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She is the founder of Beyond Retirement Your Journey to Freedom, who teaches people how to create success and gain fulfillment with a life that needs no retirement plan.
In addition to her lifestyle blueprint used by clients in their plan to get out of the nine to five workforce.
Jacquie also owns the Timelist, which offers custom workflow systems and processes to help you reclaim your day.

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About The Guest

Today I’m talking with Jacquie Doucette about how she helps people think beyond retirement.

She is the founder of Beyond Retirement Your Journey to Freedom, who teaches people how to create success and gain fulfillment with a life that needs no retirement plan.

In addition to her lifestyle blueprint used by clients in their plan to get out of the nine to five workforce.

Jacquie also owns the Timelist, which offers custom workflow systems and processes to help you reclaim your day.




Episode Transcript

Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. Where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online.

Virginia [00:00:09] Hey, everyone. Today I’m talking with Jacquie Doucette about how she helps people think beyond retirement.

Virginia [00:00:18] She is the founder of Beyond Retirement Your Journey to Freedom, who teaches people how to create success and gain fulfillment with a life that needs no retirement plan. In addition to her lifestyle blueprint used by clients in their plan to get out of the nine to five workforce. Jacquie also owns the Timelist, which offers custom workflow systems and processes to help you reclaim your day. Welcome, Jacquie.

Jacquie [00:00:43] Hi, thanks Virginia I’m really happy to be here.

Virginia [00:00:46] I’m excited to have you here today. So can you tell us a little bit about yourself and kind of like your entrepreneurial journey and how you got where you are today?

Jacquie [00:00:55] Sure, my journey has been kind of rocky, I guess I’m I’m not a serial entrepreneur, but I’m a serial nine to five year. I’ve been doing a nine to five job for over thirty five years. But I decided early in it that there was more to life. So I started looking for other things. I did the the normal route that most people do, the various MLM’s trying my hand at that sort of thing with very limited success. Then I decided that there was really nothing that I could do that would bring me as much joy in as finding some some way to help other people and still do something that I liked. And I started off, oddly enough, as an editor and a proofreader doing that freelancing because it was a job that I could carry anywhere. And I envisioned myself sitting under a palm tree on a beach, editing and proof reading, you know, until until I was 90. But that that wasn’t really in the in the cards either. I still do that, but I haven’t found my palm tree yet.

Jacquie [00:01:58] Maybe if I took I took a tree.

Virginia [00:02:01] Is it sprinkled with a light dusting.

Jacquie [00:02:07] I think it is. It’s going to take a while to get to that beach. But so I tried a few other things and I discovered that by building my own business and doing the things that I really enjoy, that’s the easiest way to find other people who need some help like I do carry them along with me on my journey. And that’s sort of the way that I’ve gone into things.

Virginia [00:02:28] That’s cool. What do you like most about the work that you do?

Jacquie [00:02:35] Well, the I think the thing that I like the most, actually, about the business that I’m creating is getting to talk to all sorts of different people that I wouldn’t normally get to speak to. I’m learning so much about how other people live their lives, what their dreams are, what their hopes are for the future, and how they’re planning their life, how they’re going along the path, which is what I’m really in hoping to do.

Virginia [00:03:05] OK, so are there any techniques that you use that you wish clients knew more about?

Jacquie [00:03:13] The things that I teach and that I use with my timeless business are definitely things that I wish other people knew more about, just generally setting up processes that help them do their daily things, their daily tasks, faster and easier by basically automating them and setting them up so that they don’t have to think about it while they’re doing it. And I, I wish that people knew a little bit more or tried a little bit more to just remember to be themselves when they’re doing whatever it is they’re doing, because being authentic and being yourself is the best way to move ahead. I think.

Virginia [00:03:50] It’s interesting how when you’re not yourself. Other people notice.

Jacquie [00:03:57] Exactly, exactly, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try.

Jacquie [00:04:02] The fact that you’re trying is what shows through. You’ve really got to be yourself.

Virginia [00:04:08] Yes. Is it Dr. Seuss or something? I’ve got like no one can be you better than you or something. I don’t. I’m butchering it.

Jacquie [00:04:16] Yep, exactly.

Virginia [00:04:20] So who is an ideal client for you?

Jacquie [00:04:24] For me. Someone who is.

Jacquie [00:04:27] Thinking about retirement is probably the best person, and it doesn’t have to be someone who is close to retirement age, it’s just someone who is thinking about their future, thinking about what’s going to happen when they leave or stop doing whatever it is they’re doing, because they’re the ones that are that are showing that they’re ready to travel whatever road there is past retirement, which is why my my business is beyond retirement. It’s designed to help people realize that your life doesn’t end when you finish your job. It’s just starting. And who is wide open to experience isn’t to new thought patterns, to new ways of living their lives? That’s that’s what I’m looking for, someone who is just open to experiences.

Virginia [00:05:16] Oh, so do you see, you don’t focus on just the financial aspect then on the beyond retirement. Do you focus on like, because I notice sometimes when people are retired, they kind of lose a sense of purpose.

Jacquie [00:05:29] That’s it. Exactly. I focus as little as possible on the financial aspects of getting ready for retirement, because when I started my journey, all I could find on the Internet was stuff about financial planning and how to prepare for retirement so that you have enough money. But what I but I what I was looking for was all the other stuff. How am I going to how am I going to fill my days? What am I going to do, how old I am and what can I give back to everybody else now that I’ve finished the job part of my life? So that’s what I focus on, is how to how to build a new lifestyle, because you’re you know, you’ve gone through the school age part of your life. You’ve gone through the working part of your life, and now you’re on to the actual living part of your life. And it should be filled with all sorts of exciting things, not just sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Virginia [00:06:20] That is true. You are talking about that.

Virginia [00:06:22] All I could think of is like, oh, wow, I feel like that with a mom, has a mom is like, who am I? Where is my purpose? Not just wiping noses and stuff like that, but like anyway.

Jacquie [00:06:36] That’s it, you know.

Virginia [00:06:40] So how do your ideal clients generally find you?

Virginia [00:06:45] Are you do they find you on Facebook like how do you reach out and kind of get in front of them?

Jacquie [00:06:50] I use my podcast. I talk about all the different things that are going on with people outside the general nine to five world through my podcast, Beyond Retirement.

Jacquie [00:06:59] I also use my website, which is also beyond retirement and my face. I’ve got a Facebook group that’s kind of small right now, but people are starting to see it. And in that group, that’s where I start to.

Jacquie [00:07:14] Kind of teach people a little bit about what life can have and where you can go, so I guess it’s mostly word of mouth that people are finding me by.

Virginia [00:07:24] OK, which is the best referral, right?

Jacquie [00:07:28] Yes, yeah.

Virginia [00:07:31] So what are a couple the goals that you have for the next one to two years?

Jacquie [00:07:38] Well, my biggest goal is actually retiring from my nine to five job before I can actually say I am both feet firmly planted journey to freedom.

Jacquie [00:07:49] And other than that, my big goal is to. Get my business out into the mainstream where people are actually recognizing it and saying, you know, Jacquie is the one to go to if you’re looking for what to do in your third stage of life or, you know, looking for ways to fulfill yourself when you’re feeling lost.

Virginia [00:08:15] How do you feel about retirement? Are you excited or kind of nervous?

Jacquie [00:08:19] I am extremely excited. I tried retiring once already and it didn’t stick for a number of reasons. But yeah, I’m very excited. Every day I open up my computer and my screensaver is a hammock between two palm trees with a countdown of how many days are left.

Virginia [00:08:38] My dad knows how you feel.

Virginia [00:08:40] Yeah, my dad was retired and a various number of reasons he had to get out of retirement. And so I think he would he would enjoy that aspect. But I think he feels like he was when he was working. So I don’t know.

Jacquie [00:08:55] And that’s I think that’s the way it should be. But the difference is when you when you’re retired, when you’re past that point and you’re in the beyond retirement stage, you get out of bed in the morning excited because your day is wide open. You can do what you want to do. And that’s to me, the success of a life beyond retirement is waking up and being able to do exactly what you want to do with every minute of your day. If you decide you want to sit down and watch TV all day, great. It’s not the end of the day. That’s because you chose to do it.

Virginia [00:09:30] True. My dad also has a motivator. He lives on a farm and so he has livestock to take care of. So he has to get out of bed.

Jacquie [00:09:38] Oh yeah. Yeah. He doesn’t he’s not retired. He’s working hard. Right.

Virginia [00:09:46] So those goals that you’re wanting to achieve how with those change your business?

Jacquie [00:09:51] Well, retiring will definitely change my business because instead of being kind of a side hustle, part time thing that I am doing, I would be able to focus full time on the beyond retirement aspect of my life. And it would take on my full focus, meaning that I could start doing the things that are on my journey, which is international travel. I want to be a housesitter and an international pet sitter. So I can’t do that while I’m working full time. So my big what it will do is open up the world to me.

Virginia [00:10:27] That sounds so fun.

Virginia [00:10:31] Would you take your dog with you?

Jacquie [00:10:33] I’m really looking forward to it. I have a couple of hesitations with that.

Jacquie [00:10:38] No, I won’t take my dog with me. She’s 14 now, so she’s probably not going to be around too much longer anyway. I’ve got a couple of years to clean things up before my husband is willing to travel the world with me. So I think the dog and the cats will find something to do with them before we go.

Virginia [00:10:56] What do you feel is your biggest roadblock for helping you achieve?

Jacquie [00:11:02] Probably myself. I’m to be perfectly honest, I’m I’m hesitant to put myself out there and say, hey, come and talk to me if you want help on a lifestyle that needs no retirement. I’m still in the age where I don’t believe that.

Jacquie [00:11:21] I’m the expert, and it’s hard, the imposter syndrome is real for most people, I think, and that’s my biggest stumbling block, is just having the courage to put an offer out and. See what happens? Yeah.

Virginia [00:11:36] I totally understand.

Virginia [00:11:38] And it’s interesting how.

Virginia [00:11:43] Many of us, we get in the way of ourselves. So what’s working for you right now to attract more business?

Jacquie [00:11:54] What am I doing? Actually, I’ve just started working with a new platform that is designed to help. Draw in more leads and target appropriate segment of the population through so it does the social media aspect of my marketing for me, which is kind of nice, I’m also I’ve joined a bunch of different Facebook groups related to travel, to retirement, to that sort of thing, to get to know people.

Jacquie [00:12:22] So basically what I’m doing is just building up relationships, trying to get to know more people get.

Jacquie [00:12:29] Get a feel for what the need is from people who are in the age range that I’m looking at, the state of their journey, that I’m looking at, that sort of thing.

Virginia [00:12:39] Mm hmm. Kind of surveying your audience, right? Your target market.

Jacquie [00:12:45] Exactly. Finding out what they’re looking for, what they’re having trouble with, asking them questions about how they do things, that sort of stuff

Virginia [00:12:54] Which is great because. Because then, you know better, right, how to market to them and stuff like that

Jacquie [00:13:00] If I don’t know what they need or what they’re struggling with and I can’t help them fix it.

Virginia [00:13:05] Right. Amazing how that works.

Virginia [00:13:08] And we need to remember that the marketers.

Jacquie [00:13:12] And that’s the whole point behind it. Exactly.

Jacquie [00:13:15] And that’s the whole point of it is I mean, you can’t go out and say, here, buy this. You need to go out and say, what’s your problem? How can I help you?

Virginia [00:13:25] Yes, and even if they do need to b, you have to market to them because they think they need a so you have to like market to them where they, you know, like still.

Virginia [00:13:37] Achieving both,

Jacquie [00:13:40] Yep.

Jacquie [00:13:42] Show them what they really want to see and then teach them or sell them what they really need.

Virginia [00:13:47] Right?

Jacquie [00:13:49] Yeah.

Virginia [00:13:51] What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Jacquie [00:13:56] It’s a pretty straightforward you’re going to suck at the beginning, do it anyway.

Virginia [00:14:02] Right?

Jacquie [00:14:03] And that it fits in every aspect of my life. It doesn’t matter what it is that I’m trying to do. I know it’s not going to be perfect, but you got to start somewhere. So just forget that you’re going to suck and start.

Virginia [00:14:18] And when they say practice makes perfect, right?

Jacquie [00:14:21] Exactly. Exactly. And if you’re not stumbling and failing and doing things the hard way a few times, then you’re not really learning. You’re not going to progress. You’re not going to grow other. You’re just staying in your comfort zone and nothing happens there.

Virginia [00:14:39] Yeah. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given?

Jacquie [00:14:46] Listen to your mom.

Virginia [00:14:50] is that from your side, like you’re telling your children that or you’re telling…

Jacquie [00:14:59] And me telling my kids now, I think I think the. That’s hard, it’s hard to say, but I think I think the best advice that I’ve ever given someone is to trust their gut, because generally speaking, if we if you think about it, you know what the right course of action is in whatever it is you’re doing.

Jacquie [00:15:23] And you’ve got to be willing to accept that you do know and just go with whatever that gut feeling is.

Virginia [00:15:31] Sometimes its our brain gets in the way, then we try to rationalize them.

Jacquie [00:15:36] Yep. And it’s hard. I mean, because quite often your gut response isn’t the popular response, and it’s it’s hard to keep going if you’re doing if you think you’re going to be doing something that is unpopular with the people or with whatever the situation is. But sometimes you have to.

Virginia [00:15:54] Yeah, so true.

Jacquie [00:15:56] So I guess I guess it’s be true to yourself.

Jacquie [00:16:00] Is, is part of that like go with your gut and believe in yourself and follow the follow the right path to what’s right. I guess it boils down to something that I was told a long time ago, and I know it’s not it’s not real deep or anything, but it’s do the right thing even when nobody’s watching. That’s that’s what it boils down to.

Virginia [00:16:18] Yes. It’s kind of like like who are you behind closed doors? Like, are you still nice to your cat or to other people or.

Jacquie [00:16:27] Exactly.

Jacquie [00:16:30] And that goes back to what we were talking about, people being real or or trying to be somebody they’re not ended up. It all comes back and it all shows up.

Virginia [00:16:39] Yes, I’ll get you one way or another.

Jacquie [00:16:43] exactly and in business, it’s true, I mean, people people know people can see it and and people who aren’t true and authentic aren’t going to succeed for very long.

Virginia [00:16:53] Hard game to always be true to you and your theory about it.

Jacquie [00:16:57] Exactly how so many fewer stories you have to remember that you’ve told you just tell the truth all the time.

Virginia [00:17:07] yeah then you just have to remember the true ones.

Jacquie [00:17:09] Exactly.

Virginia [00:17:11] Is there anything that you wanted to share with us that I haven’t asked you?

Jacquie [00:17:15] I don’t think so. I think the biggest thing for for me in terms of. Being an entrepreneur and getting your getting your business going and being successful is what we were just talking himself and just. Keep in mind, keep in the back of your mind all the time that it’s going to work out because. Going down the right path is always the right way to go. It may take some time and don’t give up because the next step might be the one you’re waiting for.

Virginia [00:17:50] You never know how close you are to that pivotal moment. Thank you so much, Jacquie, for being with us today.

Jacquie [00:17:58] I’ve really enjoyed it, Virginia, thanks so much for having me. It was great to talk to you.

Virginia [00:18:03] Could you tell us how people can find out more about you and what you do like that?

Jacquie [00:18:09] Probably the easiest way is to go to my website. It’s beyond retirement.ca  Or they could find me on Facebook, Jacquie Doucette, Twitter and Instagram. I don’t use Twitter and Instagram quite so much, but I’m there. Instagram is beyond retirement. LinkedIn is beyond retirement, and Twitter is Jac Doucette.

Virginia [00:18:32] Awesome. Thank you again. And we’ll keep in touch.

Jacquie [00:18:39] Thanks very much. Virginia is great.

Virginia [00:18:41] Have a great day.

Jacquie [00:18:43] Thanks. You too.

Virginia [00:18:44] Thanks.

Virginia [00:18:53] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some, leave through a review and I’ll get you on the next episode.


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