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Episode Summary

Emma is a proud mother of 3 and happy to have been able to retire her husband because she was able to find her way to a thriving online business.

You will hear in this episode how important it is to pick your one thing.

Once Emma picked her one thing she was able to find a passion and grow her business around copywriting.

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About The Guest

Today I’m talking with Emma Lee Bates about how she helps businesses connect with their ideal audiences.

Emma is a sales page designer and conversion copywriter, work from home mom of three and a lover of young adult fiction.

She co-owns Still Rise Marketing with her husband. They help course creators, coaches and creative online business owners build sales pages and funnel’s that connect with their ideal audience.

When she’s not working, you can find her playing with her kids, walking her dogs, Peanut Butter and Jelly, around their small town while eating ice cream with her husband.

https://emmaleebates.com https://stillrisemarketing.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/copythatsells

Episode Transcript

Emma [00:08:40] I love working with. I mean, mostly it’s women, but people who really know their business. They know what they’re good at. They are willing to delegate and get the things off their plate that they know they’re not good at, but that they’re not like micromanagers. You know, they know what they’re good at. They know what they’re businesses. They want to give you this project and let you be good at what you do. I think that’s, you know, a big thing that I look for. And then, you know, I love to work with creative people. So people who’ve started something really different and new or people who just passionate about, you know, what they’re doing, what they’re creating. It’s really fun to work with with people who are really excited to show you what they do. 

 Virginia [00:09:29] How does your ideal client generally find you? 

 Emma [00:09:34] Mostly through referrals at this point. 

 Emma [00:09:38] I do some marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn. But a lot of a lot of people refer me. I started out as a general V.A. and have just built a lot of contacts now over the last four years. So, you know, people usually, oh, you need coffee, you need to talk to Emma. That’s not how the conversation goes. 

 Emma [00:10:03] That’s a really fun feeling when that happens. Yeah. Yeah. 

 Virginia [00:10:08] What are some big goals that you’re looking to achieve over the next one to two years? 

 Emma [00:10:14] You know, it’s funny. 

 Emma [00:10:15] Somebody asked me that recently. I had to like I don’t I was like filling out something. And they’re like, what’s your business goals for the next couple years? And. I mean, as stressed out as I am right now, with everything going on the world and homeschooling the kids this year and and everything, I really I’ve I’ve gotten to a place that I’m kind of like, I need to find new goals. 

 Emma [00:10:38] For a long time. My goal was to be in a financial position that we could buy a house. And now we’ve been in our house for two and a half years. So then it was, well, I’d really like to retire my husband. Well, my husband got laid off last December and it put us in a position where I was like, I guess I’ll work full time and you can be the sort of parents. 

 Emma [00:11:02] Thus the on call parent, which became a little bit different when the pandemic hit and everybody came home. 

 Emma [00:11:11] He’s a little more on call than we first thought. But I mean, really, those were sort of always the two things I was working towards was to be able to, you know, be at home with my husband and have a home. So, you know, I mean, we love where we live. It’s a little house. And, you know, we’ve got three kids and two dogs, so we fill it up. But, you know, we’re we’re right on Main Street or a little town. We love that. And and, you know, I mean, things are up and down with business. But, you know, we’re we’re making it we’re making it happen. And we get to be together as a family. So I don’t know what my big goals are, maybe to just be a little more relaxed and feel like things are more and slow. 

 Virginia [00:11:52] Do you think when you do figure out what they are, do you think you might go more for, let’s say, a financial goal or more for, let’s say, time, freedom time with your family? 

 Emma [00:12:01] Well, you know, I’ve never really been good with, like, the straight financial goals, I think, because just as I’ve grown and I’ve hit the goals that I’ve set, it always just feels like, OK, now here I am. What now? Whereas, you know, when I feel like we bought a house, it was like a huge deal and it just felt so good. So I think I’m definitely more of a, you know. 

 Emma [00:12:26] I don’t know. I want something I can sort of hold and celebrate and not necessarily just sort of the the the money. 

 Virginia [00:12:34] No.

 Emma [00:12:37] The abstract, no. 

 Emma [00:12:39] Yeah, yeah. So my daughter really, really wants to go to Harry Potter World. That’s like her dream. So that’s definitely gonna be on the list of things to work towards, although now it’ll probably be a year or two out. 

 Emma [00:12:56] But, yeah, give me more time to prepare. That’s right. I save up for the extra trinkets she’s gonna want to buy. 

 Virginia [00:13:06] Right. Either that or a good time for her to narrow down her list as to what I could allow herself to bring home. 

 Emma [00:13:11] That’s right. 

 Virginia [00:13:13] Know, normally I ask people what their number one roadblock is to achieving that goal. 

 Virginia [00:13:19] So.

 Emma [00:13:21] You think your might be. I mean, I I think sort of the abstract versus concrete definitely is. It’s sort of a struggle for me. I mean, impostor syndrome is always a struggle for me. You know, do I. Do I deserve this? That’s, you know, sort of that feeling in the back of my mind. I would say those are probably my two kind of biggest roadblocks, things things that I’m working on for sure. 

 Virginia [00:13:46] So you had mentioned referrals and a little bit of marketing or what’s working for you for getting visible to new business. So do you have any tips for people doing referrals or anything like that? 

 Emma [00:14:04] OK. So here’s my number one tip for that. Pick one thing. And be known for that thing. 

 Emma [00:14:10] Once I decided that, you know, like I wasn’t going to be a general V.I.. And I was going to focus on copy, like my referrals went through the roof because people knew what to refer me for. It was like, Emma, does conversion copy? It wasn’t like, oh, Emma’s a. Maybe she can handle that. I don’t know. You know, it was like Emma does conversion copy. And so picking that one thing and talking about that thing over and over again really changed the referral game for me. 

 Emma [00:14:41] When you do referrals, is it like a verbal you contact in that way? 

 Virginia [00:14:46] Do you ask? Yeah. 

 Virginia [00:14:48] Maybe a personalized video or in an e-mail. Is there any specific things that you found works best that way? 

 Emma [00:14:55] So many. 

 Emma [00:14:56] At this point, so many of my clients come from referral that they seem to know that I like referrals. So, like, I just finished a big project for somebody who has a pretty large Facebook group. And she posted about, you know, how wonderful it was working with me in her group. And I think I’ve had three people reach out since that, you know. So a lot of it is just sort of natural. I haven’t done any sort of really pointed ask for referrals in a while. 

 Virginia [00:15:23] Do you have anything in place to give the people that refer you. New business and like let’s say I got lady that referred to you on their Facebook group and three people came in. 

 Virginia [00:15:33] Do you have anything like as a thank you or an incentive that you give people? 

 Emma [00:15:39] I don’t do anything like physical or anything like that. But, you know, for my clients, a lot of them are selling a product or service. And so I really if I, you know, rewrite a sales page for them, I try to share it on my social media. Sometimes I’ll send it out to my email list, you know, and just talk about how there’s a wonderful work with and I really love their product and stuff. So just trying to do that sort of, you know, promote them like they’re promoting me. 

 Virginia [00:16:09] Reciprocating. Yeah. Yes. 

 Virginia [00:16:13] So with all the success that you’ve achieved. Like being able to bring your husband home. Being able to buy a new home. Being able to be in a position where you can home school your kids this year. 

 Virginia [00:16:24] What do you think your biggest challenge is now? 

 Emma [00:16:26] I would say mindset. It’s a constant sort of struggle for me to feel like I’m not good enough or that I mean, I constantly worry every time I send somebody the copy I’ve written for them that they’re going hate it. And literally nobody has ever hated it. Like, that’s never happened. Once I either get the oh, my God, I love it or oh my gosh, I have like three changes. And then it’s going to be perfect. Like, I don’t know why I have that that fear, but I do every time I send out that, like, OK, here’s the first draft. Let’s work on edits. I get so nervous every time. So, you know, I mean, I’m very aware of that. I’m definitely trying to, you know, talk more positively to myself and remind myself that, you know, even if they did hate it, like we have two rounds of edits, I could change everything. So I would say that’s definitely my biggest struggle. 

 Virginia [00:17:21] Do you have any tips on common mistakes that you see your customers making and how we might be able to avoid them? 

 Emma [00:17:29] I would definitely say, you know, make sure you’re writing about your reader, make sure your headline is inviting and, you know, ask a question or really hone in on the pain point that the readers are feeling. And, you know, talk about that and the headline. You know, I land on so many pages and the headline is just like the title of the product. And it’s like, OK, well, that tells me what it is. But it’s not solving a problem. It’s not drawing me in. You know, make sure when people land on the page, they know, you know, what you’re solving and who it’s for. So, you know, some self identifying language, whether you’re talking about, you know, like home school curriculum for people who’ve never homeschooled before, you know, like, that would be like, OK, this is for me, you know? So I you know, I just think it’s really important to grab grab the person who is reading it, grab their attention right away. Don’t feel like they’re gonna keep reading automatically. They might read the headline and be like, yeah. And go away again, you know. So. So really, you know, look at what they can see before they have to scroll and make that is inviting as possible. 

 Virginia [00:18:40] Thank you. Is there anything that you’d like to share that I haven’t asked you yet? 

Emma [00:18:47] I guess the only thing I could think of is that I have a Facebook group. It’s called Copy that sells and I love to give people feedback. So, you know, I usually Fridays I ask people to post what they’re working on and I’ll give them feedback on it. I will go live occasionally and share a lot of tips and stuff. So if anybody is trying to write better copy for themselves, then join the group and ask for feedback. 

 Virginia [00:19:16] That sounds like fun. Yeah. And how do you know what I was going to ask where people can find out more about you and what you do. Totally read my mind. 

 Emma [00:19:24] There you go. Yeah. 

 Emma [00:19:27] So other than that, I mean, I have emilyleebates.com and it’s Emma Lee l e that’s my blog. I write a lot about copy and marketing there. And then still, Ryze marketing dot com is my business. And you can find out more about working with me there. 

 Virginia [00:19:44] Thank you so much, Emma, for joining us today. 

 Emma [00:19:47] Thank you so much for having me. 

 Virginia [00:19:50] You’re welcome. I had fun. 

 Emma [00:19:53] Always. All right. 

 Virginia [00:19:55] We’ll have to keep in touch. 

 Emma [00:19:57] All right. Bye. 

 Virginia [00:20:03] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some, leave through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode.

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