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I’m talking with Angela Florez about how she helps businesses scale and grow via tailored marketing strategies. Angela helps ambitious, game changing female coaches create more wealth impact and positive change in the world through proven marketing. So if you are ready to amplify your message, put a strategy to your story and take your business to new heights Angela is your person to help get you there.

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I’m talking with Angela Flores about how she helps businesses scale and grow via tailored marketing strategies. Angela helps ambitious, game changing female coaches create more wealth impact and positive change in the world through proven marketing.

Angel Florez


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Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. We’re growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. 

Virginia [00:00:09] Hi, everyone, today, I’m talking with Angela Flores about how she helps businesses scale and grow via tailored marketing strategies. Angela helps ambitious, game changing female coaches create more wealth impact and positive change in the world through proven marketing. Welcome, Angela. 

Angela [00:00:26] Hi, Virginia. Thank you so much for having me. Super excited to be here.

Virginia [00:00:31] I’m excited to have you on today

Virginia [00:00:34] So can you tell us a little bit about yourself, like kind of in terms of how you got to be where you are today?

Angela [00:00:43] Absolutely. So that’s a funny story. So I was a mechanical engineer working in the oil and gas industry, and I knew that my job was not my passion.

Angela [00:00:54] What I was doing, helping the oil industry dig holes and get oil from the earth. That was not my passion. I was not absolutely happy. Even though I had the most amazing job. And then somebody told me that they were traveling the world while making money online. And that completely blew my mind. After a few months, I decided to just quit everything, moved to London and start my own business. And I had no idea how to make money online. I had no idea how to do it by my. My dream was to travel the world.

Angela [00:01:30] So I said, I need to do this for myself. So I got the courage to just change my life completely. And then it took a while to kind of find my passion and find what I really wanted to do. And then after so much research and struggling in testing and doing all these crazy things, I finally found my passion, which is building funnels, doing Facebook ads and helping other entrepreneurs that have an amazing message, a great drive to impact people’s lives and help them amplify that message and just explode their business. Because if I help an entrepreneur or a female coach expand their business through proven marketing, then I’m going to be able to impact other people. I’m going to be able to impact their clients. And that is just my way to give back to the world and, you know, help women, help other people just have a better life. And, you know, like we can change the world. One entrepreneur at a time. 

Virginia [00:02:40] And it’s a wonderful feeling, too, isn’t it?

Angela [00:02:42] Absolutely. I absolutely love it. When when you get that feeling that you’re helping someone and that they’re actually impacting the world for the better. That’s awesome. Especially in these crazy times with lock down and like all these Covod things being able to help others while staying at home. Such a rewarding experience.

Virginia [00:03:08] Most definitely. What are some of the most common mistakes you see your clients making?

Angela [00:03:14] That’s an excellent question. So one of the biggest mistakes I see people is they want to be something or someone. They want success, but they’re not willing to take that steps that step towards success. Right. I always tell my clients and my students, hey, if you’re hiding under a rock, you will never make it. You will never get your message out there. You will never let people know the amazing power that you have to change their lives. The biggest mistake that people make is hiding under a rug and not publishing, not gaining visibility and not being consistent with their message. A lot of people, they changed their messaging all the time. One day they solve one problem and then the other day they solve another problem and they’re not consistent and they’re not keeping that visibility on all the time. That’s that’s what you’re hurting your own business by not being consistent and by not doing that. If we’re making that effort to gain that visibility, to make other people see what you have to offer.

Virginia [00:04:24] So how do you solve our problems?

Angela [00:04:27] I love mixing organic marketing like there’s these two worlds. There’s a people don’t like organic marketing and there’s people that like paid marketing. So I started my experience, my services with paid marketing. But the way I have the best results for my clients that they gain so much visibility is when we mix organic marketing like they’re constantly going live on Facebook. They are constantly putting content out there so that. People can learn what they have to offer and know what problem they solve and then put some paid advertising behind it so that we can reach more people and amplify that message, expand that that reach that they have. So that’s that’s how we solve it first. It’s a mindset work of, hey, you need to show up constantly. And I help my clients come up with how to create their content so that it’s easy to go live every week. I understand how hard it is to say I have to go live three times a week and what am I going to talk about? I used to struggle a lot with that. So I came up with a process that makes it really easy to come up with that content and actually go live. And then we take all of that amazing content that you’re posting organically and then put some ad spend in it to amplify it and get so many. I’ve seen your content and seen what you do. So that they they know about you. You become the expert. You become the go to person in your industry.

Virginia [00:06:10] Going along with that, do you think that there are some techniques that you wish your clients knew more about? Or is it kind of part and parcel with what you just talked about?

Angela [00:06:19] Yeah, there’s absolutely certain techniques and frameworks that we follow. So, for example, I always tell my clients, you need to go life twice a week right in your at least twice a week in your Facebook profile.

Angela [00:06:36] Right. And then hire a V.A. that will download that Facebook live and put it in your Facebook page, put it in YouTube and Instagram and linking it to that’s the organic framework. And then once the video is on your Facebook page, we create a video view campaign or an engagement campaign to get people to watch that video and interact with it. Maybe we seen the video like, hey, drop a line below if you want to know more about some specific subject. So that will create the engagement. That will create more exposure. And we just follow that simple framework. Coastwise on your Facebook profile and why on your Facebook profile? Because here’s a little secret on Facebook. When you post on your profile, about 20 percent of your Facebook friends will see your content. Right. If you have a good engagement, 20 percent of your friends will see your content. Well, when you post on your Facebook page, only two percent of the people that like your page will see your content. So that’s why we need to put some ad spend into it. So more people can see it.

Angela [00:07:55] So that’s a super simple framework that we work on. And it works fantastic. No simplicities. It’s is key. You don’t have to have a super complicated strategy. 

Virginia [00:08:08] It’s interesting how many times we kind of make things more complicated or totally written for you.

Virginia [00:08:18] So you mentioned like entrepreneurs. But who is your ideal client?

Angela [00:08:22] So my ideal client, just like you said in the description, is ambitious game change and female coaches. Right. My ideal client is female coaches. It could be business coaches, mindset coaches. I love the idea of working with women that are so passionate and so ambitious about changing people’s lives, impacting people’s lives.

Angela [00:08:47] So I’ve had clients that they help other women create their business. Other women transform their mindsets so that they’re not stuck with their limiting beliefs. That’s my ideal client. And the most important thing is their drive to really create that success in their business and their lives core.

Virginia [00:09:12] How did they find you in terms of what are you doing to put yourself out there?

Angela [00:09:16] So that exact framework that I just told you about. That’s exactly what I do every single day. Right. I go live on my profile.

Angela [00:09:25] So if you want to find me, you can either look for me on my profile like Angela Flores on Facebook. You’ll find me my Facebook page, too. I’m also on Instagram, also on YouTube or on LinkedIn. But the best way to find me is to go to goal to Soul Machine dot com. And that that’s the place that you will see how to contact me, how to get in touch with me using that framework that I just showed you.

Angela [00:09:52] I’m able to be everywhere in every social media platform so that I know a lot of people that don’t. Like hanging out on Facebook. But they love Instagram. So by doing that framework that I just told you about, I’m able to be everywhere. 

Virginia [00:10:09] So you just take that repurpose video that you did on Facebook live and then syndicate it to different platforms.

Virginia [00:10:15] Cool, isn’t it nice doing the work once and having it be everywhere for you?

Angela [00:10:21] Oh, absolutely. And the best thing is hiring a team to do it for you. It takes so long to start posting everywhere. Just go live once and get someone to do the rest for you. All they have to do is think the video posted everywhere. And that way you make sure that your content is being seen by your audience all across every social media platform. There’s a lot of people that don’t like spending time or insta on Instagram or Facebook, but they’re on LinkedIn. So why not pose that same content in LinkedIn?

Virginia [00:10:59] So true.

Virginia [00:11:01] So what are your big goals that you’re looking to achieve the next one to two years?

Angela [00:11:06] I love that. So big goals. Personal goals. I want to build my family in my home with my boyfriend. And then, you know, like travel a little bit more the world.

Angela [00:11:19] I love traveling. And that’s one of my biggest passions. So it will be easier. My goal was to get to Asia. But the pandemic just destroyed that goal.

Angela [00:11:30] So my goal for the next two or three years is travel all across Asia and Australia and New Zealand and then business-wise, just keep helping more entrepreneurs and gain more visibility and just expand my business, because the more I expand my business, the more I’ll be able to impact other people’s lives.

Virginia [00:11:54] What would expanding your business and impacting my lives. How would that change your business?

Angela [00:11:57] So, number one, I, I love my team. So I have these amazing team of people. I only hire people from Colombia. I’m from Colombia for one. Like the health of my team is one of the most important things for me. So to be able to give them a better life, a better salary, for them to be able to achieve their goals. That’s like a huge thing for my business. And then just be able to impact people’s lives. Right. And growing my business means growing a community, a tribe of fantastic women that come together and help each other. And we just grow together and make a change in the world.

Virginia [00:12:44] What do you think or are there any roadblocks that might be stopping you?

Angela [00:12:51] Of course, there’s always roadblocks and it’s normal. Like, if you don’t have any roadblocks, you’re like Superman. As entrepreneurs and as humans, they have roadblocks.

Angela [00:13:05] For me, my biggest roadblock has always been like. My mindset on, you know, like I need to keep that consistency and show up, like exactly what I just told you, the beginning of this podcast. You need to be consistent. You need to show up. And only until like a few months ago, I was able to. Find the strategies to be consistent. So that was one of the biggest struggles showing up. I was the kind of person I used to like to hide under a rock. That was one of my biggest struggles. But that was a big change in my business just these past few months. I’ve been super consistent with my visibility actually implementing what I teach my clients, because one of the biggest struggles that as entrepreneurs we have, we’re so good at telling our clients what they need to do. But doing it ourselves is super hard.

Angela [00:14:09] So that’s it. They didn’t, I guess, my struggles and being consistent and being visible and just keep doing it. And another thing that has been a really big struggle for me, content creation for myself. So, again, like, why? How do I solve that problem?

Angela [00:14:29] I just hired someone to create content for me and help me like create lead magnets and offers in all of these amazing things. So I’m super excited about it. So it’s always as entrepreneurs, we do have a lot of roadblocks. How are you going to solve it? Make sure that you find a way to solve your roadblocks because you don’t want to be the bottleneck of your own business.

Virginia [00:14:55] Right. So true. So have you seen a difference in showing up live every day for yourself and how that’s impacted the business that you’re getting?

Angela [00:15:07] Absolutely. When I was not showing up consistently, it was a struggle to get clients and it was a struggle to educate my clients when whenever I got someone on board. Right. I had to go through the entire process of educating them, like what is a feasible God? Why would you need some Facebook ads? You know, like it was a struggle. But now that I’m consistently posting and consistently educating my my audience through my videos. Number one, it’s way easier to acquire clients. Way easier. Now they come all the time and I’ll have to struggle with it.

Angela [00:15:48] And then the other thing is that through my videos, my clients are getting educated on everything that I need them to know before I take them on as clients. So, for example, yesterday I had a meeting with one of my clients and she was like, Oh, I saw your Facebook live about creating content. And I just created my whole framework for the next 10 weeks of content. Normally, I would have to spend so much time educating each one of my clients. But now, since I’m being consistent in publishing and doing my videos, they’re doing that themselves. So my job is easier now and I’m getting a consistent flow of clients without a struggle.

Virginia [00:16:35] That’s cool. And she must feel so relieved to I have heard weeks on out like, yes, you have it.

Angela [00:16:42] She’s like, this is awesome. I always struggle on what to say on my Facebook lives. And you just gave me a framework. 

Virginia [00:16:50] What is best advice you have ever received?

Angela [00:16:54] I would say that one of the things that really impacted me was I’d funnel Haking Live. Three years ago, Russell said something that completely changed my mindset towards marketing. He said. People are willing to pay more for the same content packaged in a different way. All right. So what does that mean? I had these believe that I couldn’t give my best content live on Facebook because then people wouldn’t go and buy my product. I would dot that sentence that Russell said just changed my view because. Actually, what you have to do is give your best content on your Facebook lives and give everything organically, because most people are not going to watch all of your Facebook lives. So there’s no structure to them, right. Most people watch a little bit. And because it’s free, they don’t pay too much attention. And then what you what you can do is just take that content. Same content that you’re putting out there and make a massive mind out of it. So you have a map, a membership area, and the content is structured and people can go and, you know, like go through the membership area in certain order. That makes sense. Well, if they wanted to do that, looking for my YouTube videos or my Facebook lives, they would have to scroll and look for a lot of content and kind of put it together themselves. So. The fact that you like he gave me permission to go out and give my best content organically and then take that content and use it, sell my offers. That is unbelievable. So the way that he does it is if you look at what Russell sells, his books are free. Right. And what he teaches in the Two Comma Club X program, which is twenty five thousand dollars a year, is exactly the same content that’s in the free book. It’s just packaged in a different way. So that advice that he gave that that phrase was an absolute game changer,.

Virginia [00:19:20] Which is so nice right now, most freeing. 

Angela [00:19:26] Yep, absolutely.

Virginia [00:19:27] Whats the best advice you have ever given?.

Angela [00:19:31] Don’t hide under a rock, hiding under a rock will not make you successful. That’s something that I help everybody all the time.

Virginia [00:19:42] As much as you might like that rock stand on it? Is there anything that you would like to share that I haven’t asked you yet?

Angela [00:19:53] I think we’ve covered pretty much a lot of information. Keep. I got a message today about someone having some mindset doubts and you no, they lost two clients. And if you’re an entrepreneur, just keep moving along. Just keep being consistent and things will shake loose. That’s like the only thing that I can tell you, like more than what we’ve talked about. Just everybody has roadblocks. Everybody goes through hard times. It’s normal. Just keep doing it. Keep being consistent. Keep showing up and things will start working.

Virginia [00:20:38] Just keep swimming.

Virginia [00:20:39] Thank you, Angela, for a great interview.

Angela [00:20:48] So thank you so much for having me here. So excited to share my message with your audience.

Virginia [00:20:55] You’re welcome. Thanks for hiding under that rock.

Virginia [00:20:59] One more time. Can you tell people how they can find out more about you and what you do?

Angela [00:21:04] Absolutely. So you can find me on any social media platform. Just go find Angela Florez. It is written with a z. FLOREZ. Or A go to cold to soud machine dot com. That’s how you can find me.

Virginia [00:21:20] cold to sold machine

Angela [00:21:26] Cold to sold machine.com. Exactly.

Virginia [00:21:29] Awesome. Thank you.

Angela [00:21:31] Well thank you so much for having me.

Virginia [00:21:34] You’re welcome. Have a great day. We’ll chat soon.

Angela [00:21:36] All right.

Virginia [00:21:46] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some leave through a review. And I’ll catch you on the next episode.

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