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Today we are joined by Rachel Iverson. She LOVES cooking, it has been a passion of hers for years now.
She loves to try new things, new dishes, new styles of cooking, new cultures.
She has been teaching her children to cook & they are also growing to love it.
One of her major passions is batch cooking for the freezer & making freezer meals. She has saved so much time & money by preparing meals ahead of time.
Listen in as we talk about the amazing business of helping teach families all about cooking.

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About The Guest

Today I’m talking with Rachel Iverson about how she helps make mealtime more of a family orientated experience.

Rachel is a wife and stay at home mom of four kids.

She loves to cook and has found a way to share that with others.




Episode Transcript

Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. We are growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online.

Virginia [00:00:09] Hi, everyone. Today I’m talking with Rachel Iverson about how she helps make mealtime more of a family orientated experience. Rachel is a wife and stay at home mom of four kids. She loves to cook and has found a way to share that with others. Welcome, Rachel.

Rachel [00:00:24] Hi. Thanks, Virginia. I’m glad to be here.

Virginia [00:00:27] Yeah, I am excited to have you on today, so thank you.

Virginia [00:00:34] What inspired you to start your own business? 

Rachel [00:00:41] Well, honestly, my husband had been on and on at me about what do you want to do when the kids go to school?

Rachel [00:00:46] What do you want to do with the kids going to school? I’m like, I don’t know. 

Rachel [00:00:50] And so he put that seed kind of in my head of what you need to find something that you are passionate about, something that you desperately want to do. 

Rachel [00:01:00] And so I thought about so many different things. I had 101 things going through my head of what could I do when he kept giving me ideas.

Rachel [00:01:09] I’m like, yeah, I don’t want to do that.

Rachel [00:01:14] And then I kept thinking about what, what am I the most passionate about? And I realized I’m most passionate about food and cooking. And so I found a way to bring that and having a job to do when I get out of school and merge them together. So he’s very happy that I have something to do with the kids. 

Virginia [00:01:46] What do you like most about that? Well, first of all, tell us what did you choose?

Rachel [00:01:51] What did I choose? Okay, so I decided that I had actually a few ideas in mind and I looked around at all the different things I could do. So one of the things I am so passionate about is reason meals like for years and years I’ve been husband calls me to freeze milk within the law freezer with meals and then we eat them. So I don’t have to cook all the time and it’s easy for a great quick meal. So I, I originally looked at and was like, hey, maybe I could set out my own freedom, no company. And then I can, you know, help other people make it less burdensome, having to make meals. And then we looked at all it doesn’t everything. And that just was it was just not feasible at the time, especially as we rent. We would have to get our own commercial kitchen. And that was just not in the cards. So I decided to do the next best thing and combine all my passions of cooking and also now teaching people to make their own frozen meals. And I became a pampered chef, consultant fan.

Virginia [00:03:04] By the way, I am a big advocate to freezer meals. They make such a difference in life. Oh, totally. Especially if you’re going to have a hectic day, at least put something on or insta pots, your best friend. Do you have something you can throw in there at the last minute? 

Rachel [00:03:26] Or if you’ve totally forgotten that you actually have to cook tonight and you’re like, oh my goodness, at 4:00, what am I going to make?

Rachel [00:03:35] And lo and behold, is the freezer meal.


Virginia [00:03:46] I make sure I have a bunch for when I leave and whoever’s watching the kids always has stuff to to feed them with. What do you like most about the work that you do and being a pampered chef consultant?

Rachel [00:03:58] Honestly, I’d love to teach people. I love teaching people how to cook because there are so many people out there who have no idea. And just as a little side note, I couldn’t cook when I got married.

Rachel [00:04:12] Yeah, I couldn’t cook at all. My husband taught me how to cook. 

Virginia [00:04:16] It is so nice of him. Like, look to you.

Rachel [00:04:19] Yes. He was very, very nice of him to teach me how to cook. And he’s a fantastic cook. And now I’ve kind of taken over that role and I do the cooking and he just comes home and which is good.

Rachel [00:04:33] So yeah. Teaching people how to cook and helping, giving and giving them ideas and giving them the tools in order to cook easier and smarter. There are so many ways to cook and there are so many people who don’t cook and eat very unhealthy. And so I like to show them that there are ways that they can cook and it and I’ll be a big deal in their life.

Virginia [00:04:59] So by smarter, do you mean healthier or what do you mean by that one?

Rachel [00:05:05] Like, well, healthier. Yes. Auster figuring out what to cook too. This is a big obstacle in people’s lives. They’re like, oh, well, I don’t know what to cook. So I just went and. 

Rachel [00:05:21] How does that make sense?

Virginia [00:05:23] It does.

Virginia [00:05:24] I was actually just wondering, too, if you ever, like, cover the aspects of timing on everything, because talking to a grandma the other day and she was telling me about when she went to school and like in high school and stuff, and they were teaching how to in their foods class on how to prepare everything and make sure that it was all ready at the same time. Right. So, like, your pasta wasn’t ready and your chickens just getting started.

Rachel [00:05:56] Yes. Yeah, that can be tricky, too. I don’t know. There are times when something’s ready beforehand and I’m like, oh, well, let’s just keep that on a very low burner and try and keep very tricky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, which a lot of people have no idea.

Rachel [00:06:14] So it’s about trying to make sure that you’ve got that.

Rachel [00:06:19] OK. So this is going to take me 45 minutes to cook. For example, you’re from the Reisen case. Can take 45 minutes. How long is this going to take me and then. Yeah. 

Rachel [00:06:31] Well, yes, I try to teach people as much as I can about all aspects of cooking, believe they can take that and kind of work with it and fix it to their lives because everybody cooks different and everybody does.

Virginia [00:06:49] In foods class and I was in high school, I would come back from the space covered and my arms would just be totally loaded full of spices. And my teacher would like have us were it like. But by the end of that year, she was like always waiting to see where my food was done so that she could always taste it.

Virginia [00:07:04] If I had such a unique way of seasoning, everything.

Rachel [00:07:10] That’s fantastic.

Virginia [00:07:13] So what technique do you use that you wish more people knew about?

Rachel [00:07:19] I have this thing that I I’m very honest.

Rachel [00:07:25] With people, I’m not really a sales person who I am, but I’m very, very honest and I will tell you exactly what to think of something that it didn’t mesh with me. I’m not going to tell everybody that is fantastic or its product is amazing. I’m not going to tell anybody that if I actually don’t like it at all. That was one of the things actually that drew me to the company, because I felt that everything that I had, I was I raved about and I thought it was fantastic. And I love the product. None of the meals that I had tried that they had created. None of them. I didn’t blink. And so I was like, wow, this is impressive because there are so many meals on.

Rachel [00:08:13] Scroll through Pinterest and just keeps calling and calling you. I need to try something, you know, like, oh, that wasn’t very nice.

Rachel [00:08:21] So yeah, I, I like to be very honest about what I think of things. And I think when it comes to sales in more honest you are, the more people appreciate what you have to say.

Virginia [00:08:37] Yeah, and you don’t feel pushy that way either. You’re not saying what they want to hear. Right.

Rachel [00:08:43] Exactly.

Rachel [00:08:43] Like, if somebody says, well, what do you think about this product? And I say, honestly, I personally don’t like it.

Rachel [00:08:50] It doesn’t work with my cooking style, whereas I have a friend who absolutely raves about it all the time. If she’s talking about one of those products, she will tell everybody that they have to buy it. She loves it.

Rachel [00:09:03] But for me. I don’t love it.

Rachel [00:09:07] And so I will tell people that and they’re like, oh, really? 

Virginia [00:09:11] Well, that’s cool. And then that gains you more trust to in the long run. Right.

Virginia [00:09:20] So do you have an ideal client or customer that you try to work with?

Virginia [00:09:31] One of the great things about food is that everybody eats. Potentially everybody is a great client or customer. We all have to eat. We don’t all cook, which is great, which is fine. You know, some people just do microwave meals. But we all eat and I can work with people who cook. People who don’t cook. People who have to cook. People who love to cook, who bake. But honestly, everybody could be a customer of mine. And I love to work with the people who don’t like to cook. Or don’t cook, because that really helps it.

Rachel [00:10:18] I can help them by giving them ideas and giving them suggestions to make their life easier when they really don’t want to be in that kitchen. 

Virginia [00:10:28] And it can be fun to helping them find that spark, you know, a finding, that realization that, hey, it actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Rachel [00:10:39] Exactly. There are so many people who actually find that they love it.

Rachel [00:10:44] They secretly love it. 

Virginia [00:10:47] Don’t tell anyone.

Virginia [00:10:52] So do you have any business goals that you’re hoping to achieve over the next one to two years? 

Rachel [00:10:59] Yes, I have a big goal that I’m I’m striving to to achieve this. 

Rachel [00:11:05] Just this past May 1st, I promoted to a director within the company and my goal is to become an advance director. So I’m working hard at that.

Rachel [00:11:17] This is definitely not easy.

Virginia [00:11:19] What does that mean for those of us who don’t know?

Rachel [00:11:23] So as a director, it means that I have a team of people underneath me and as an advance director, it means that I have underneath me people who are also leaders.

Rachel [00:11:35] So it’s teaching leaders how to lead as well as just me. Leading a team, developing leaders and developing and developing people who who desperately want to try something for themselves and. There is a little eaier option. 

Virginia [00:11:56] How would that goal change your business or your life?

Rachel [00:12:01] That’s a tough question. And I say that just because I am. I’ve never really wanted to really buy into anything fantastic.

Rachel [00:12:11] I’ve always been quite happy just to be. Yeah, whatever. I’ll just be a thing in the background. I’ll just plod along and get my stuff done.

Rachel [00:12:19] I have some fantastic role models who show me that to be a leader can be a fantastic thing for other people. And just to watch people grow their own businesses and flourish and teach other people can be wonderful. And I’ve I’ve noticed that I could actually do this. And it would be a big stepping stone for me and pick me right out of my comfort zone that I like to sit in. But of course, when you’re in your comfort zone, you’re not growing and you’re not improving. You’re just kind of stuck.

Virginia [00:12:59] Yes. And you have so much like you need to shine and share with everybody. 

Rachel [00:13:05] Thank you, Virginia.

Virginia [00:13:07] You’re welcome. We need to know about you.

Virginia [00:13:14] Do you feel like there’s a roadblock that’s stopping you from reaching that goal? 

Rachel [00:13:22] My biggest roadblock is myself, honestly.

Rachel [00:13:27] And I think it’s the same with all of us. We are the only things or people really holding us back on dreams. So, yeah, I guess my biggest roadblock is me. I just need to push myself a little bit further everyday outside of that comfort zone and just keep plugging at it and I’ll get there.

Virginia [00:13:49] Of course you will.  So what are you doing that’s working for you to attract more business?

Rachel [00:13:58] Well, right now, with everything going on in the world, the virtual world has kind of like blossomed and blown up. And so I have to adapt some of my business to to that market, to the virtual market. I was mostly doing things online anyway, but there were certain things that I just love to do in person, like each in how to make these meals. I love to do that in person because it creates so much more of a buzz. Unfortunately, we can’t do that right now. And so pushing it virtual, it has really helped. I’ve managed to get people interested and involved that wouldn’t normally be involved because they’re working or they are so busy. And so doing things virtually kind of gives you an added in into people’s lives because it’s just a lot more convenient. And everyone’s on the phones anyway. Right.

Virginia [00:15:04] And that’s you reach a market, too, that you wouldn’t necessarily reach. Right. Because it lets you reach those that are hours away from you or at a different time zone or whatever to. Right.

Rachel [00:15:14] That is so true. Yeah. And so to have a virtual businesses anywhere across across the country, which is just fantastic.

Virginia [00:15:23] Is there anything that you’re doing to like stand out online at all?

Rachel [00:15:26] I think you have to have your own brand honestly, even if you are part of a bigger company. Like I am. You have to create your brand. You have to show people who you are and really make your identity shine in that. And so I am trying to say I have succeeded completely, but I’m trying to show people who I am. Like, you know, I’m honest and I’m real. So when I do live video things on Facebook, you get what you get. You get my kids running in and screaming and yelling and fighting with each other. And because life is not perfect at all with anybody. And so I think you have, I think, being who I am and not. I’m not trying to hide the fact that I have a really messy kitchen.

Rachel [00:16:25] And yet I’m still teaching you how to make whatever. That’s kind of who I’m trying to be.

Rachel [00:16:33] If that makes sense.

Virginia [00:16:34] For sure, you can only be the best youth that you can be as you.

Virginia [00:16:39] And I think it makes it more relatable to. Right. Because if I see you and your kids are running and or your kids are kind of like fighting or making you testing your patience that day or your kitchen might not be exactly the way you want it like it is. I don’t want to say this badly, but like let’s say it makes me feel better because now I’m not the only one. Right. So it can make it more relatable and have that rapport and that trust factor in there, too. Right.

Rachel [00:17:06] That’s so true. And honestly, who’s kitchen is like who doesn’t have kids that run inside, run into the kitchen screaming and yelling at each other and eating and will they stick their head under the camera and like. And, you know, I’ve had so many people tell me that they love. I’d love to see how real my life is. I’m not I’m not just sitting there or standing there in my kitchen in my perfect kitchen. That is so beautiful. You know, I’m it’s real in my house. And it’s just like it isn’t everybody else’s house.

Virginia [00:17:43] And that’s awesome.

Virginia [00:17:47] What is the best advice you have ever received?

Rachel [00:17:52] I kind of touched on this a little bit before, but there’s no growth in your comfort zone and there’s no comfort in your growth zone.

Rachel [00:18:02] Honestly, I think that is the best piece of advice that anybody gave me, because it really makes me push is like, oh, I’m comfortable doing this. I shouldn’t be comfortable doing this. I need to move up, step further forward to make myself uncomfortable so that I can grow because otherwise I’m stagnant and I’m not going to do anything.

Virginia [00:18:24] I really like that.

Virginia [00:18:26] What’s the best advice you have ever given? 

Rachel [00:18:30] I don’t know, I think what I think is good advice, other people may not necessarily think.

Rachel [00:18:39] I think if I was to say one thing, it would just be to just keep going. Don’t stop it because it’s too hard. Just keep on going. Like like Finding Nemo, right. It’s Dory. And she says, just keep swimming. Just swimming. Just keep saying. Just don’t stop. Because if you stop and you’re not going to start again.

Virginia [00:18:57] That’s so true.

Virginia [00:18:59] But even if it’s just tiny momentum, it’s still momentum. 

Virginia [00:19:03] Is there anything that you would like to share with us that I haven’t asked?

Rachel [00:19:07] Did I mention I love food?

Virginia [00:19:09] No. Which kind?

Rachel [00:19:14] All of it. I think one of the things that really that I see a lot.

Rachel [00:19:22] Is picky kids, kids, so can be so picky when it comes to food. There’s so many that I see and it makes me sad to see. Oh, yeah. We’re making this for the kids and this for us.

Rachel [00:19:34] I, like all the kids, should love what you’re having because I look so good.

Rachel [00:19:40] And really, do they need chicken nuggets, some fries everyday. And I see it a lot and it makes me really sad. And one thing that we did as a family, we’ve never let our kids be picky. It’s like, well, this is our dinner. So if you don’t like it, you have to try at least. And one of the things that we did was make it was we had this glow and we would grab this globe. We say, okay, kids, I’m just in the club and you just have to stab your fingers somewhere. So it’s in the globe that stabbed a finger. And that’s where we we would plan our meals around that place in the world. And it really helped us to be appreciative of all different types of culture and all different types of food. And made it fun and exciting for us to try new things.

Rachel [00:20:34] And there was a couple times we were like, yeah, I don’t really like this one.

Virginia [00:20:40] But you tried.

Rachel [00:20:42] But we tried it. And our kids love all types of food. There was a time they didn’t like Rip’s and we’re like, oh, that’s great, because all the more ribs for me. And now they love chicken wings and now they love spicy food. And I’m like, oh, my goodness. Now we have to share more. Right.

Virginia [00:21:03] There’s always the other side to that.

Rachel [00:21:05] But I think it’s all about it’s attitude when it comes to food and especially the kitchen. If the kids are excited and interested then and Yawk excited and interested, then they will try so many more things and we’ll kind of get away from that society of, well, I’ll feed kids this because this is what they’ll eat and they will blame. 

Virginia [00:21:30] We don’t do that because I’m like, I’m not going to make another meal for them like we do up until we feed our little kids differently up until they’re just over a year old.

Virginia [00:21:40] And so now we’re having that issue with our youngest is now that she’s hit that year, Mark, and we start introducing grains and different things like that, and she’s deciding that she wants to be picky.

Virginia [00:21:52] And it’s like, well, you’re going to be hungry.

Virginia [00:21:56] If you’re going to keep continuing to do this, like ask the older ones or they complain because they don’t didn’t finish it, but they really don’t want have it for breakfast in the morning.

Virginia [00:22:09] And it’s like, well, I guess you better hurry up and finish it then. Don’t ya.

Rachel [00:22:13] Yes. Yeah, and I mean, to some people, that’s not how they want to treat their kids. And, you know, whatever it’s it is what it is and you get to choose.

Rachel [00:22:24] But I’ve seen so many and it’s so sad.

Rachel [00:22:27] My kids could love this. You can’t have kids come to my house and they’ll try all sorts of things and they’ll go home and say, oh, I tried this. And their parents like it tried.

Rachel [00:22:37] What’s it like holding in front of them and say, Oh, what’s for dinner? 

Virginia [00:22:44] So if you’re hungry, eat right. Funtime told Breakfast that we’re having oatmeal, so you better hurry up. Well, thank you so much for the great interview and being here with us today. Where can people find out more about you and what you do?

Rachel [00:23:01] So I have a Web site and I also have a Facebook group, which I like to invite lots of people to join me. It’s called Cookin with an Apostrophe with Rachel.

Virginia [00:23:14] So do you do online parties then? Right. Just with well, with that way, everything is now due to online parties.

Rachel [00:23:23] I also do in-home party very few and far between because nobody really wants you in the house. Well, online are so much easier, right? They are. And they pulled so many people. And you can kind of check in as and when you want to.

Rachel [00:23:39] It really makes things so much easier for a lot of people, especially the busy ones. But yes, I do online parties. And it’s it’s super fun. It’s so low key that it just makes it even funner, I think. Awesome.

Virginia [00:23:59] Well, thank you again, Rachel, for sharing with us. And we will catch up later.

Rachel [00:24:06] Thanks, Virginia. Is a pleasure to speak to you.

Virginia [00:24:09] Have a great day.

Virginia [00:24:18] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some leave through a review. And I’ll catch you on the next episode.

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