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Today, I’m talking with Riza Pelaez, she is very polite about how she helps business owners with their mindset, visibility, and attraction marketing.
Riza is a multi-awarded humanitarian (yes you read that right) and a motivational speaker, certified life coach, and a digital marketer owner on the side.

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Today, I’m talking with Riza, polite about how she helps business owners with their mindset, visibility, and attraction marketing.

Riza is a multi-awarded humanitarian and motivational speaker, certified life coach, and a digital marketer owner on the side.




Episode Transcript

Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell, where a growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible on.

Virginia [00:00:12] Hi, everyone. Today, I’m talking with Riza, polite about how she helps business owners with their mindset, visibility and attraction marketing, Riza is a multi awarded humanitarian and motivational speaker, certified life coach and a digital marketer owner on the side. Welcome, Reza.

Riza [00:00:29] Hi. Thank you. Thank you for having me on your part. It’s a pleasure.

Virginia [00:00:36] You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

Virginia [00:00:38] Tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Riza [00:00:45] Yes. Sure. I’m originally from the Philippines, but I’m now residing in Japan. I am a mother of three children and I started my entrepreneurial entrepreneurship journey just last year and giving birth.

Riza [00:01:01] I got a lot of time and then I sort of like, you know, sort of making use of it. So last year, October, I launched my company, a training and consulting. WGI stands for Women in Art Institute, and I’m focusing on the on women empowerment. And so from there, I women creating I’ve been creating events Off-line and until Cobban happens to me, so we start. I started doing it. We have a business partner just from Vietnam. So we started doing it online from March until today. Yeah. So in my family, I, we really don’t have a business minded background. But I sort of just got this thinking when I came to Japan. It’s been just totally different world from the Philippines and everything for me was new and it’s sort of just brought in my horizon. So I started attending the seminar conventions and then subsided. Last year, I just made it happen. You know, after having so much information in my mind and my thinking, I need to do something to implement this. I need to get something done. So all of this information can be in action, can be and can be something to be fruitful and to be helpful for women especially. So, yeah, that’s that’s how I started my journey.

Virginia [00:02:38] That’s cool. I also like how you can do something with all of this information in my mind so many times we. Like learn more in mine for an. Like, I don’t know enough to start yet. But in fact we actually do. Right.

Riza [00:02:57] Right. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. And to be honest, last year when I started, I felt like it was enough what I had.

Riza [00:03:05] So I actually studied another course about women in leadership. And then I felt, OK, so maybe this would be enough for me to say, OK, I’m qualified to empower women. But then I have this mindset. So I thought, OK, maybe another story their vacation would do.

Riza [00:03:24] And I, I did. I got a certification for life coaching. And after doing that, I, I, I hired a coach and she was like, no, you know, you actually don’t need a lot of this. It’s just for validation that we as a human being tend to get depend on those certification on those titles so that we can feel satisfied or we can feel validated. But that’s really all about mindset.

Virginia [00:03:57] That’s true. It’s also good that I take learning. So it’s kind of a catch 22 sometimes.

Riza [00:04:04] Yes. Yes.

Virginia [00:04:10] What do you like most about the work that you do?

Riza [00:04:13] Basically, what I love most are. You know, growing my connections and really having a genuine conversations and being able to help women. And it’s it’s now growing, too. I’m now trying to transition because I realized that after doing this for a while, women is only not a victim of a physical, mental and emotional abuse. And now I’m trying to not really turn this transition, but really connect to men as well, because some men are also trying to reach out to me about what I do. And so just the ability to help people, you know, get take control of their lives and have their own voice and older. I am really just what I love. Yeah.

Virginia [00:05:11] That’s nice. It’s nice to be able to see people grow and reach their potential to.

Riza [00:05:19] True. Yes. And to be honest, I’m sometimes as a human being. We we tend to actually rely on other people’s opinion that we don’t see ourselves worthy unless we we have a coach, someone standing next to us or our sons by by our side. And then that’s when we actually raise Mike. Oh, yeah, I can do this, but it’s actually within us. But me tend to because of life experiences, because of like life happening to us. We tend to, you know, grow, grow up and then lose ourself.

Riza [00:05:56] Self esteem and our confidence are decreasing. And then when we met someone who says to us, say, you’re great. It’s a lot of hard work. But it this read an inside job. Right.

Virginia [00:06:09] So how do you going to say that that’s kind of a common mistake that you see in your clients making.

Riza [00:06:19] Yeah, I can say yes.

Riza [00:06:21] That’s basically it, because we most of them are are from a background where they experience difficulty with their relationships and they were not able to get back. They were not able to get a grip on themselves again. And they are they were sort sort of like drifting left and right, back and forth. And they they cannot move forward. So they were trying to be find themselves and having a coach next to them were the system I coached as to what I do really heal the one from the past. If you are holding the ones and the experiences that you encountered when you were young and sort of your own, hold you back during the coaching like this is a three month program that I offer and no money.

Riza [00:07:16] They wouldn’t get a measurement for me. And then there will be worksheets and a lot of talks I give. I actually give more of my time, even though it’s not scheduled.

Riza [00:07:29] But just to respect that, you know that the time limit. But I give them an opportunity to reach out to me on a daily basis so I can help them with with the worksheets with them. As you say, or work or stuff like that. But what I normally ACMD still reeling think deep in writing down and make, you know, really talk it out by themselves. And yes, journaling is one thing really torn and it is one thing and that’s I’m big on that. And efficient efficient boarding. Yeah.

Virginia [00:08:05] OK, thank you. Who is an ideal client for you?

Riza [00:08:16] All right, cool, so as I said initially, I was focused on women who experience trauma and relationship and to have difficulty with their emotions and finding themselves. But now men are also reaching out to me. But those who are healing or want to heal from that, from the past experiences, from marriage partnerships and even childhood trauma. So those are my ideal clients.

Virginia [00:08:48] How did they finally find you?

Riza [00:08:52] All right. So that’s an. Yes, just an interesting so I. I actually believe in, you know, with attraction, more things. The right makes the trek length. But I use all the social media linked in Facebook, not so much an instant Instagram.

Riza [00:09:09] And I’m also on Twitter. But what I do is I just always show up on a daily basis. Like I posted I post a blog, not a blog, like something on Facebook. And then I’m just sharing the same. Same on LinkedIn. And then I will join groups in different groups, several groups. And then I will post myself as a mentor. And then that’s when they will come to me. They will message me like, hey, you, you, you you enrolled yourself as a mentor. Can I have a one on one talk with you? You know, explore possibilities and also referrals by, you know, clients that was able to finish a contract with the program with me.

Riza [00:09:58] So I actually ask for referrals, but I’m more on showing up on social media, on Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s where I’m active. Most linked in in Facebook.

Riza [00:10:13] That’s how they find me.

Virginia [00:10:17] And you had said that you used the same information on both platforms, right? Thank you. Post the same thing. You don’t kind of alter it or anything.

Riza [00:10:25] No, I just yes, I just used I just sometimes what I do is I use different photos, I just use the same texts and then on linked in, I use a different hashtags on Facebook. I don’t use hashtags, but sometimes I do. I kind of limit it. This I, I actually need to do research that can only use at least three or four hashtags on Facebook, but on Illington, honestly, the more the more hashtags and then the more it will get to your right lane or the right specific topic.

Virginia [00:11:00] Thanks for that. I heard that, too

Virginia [00:11:04] What is a big goal that you’re looking to achieve over the next one to two years?

Riza [00:11:12] Wow. Well, I am.

Riza [00:11:18] I want to go really big international when it comes to my speaking. I am scheduled to go to Dubai in November.

Riza [00:11:27] If it’s possible to really get out of Japan and come back us, obviously that would be an issue.

Riza [00:11:35] But I really would like on a really big platform.

Riza [00:11:41] And my goal is to actually just be.

Riza [00:11:46] Because at the moment, my husband is stuck in the U.K. because of the pandemic issue. But I just would love for him to retire. So I would like to earn more money than him so I can one day to say, you know, just eat together. We don’t have to go back to work and just say, yes. Stay with us. We can travel the world events in gold chain. You can do this online. Now, if the pandemic continues, then I can do that because there’s a lot of webinars and soon calls now so I can still do the talk. Speaking in Asian and online. So really not an issue about the location.

Riza [00:12:25] So that’s for me.

Virginia [00:12:27] We basically have the same go for your husband.

Riza [00:12:33] Yes.

Virginia [00:12:35] How would that go change your business?

Riza [00:12:43] I would say if I’m available 24/7 with especially if we’re all together, I would be more. I would say I would be more help here.

Riza [00:12:56] More fulfilling because I can. No, I can not reach more nor a bigger audience and.

Riza [00:13:09] I could say that. Yeah. Renia bigger. Just to get a bigger, bigger audience. And just to be me, have it so difficult to say. I do want to get emotional. Just to get a bigger platform and bigger audience and. Yeah. That’s really the goal for the business.

Virginia [00:13:31] What do you feel like is the number one roadblock for covering your back, covering commercial?


Riza [00:13:37] I think I would say it because when it comes to social media, especially with visibility, normally they would say the more you post on groups, the more you join, the more you put yourself out there than the people were. We’ll see you right. Recently, I started meditating with a different material. I’ve been using different materials and now I actually love what I’m using now. And it feels like. My attraction that I’m doing is to just be genuine with yourself. Just do what you love to do and people will really find you.

 Riza [00:14:15] And I I had one time had a difficulty with being consistent because, you know you know, when Facebook got angry at him and stuff like that, if there’s no engagement, then especially if you know, if you post a campaign or something like that, if there is no engagement, it’s really difficult for people to find. So I kind of struggled with our grade and Facebook algorithms.

Riza [00:14:40] I also struggled with consistency because I’m so big on mindset. But then I was told that, you know, sometimes you should not just educate, you should not inspired, but you also need to entertain people. And I feel like I’m maybe I’m not so much entertaining. So that’s just one of block for me that I was I wasn’t able to get over it.

Riza [00:15:04] But then I joined another mine and they were they were able to give me some samples, templates to have a daily posting and different like different styles. And then from there, I, you know, they just just became just become different. So a lot of things changed on my on my postings. Yeah.

 Virginia [00:15:27] Cool, what’s working for you to attract our business? I know you’re had mentioned and going for Meditations and referrals and regular posting. Is there anything in addition to that?

 Riza [00:15:43] Well, joining groups, I think I would say I mean, just be visible on on the groups that you join because they have on a daily basis. They have a task make from one day or connect with me to say something like that. Right. So just be visible on a daily basis. Just connect with people and just be genuine with your offer and just reach genuinely yourself. So I also actually love to do right. So joining for me is my number one, my affirmation after the meditation. I would need to write my affirmations if, for example, I don’t do it. I would. I wasn’t able to do it in the morning. I’d have to make sure that I would do it before I sleep at night.

 Virginia [00:16:27] So you do most of your meditations in the morning, then?

 Riza [00:16:30] Morning. Yes. Yeah. I do it in the morning. Yeah.

 Virginia [00:16:35] I’m like, well, maybe your kids sleep at mine. Like, yesterday, my son was up at five.

 Virginia [00:16:44] I don’t know if I got to do that or whether.

Riza [00:16:47] It’s quite a challenge really because my son sleeps next to me. I don’t want to sleep in the bed by myself because my husband’s here. So I actually moved home next to me. And what I notice is if I put the alarm at 5:00, he would wake up at 5:00. They put their lives five thirty or four thirty. He would wake up at four thirty, but I actually just find time. Now he’s growing up and he’s just moving. So when he moves, I would just, you know, make sure that he thinks I’m still up on the bed with him. So I do some trick, like put my pillow or something.

 Riza [00:17:22] Nothing else. Yes.

 Virginia [00:17:29] What’s the best advice you have ever received?

 Riza [00:17:33] Oh, gosh, yes, I’ve read your lines. But one thing. The best that I would say is it’s not your job to know harm.

 Riza [00:17:46] That whatever you want. You only need to want it badly enough and you don’t have to figure it all out, because when I was growing up, our family tradition in their family is it’s it’s really not we are not taught to be in business. This is entrepreneur or business person. It’s just an.

 Riza [00:18:07] You do don’t want you go to school. You finish you you know, you finish your university, get a job and you save a little and then have a family and do add to that this you have to be a Christian. Because in the family. What? My parents are Christian. And that’s when I started. I was I grew up in. And on Sunday school. And everything is about God and stuff like that. But then growing up, I felt like I had an identity crisis. You know, with my Christianity and with my identity. And I was you know, I thankfully I didn’t get married the way earlier, the way my parent, my mother was expecting to pursue and she was saying, you are always out. You’d probably be pregnant. I’m 18, blah, blah, blah. But thankfully, I proved her wrong because I got married there on 26 and I’m growing up. It was just difficult for me to really find myself. But the one advice that actually held on to is like, you know, you don’t it’s it’s not your job to know how it if you want it badly enough. Because I also started to believe about the science, because before I was just more on, you know, your your your faith and all that. But then I came to Japan and I had a different things opened into my life. And I felt like in science and faith, you can actually do both in your life. So I started to listen to the nature and the vibration of the energy that you you bring to the universe and start sort of like that. And, you know, with your faith and with your action, normally, if you’re giving a negative energy, then you’re attracting negative energy. Right. So I was I was so big on prayers and reading Bibles and all that, but then all of those were just negative for me because I kept saying, I’m not this. I’m not that. I don’t have this. I don’t know. So it’s all about negative, right? I was so self inflicted and I felt like I won’t be able to get what I want. I won’t be able to do what I want. But then again, after all the seminars and conventions that I attended, I gained a lot of things and just my self-confidence just. You know, gone big. So I felt that. We don’t we don’t need to rely on our faith 100 percent. It’s like 50 50. You are. At the moment we are. We are here on Earth. Right. So there is a you know, there’s some there’s universe there. So gravity there’s science here that we are. We are. We are to follow. So doing what if pursuing your your happiness, pursuing what you love to do if you’re focusing on you. I want this, I want to do this. I wanted this. But but then it’s it’s not what’s happening. But you’re not listening to the nature, to the energy that you’re giving out there. So it’s really down to if you want this bad, it badly enough. You don’t have to think it all out. So that’s really one that’s in face that I’d seen that.

 Virginia [00:21:22] Basically just get out of your own way.

 Riza [00:21:24] Exactly. Yeah.

 Virginia [00:21:28] What’s the best advice you have ever given?

 Virginia [00:22:32] But you get like a true friend will help you. You reach your goal.

 Riza [00:22:42] Yes, exactly.

 Virginia [00:22:46] You would like to say that.

 Virginia [00:22:47] I have to ask you.

 Riza [00:22:48] I think I would say, you know, with what happened in my life just for less than a year after I launched w I like a lot of doors, just open for me that I did not expect. You know, the awards that I’ve received were beyond my imaginations. And recently I was just awarded this award of honor for what I’m doing with you. Banditti is, as you would say, because I believe I still believe in humanity. I’m so compassionate and I believe in humanity. And that’s one thing that me and my husband sometimes again get an hour of an argument with because he’s saying you’re yours. Sometimes you’re you know, you’re so trusting. You said that you open up so much. And I felt like I can still see. I said I see every positive situation in all the negative scenarios.

Riza [00:23:44] Like, I would still smile at the end of the day. As long as I’m peacefully happy and I’m at peace with myself.

Riza [00:23:53] It’s like I don’t really mind what you do to me. It’s not my responsibility. It’s not my business. As long as I’m not hurting you, I’m not doing anything bad to you. Right. So that’s what I that’s that’s really my virtue in life as long as I’m not conforming to what I don’t want to do. It’s like the golden rule. Right. Don’t do it. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want them to you. Yeah. Right. So I leave on that.

Virginia [00:24:24] Yes. Yes. Then you can sleep better at night.

 Riza [00:24:29] Yes.

Virginia [00:24:31] Well, thank you, Lisa, for those great interview and for being with us today.

Riza [00:24:37] It’s a pleasure, Amy. Thank you so much for being equal to sharing your platform.

Virginia [00:24:42] How can people find out more about you and what you do?

Riza [00:24:47] Well, I have a Facebook group called Women Empowered Community, and they can always reach search from you on Facebook RECEPT Alliance.

Virginia [00:24:57] Awesome. Well, thank you again. Hopefully your husband will be able to join the family soon.

Riza [00:25:05] Yeah, me too. Crossing fingers and praying. They have so much.

Virginia [00:25:12] You’re welcome. Have a great day and we’ll catch up. OK. Yes, sure. Thank you. Bye bye.

Virginia [00:25:26] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some left through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode

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