everybody can help somebody. And so finding out where you can help and what value can give redefines what you’re able to do. But you have to figure out first who you’re going to help and how you’re going to help them. And to do that. You’ve got to get developed. You’ve got to get you’ve got to lock arms. You’ve got to know this person is. 

 Virginia [00:11:00] So who’s your ideal client? That’s a great question. 

 Ben [00:11:05] I have the number one mistake of marketing is to choose multiple. But I do have multiple. My ideal client is somebody who I have two different businesses. Essentially, it’s the same business, but they’re under the same umbrella. I have my agency that helps people who want the success that a funnel can bring. But they don’t have the time to dedicate to it. And then I have the training courses. And so for the agency, my avatar is somebody who is who has started multiple businesses. This is not their first rodeo. They’ve made money in them. They’ve had successful and unsuccessful businesses. And at this point, they understand what funds are. They understand how they can grow. And they are ready to back it, whether by passion, whether by pure focus, whether by grabbing attention, they’re ready and they’re going. I don’t work with anybody that doesn’t have an asset already built a way to get that attention. But that’s they’ve got a lot of investor money or whether it’s their publishing, they’ve got a list. They’ve got all these different things. Those are the people that I work with right now because it’s just a lot easier to help those people than somebody who’s getting started. So to the person who’s getting started, who has more time needs to actually build that. I have to say that I helped because I teach market research or funnel hacking. I help two sets of people. I help agency builders be able to find the funnel that’s going to work for their customers the best. And I also up a small builder who has no idea which funnel to build, how to actually get it to work. And it did just one short cut to the entire system. I helped that person. That person is lost. So I have I have them painted out as well. But it’s helped three different people, and each one is a very different angle. And so the goal right now with funnel prospector, which is where we teach people how to funnel hack appropriately and do market research, is not the boring way. This is fun. That is that is mainly focused on agency owners and funnel builders. And it sells to both. So it gives them the value that they use. That way, they can exponentially grow a lot faster. We found that when we put a funnel hack into our client systems, we can get them results or three times the results and half the time I used to take like three months in order to get this thing to work. Now it takes maybe a month and the profits come a lot faster. So it’s been a game changer for us. And we’d like shoot, it’s time to get this word out because everybody’s missing it and no one’s talking about it. 

 Ben [00:13:42] That’s cool. So those ideal customers that you have right now. 

 Virginia [00:13:46] How do they normally find you? 

 Virginia [00:13:49] Like, not not just saying my question is my Web site type it. But how do they normally hear about you and about, you know. 

 Ben [00:13:54] All right. Well, it’s like your podcast talks about it’s all about getting attention, right? 

 Ben [00:14:00] It’s all about getting in front of people. You can do that with ads. You can do that with with other. More time consuming ways. What I’ve been doing is I’ve been partnering with a lot of businesses. So my my target audience is on Facebook bait. They dabble on YouTube, but they’re on Facebook. They’re on Facebook. And they’re usually inside of a bunch of groups. And they’re all jazzing each other up, trying to talk about how they’re going to make all this work. That’s for it, not for the agency side. As for the product, they’re all jasin each other up making this work. If they’re an agency, they’re hopping on every once in a while just because they have friends over there. They’ve gotten a little busier. They can’t quite manage it, but they still want the community. And so my community is in Facebook. So I did whether or not I was smart enough to realize what I was doing. I started partnering with these people who had large Facebook groups, and I started to show people what funnel hacking is. And we walked through the basics. And I wasn’t teaching. I was showing, like, by the way, this is X, Y, Z. This is how they did it. This is how it works. So I started doing that. And I’ve done that for over the for the last two years. And it’s gotten me in front of a lot of people, a lot of people. I liked being the unknown. When you’re a small business person and you don’t want to grow, it’s kind of nice and comfortable to be unknown. But when you have something that can actually make a difference, you need to be know if you need to be known, your brand needs to be known. And so we turned it up and we’ve been in more Facebook groups who’ve been giving more value and we’ve started pushing everything over to the YouTube channel, which is growing. But once again, it’s not where my my audience lives. And so we are playing in that arena because some of the audience lives there, but most mostly on Facebook. So getting in front of them is a lot of Facebook lives. Facebook lives specifically going over something unique. It’s not like me talking to the camera like that. That’s not a problem. I acted on stage for like 14 years. I love being onstage, but singing, dancing, acting, all of it. But it’s not about just being on camera. Most of the time, they don’t even see my face. I’m just there to bleed out and value. Show them what’s possible. Give them a path and they just go. Ben gives value. Then that’s all they want in their head. Ben equals value. Because if I can show that Ben funnel prospector hacked that funnel radio, all those pieces, they just give value the minute that we have that product to be able to provide to them. It explodes. So but there’s also there’s also an interesting twist to that. I interviewed Blake new bar, Blake Dubah as a friend. We’ve done a couple of projects together and we’ve had a couple of talks. And he was telling me on an interview that he had with him. That you can do all of the all of the getting in front of people, all the publishing over there, being on podcasts. All of that you want. No one’s really going to care. And to have something that you can sell then. And no is going to care unless you can change their life in a way that they can purchase and stand in to that new identity. And that’s what you need to do then. So I was like, oh, my gosh. 

 Virginia [00:17:18] So. Launching the product. So that’s exciting. Totally exciting, you’ll have to keep us updated on how that goes. Absolutely. 

 Virginia [00:17:30] So what are a few big goals that you’re hoping to achieve in the next one to two years? 

 Ben [00:17:38] The next one or two years, what big goals are we looking to achieve? Honestly? Think about the people has literally changed everything. You go to these marketing events for the funnel space and they hold up these million dollar awards. They won X, Y, Z, or they they made X, Y, Z million with this one funnel. They made one. They made ten. They made one hundred million. They absolutely love it. It’s a coveted thing. Everyone treat me like Ben. You should have one of those already because I’m giving value. I go to these events. People like it and it’s cool. It’s kind of weird, but it’s cool that transition into growing into a bigger business. But at this point. Everybody said you should have one of those. And I said, I don’t want one of those. I want to be a small business. I just want to take care of myself until everybody clamored for the result. And I had to think about them first. I want to be comfortable. That’s what that’s where we all live. And so for the past. Seven, eight years. All I’ve wanted was to create that comfortable lifestyle for my family. Or my wife can do what she wants, which is at this point animal rescue. We have nine dogs, two cats, and are fostering 21 other cats right now. So it’s an all all in our home. And we have we have a couple of acres and we have a shop. And so, you know, it’s not totally crazy and mayhem, but it’s what she loves to do. And it gave her that ability. And we found comfort. But at some point, it comes to you have to grow beyond that. And I’ve been wondering what I want to do. I don’t really care about the word. 

 Ben [00:19:17] When you actually start to look at the people you serve and the people you surround yourself with. The question becomes, how can you help them? When you think about the people, when you put the people first. It redefines everything. 

 Ben [00:19:32] The monetary goals don’t mean as much. So in the next one to two years, we’ll have multiple too complicated awards or a million other awards from Quick Falls. Easy. In the next two years. Agency is going to be a lot bigger. It’s going to have teams working together in the next two years. We will have shifted not just to teaching people how to funnel hack, but we giving people a simplified path. So it doesn’t matter if you are a geek in the funnel space and the digital marketing space or if you’re a beginner. There will be one simplified path, and we’re laying the foundation for all of us. So there’s going to be a lot of growth happening in the next couple of years. It’s going to be really exciting. But it really it’s it’s most exciting because I get to hear from people and I get to connect with people. When I was in high school, I did all all those on high school and college. I was a people person, loved being around them. And I was onstage and all that. But the minute that I was on stage and I came off stage, I felt awkward because I didn’t want people to think that they couldn’t relate to me and just talk. 

 Ben [00:20:49] And so I would brush all the attention off and wait till they forgot about me and then go make friends. Because in all honesty, I didn’t want anybody to feel like. I was standing now. That’s me controlling myself, and I beat it up over a loss. But today it’s all about the people. And that’s more exciting than any venture that I’ve had so far. So I’m I’m very excited. 

 Virginia [00:21:19] That’s good. 

 Ben [00:21:20] It helps you achieve your goal. Yes. 

 Virginia [00:21:24] What would be a big roadblock that stopping you from achieving that? 

 Ben [00:21:31] That’s a funny question. The biggest roadblock that’s going to stop you if you are. 

 Ben [00:21:38] Two directions that I’m going to take. One is from talking to many me. That person who wants to grow and is unable to. Talk from that person first, because I live in. I’ve lived in that person more often. The next is from the person who is actually able to grow and is looking for that next turnkey thing to just turn on because they’ve done it before. To the person who is living in the Mini me, the person who wants to grow. Who wants to do all these things. Who is on the Facebook groups? Who are on YouTube or on podcasts? All these different places looking for that way to just get that edge, to get that growth, to hit that comfort level. The number one thing that’s stopping you. 

 Ben [00:22:22] Is your willingness to work on your brain? 

 Ben [00:22:27] Work on your mind. It’s the weirdest thing ever. I’ve had a friend recently who’s reached out and we’ve been working together, too. We’ve been doing a lot of coaching on working through my mind set, and it has changed the entire direction of my business and it’s exploded everything. But none of that would have mattered at all beforehand. I liked living in that comfort. Getting to that was a lot of sweat and a lot of hours. And I work more hours than I would ever work at any job. And I’m probably paid less in that place than any other job would pay me. And I’m the worst boss you could ever have. And so I put myself out of the public market, put myself in my own little private market, became my worst boss, give myself horrible hours and pay myself less. And that’s that’s where we all live. The only way to get out of that is through discipline to be louder. Number two, how to give more value. Number three, how to charge what you are worth. Get louder, charge what your worth and provide more guide through the order off that. Those are the big things that really were huge roadblocks for me. And they’ve been changing everything drastically. It’s not about the digital. You can talk about all the things that are that are blocking you digitally. Oh, if only I had a phone. I could only figure out what’s working X, Y, Z. Those are resource problems. You can figure that out if your head is in the right spot and it’s looking for it. That’s my goal. I’m creating those resources for everyone who is on the podcast. If you’re still listening right now. Hi. This is about how to get what you want and what you want is all about your head. Now, for the person who is ready to grow, really, it’s just finding that right person and being willing to learn in that system. I work with customers all the time. Our team works with customers all the time. And what we’ve discovered is there are two different types of customers. You have one customer that has done all this before. They’re excited. They are passionate. Both of these people are passionate. They’re excited. They’re passionate. They are ready to move forward. And the minute you start working with them based on doing research and they start telling you how you need to do your job. And once they start telling you how to do their job, everything starts to fall apart and they can’t figure out why the person, number one and. 


Ben [00:24:58] There needs to be that guidance. Yes. But there also needs to be some teach ability. There are people who spent years. Saturating all of this information for you. Use them as a sponge. Take that person and put them right where you need them for that one piece, but put them there. And that’s what the other person does. The other person is extremely passionate. They’re excited. They have a more realistic mindset of what’s possible and how it might fail, which you have to with every entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial venture. And then they take that to the last step, which is. Take a listen. And it’s not a big ask, but when they listen and when they’re willing to learn, when I give them a funnel hack, they go through it. They go, oh, my gosh, man, I didn’t realize X, Y, Z. All these different pieces and how this works. Once you and I are able to have that conversation, client, client and an agency, once we’re able to do that, there’s a synergy there that will take it much farther than anywhere else. And that’s something that’s cultivated at every step once we get into ads. Well, how is this working? Is there something that we could do better? What are the pieces there? It’s all about asking the right questions and allow that person to pull the greatness out of themself, but guide them with the questions of what you need. And it works so much better. An agency is an employee that you have hired, that has systems, that has resources, that have people that accelerate what your employee could never do. 

 Ben [00:26:35] That’s an agency which still need to treat it as an employee in many ways. You don’t have to do the training. You don’t have to be the holy cow person. But you do need to be able to create that synergy of working together. It changes the entire profitability on the backend. 

 Virginia [00:26:52] So true. And it was funny when your eye like that was my response. I give myself the worst hours, the worst day. 

 Ben [00:26:59] I think that’s something that a lot of other entrepreneurs, especially at the beginning, share. 

 Virginia [00:27:09] Absolutely. So you had mentioned and kind of partnering up or collaborating with other big names and big people and then doing Facebook lives and stuff like that. 

 Virginia [00:27:23] Is there anything out there also doing to get visible or is that just kind of it? 

 Ben [00:27:28] That’s a great question. No, I am doing other things, so I’m doing my own. So I’m doing Facebook lives in other people’s groups. I’m giving value in their corsets. I am giving value and in their communities, I’m also reaching out to those people who are those businesses. Business owners are getting on coaching calls. I’m creating relationships. Everyone talks about this idea of a dream. One hundred if you haven’t heard about it before. It was pushed by Chet Holmes, who brilliantly implemented it. And the idea is that you’re going to find people who have more resources and you have the customer that you need. You build a relationship with them. And then upon building that relationship with them, you do a joint venture opportunity where you split the revenues and they promote your offer. It’s an amazing system and it works, but it requires a building of a relationship. And it’s not just the it’s not just the hey, I’ve got X, Y, Z. Do you want to you have to build that value. And often the way to get in that door is to give more than anybody else will give. So when software is coming out, if you love the entrepreneur, you see where it’s going. You go and you buy it. You use it like crazy. You tell everybody why it’s amazing and you give back to the community that gets the attention of the person who is making all the decisions. That decision maker will then ask you for help. Literally. Can you do X, Y, Z? Hey, thank you so much. Absolutely. Is there. What can I do that would help your community the most? Oh, they both die for that cause you give them something for free. You know, unemployment. This one is just helping, helping one another. So I thought those relationships and and was able to do all of the all the different Facebook lives and things for that. But I’ve also done a couple other things. I’ve decided to get louder myself in my business. A lot of brands are afraid to put themselves as the face. That is your concern. You need to define what the face is going to be if the face is going to be human or if the pace is going to be a brand, if it’s gonna be brand. There’s a whole other strategy for that. If it’s going to hurt human you or whatever that person needs to be, need to stand in front of the camera. They need to be willing to be a little charismatic. They need to be willing to be a little goofy and a little ridiculous and to be loud on multiple platforms often. The CEOs of the fastest growing Sask Company without any investor backed funds and any end EVC backed funds. The CEO is. The marketer is the attention grabber. He is everywhere. And so following his advice, I started my own podcast. I started a YouTube channel. I started publishing more often on Facebook. I started actually emailing a list that I had because I love the clients that are on my agency side. These other ones I’ve wanted to help, but I’ve never really figured out how can I actually give them something that’s going to change their lives. So at this point, the best way to get attention that I have found. Is to go and find somebody who has what you’re looking for and find a way to partner by giving them value. It has made everything exponentially easier. Learning how to publish on a totally new platform. It’s different with every platform. What works on your podcast isn’t gonna work on YouTube. And if you try to make it work on both neither scale at all. So you have to be dedicated. If you can’t be dedicated to that and that strategy, you don’t have the team to help you with that goal and build those relationships. Go give some value and define who you’re going to create those relationships with, people that you could walk over. Give a hug and be amicably happy with everything that you’ve been able to do together. 

 Ben [00:31:14] It doesn’t have to be offering starts offering, but build those relationships. That would be my number one suggestion. Absolutely. 

 Virginia [00:31:25] Thank you. I just have two more questions for that so far. I know they want to ask Luthy. Sure. What is the best advice that you have ever given me? 

 Ben [00:31:43] That’s always a crazy question. 

 Ben [00:31:45] The best advice that I have ever given somebody, that is an excellent question because it’s making me think really hard about everything I’ve done. Honestly, probably the best advice I’ve ever given somebody. And this is speaking to. Those who are unsure of their unsure if they’re able to be comfortable. Those who are unsure if they’re able to actually scale and make it is simply a validation. 

 Ben [00:32:12] They’re worth. Every sand in the sea. Learning to live in a willingness to believe that you have worth. Changes everything. 

 Ben [00:32:25] Everything that I’ve done. Like, if I prefer to look over my entire life and all the advice that would be it is a bit every time I’ve been able to love somebody and just care for that individual. Everything else works out. That’s the best advice you can give somebody is literally. 

 Ben [00:32:47] It’s not so much a devices as just sharing the moment with somebody to be present, to care to give. 

 Ben [00:32:55] And if you can’t do that, it’s going to be hard to do a lot of other things. I had a friend tell me we’re going to move this in the business now. I had a friend who told me that, Ben, if you don’t see your digital business as a physical business where you have to walk in each day, you have to turn on the lights. You have to make sure all the systems are working. You have to make sure that the doors are unlocked. You have to welcome customers as they walk in personally. If you cannot see your businesses that if you cannot see it personal, it will not exist. Because your job, everything exists at first, physically, emotionally, and if you disconnect that, you just want to be digital. You’ve cut off your stream of customers entirely. You have to be personable. You have to be connected. And so for me, the best advice that I’ve given somebody is literally to tell them to remember that they are loved. 

 Ben [00:33:47] And then you show them that. On business, the best advice that I’ve given somebody is to. I guess there’s a part two to the first number one way to to love to live in that area of love yourself is to go and give it. If you’re having a bad day, go hug somebody who needs it more than you do. And suddenly your day is filled and it’s much more giving. Find a way to give. So that’s step number one. Number two for business. If you’re in business, get to know your customer, become friends with your customers because that redefines everything. If you can do that and you can actually care for that customer the way you would care for that person. It all changes. And that’s that’s me personally. That’s the best advice that I’ve given other people. And we have spent I have spent hours with customers defining that avatar. Who is that person that they absolutely love? And often the ones we get to that person, they say, oh, my gosh, this is like X, Y, Z. And they know the person. They know that person. And when they can connect that person to their avatar, said it like, I am here to help someone so. And it changes everything. But it suddenly everything is clear. How do you move forward? It’s already predefined. You move forward to help that person. Which means all your messaging around that person’s needs. You can do anything that would be weird to that person. Your whole goal is to. Be friends, create that friendship. And yes, it’s digital. Yes. And this does seem a little fluffy. But it is. It is the answer. Go and connect. And it will make all the difference in the world. That’s what people really want. 

 Ben [00:35:32] Yeah, they want to be the thing that’s going to mind everything. But one of them is like being liked for who they are and acknowledge they are real with them. 

 Ben [00:35:48] No, actually, you can give that. You can give that to people, but also finding a way to help them live in that themselves. Let them learn how to stand on their own two feet if they can figure that out. They become machines. They become massive influencers. They start giving. And suddenly you see this wave around you. And it’s a beautiful thing. But first you learn how to live there yourself and then need to learn how to do it. And that’s a whole whole nother realm. It’s super, super deep. But if we’re going back to just business and just creating that. Go connect with your customer and find somebody who’s your customer, honestly, for getting agencies, I often tell them, go and find that one person you’re gonna serve, get them results and then become their best friend, because that person, you’re gonna look for them everywhere else. 

 Ben [00:36:45] And that’s your job. You go and you find that person over and over and over and over and over again. That’s your job. But you have to know who that person was and be all that just stamp that result. Everywhere you go. So that’s snap the result stamp. Same system. 

 Ben [00:37:01] So that’s the that’s the agency owner success model is an amnesty for courses, too, whatever you’re gonna do about that. 

 Virginia [00:37:11] Awesome. Thank you. Where can people find more about you and what you do? 

 Ben [00:37:18] Absolutely, so right now, the best way to follow us is probably on a podcast hack that funnel radio if you want to learn more about it, you want to see the YouTube go to hack that funnel radio dot com at the end of the month. We are launching our new product that specifically for agency owners and people looking for the right funnel for themselves. And it will if you have an agency and they’re trying to go and you just haven’t figured it out. This will help them grow as well. So go and tell them what we’re launching that at the end of the month. And it’s called Thommo Prospect or dot com or teaching people how to mine out the results through research and how to actually make this work and provide a couple of dozen done for you. Packets that are going to make this simpler, faster and easier than ever. 

 Virginia [00:38:05] Awesome. Thank you, Ben. And thank you so much for being on today. 

 Ben [00:38:10] Absolutely. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it. 

 Virginia [00:38:13] You’re welcome. And we’ll have to be in touch. 

 Ben [00:38:17] Yes, absolutely. Guys, always have a good day. Bye, everyone. 

 Virginia [00:38:22] Bye.

 Virginia [00:38:28] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some left through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode. 

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