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Today I’m talking with Theresa Fallow about how she helps people make a massive impact on their energy levels.
Theresa has over twenty-five years of experience in health care, combined with advanced, functional, and integrative medicine training.
She helps people to start making different choices that have a massive impact on their energy levels and on their overall quality of health.

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About The Guest

Theresa has over twenty-five years of experience in health care, combined with advanced, functional, and integrative medicine training.

She helps people to start making different choices that have a massive impact on their energy levels and on their overall quality of health.


Episode Transcript

Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. Where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. 

Virginia [00:00:09] Hi, everyone, today I’m talking with Theresa Fallow about how she helps people make a massive impact on their energy levels. Theresa has over twenty five years of experience in health care, combined with advanced, functional and integrative medicine training. She helps people to start making different choices that have a massive impact on their energy levels and on their overall quality of health. Welcome, Theresa. 

Theresa [00:00:32] Hi. Thank you so much for having me. 

Virginia [00:00:35] You’re welcome. I’m excited that you’re here with us today. 

Theresa [00:00:38] Me too. This is going to be fun. 

Virginia [00:00:40] Oh, yeah. So what inspired you on this journey? 

Theresa [00:00:47] Well, a lot of people that get into anything with integrative or functional medicine were sick themselves. What happened with me, I was really, really sick. And the later part of my 20s, early 30s, and when I was thirty five, a specialist encouraged me to file for disability. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I completely support that choice for people, but I was too stubborn to give up. 

Theresa [00:01:10] So I started doing my own research and figured out that I could change the way I felt and make my symptoms go away by making some lifestyle changes. So I started doing a lot of research around that and that’s how it all started. 

Virginia [00:01:26] What do you like most about the work that you do? 

Theresa [00:01:30] I love helping people that we’re told that there’s nothing further that can be done for them. A lot of my clients have gone through the traditional health care system. We’re told basically that it’s all in their head or there’s nothing left that can be done or just take this medication for the rest of your life and hopefully it will give you the results that you’re looking for. I love to help those people regain control over their life, over their health, and then feel better than they ever thought that they could feel. That’s my favorite part, is when people are like, oh, my gosh, I didn’t know I could feel this good. 

Virginia [00:02:05] That would be really. Satisfying, like, really rewarding. 

Theresa [00:02:10] Yeah, it is very satisfying. 

[00:02:14] So with the work that you do, does it might solve the issue or is it more kind of mask like some of the traditional medicine or typical medicine? 

Theresa [00:02:24] No, I am all about root cause versus symptom management. I actually just recorded an entire segment about that in the 60 day challenge that I’m running. 

Theresa [00:02:34] I don’t believe in putting a Band-Aid on things. I think that we should really work to figure out why you feel the way that you feel. The good news is that almost everybody needs the same foundational changes in their life. So that’s kind of what I teach on a broad basis, like in groups are the just the foundational principles that everybody gets success with. And then I can help people that are still having issues really dig down deep and see what their specific root causes are. 

Virginia [00:03:03] Cool, What are some common mistakes that you see some of your clients making. 

Theresa [00:03:11] Yeah, everybody seems to think. 

Theresa [00:03:15] The same sorts of things around water intake and sleep quality, those are the two biggies. When I was a nurse in the emergency room, I discovered that a lot of the patients that would come in really just needed IV fluids to feel better. It seemed to fix everything. And then I realized that that’s because we don’t drink water. We think that liquids that we’re consuming are the same as water and that couldn’t be further from the truth. So water intake and adequate amount of water intake and then quality hours of sleep seemed to be where people struggle the most. And then when we fix those things, we also work on making sure that your bowels are moving the right way and that you’re not burning through all of your energy. And the whole energy thing is a huge mistake that people make. 

Virginia [00:04:09] I know the water intake, I feel it. If I don’t have enough. That would be especially days when I go to town. 

Virginia [00:04:22] It’s an interesting fact, like I heard, that if you have one, let’s say one can of pop, it’ll take forty seven same sized cans of water to compensate that one can of soft drink. 

Theresa [00:04:34] I haven’t heard that. But I do tell people that they need an equal amount of water to counteract their caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, just to be back to net zero again. So your 12 ounces of coffee, you need at least 12 ounces of water just to be back at zero. That doesn’t count towards that half your body weight and ounces of water that you need if you’re just sitting still, if you are active and you’re working, sweating, that sort of thing, you need more water. 

Virginia [00:05:04] So it’s that kind of. The technique with the water and the sleep, they kind of feel that you wish people knew more about. 

Theresa [00:05:14] Yeah, I mean, I wish that people would stop treating their symptoms with pills just so that they can kind of get back in the game and keep going, I wish that we would slow down and figure out why we have the symptoms in the first place. I mean, that’s a huge piece of it. 

Theresa [00:05:29] But if you’re not drinking water and you’re not sleeping, and then I’ll throw in if your bowels are not moving on a daily basis, then it really doesn’t matter what supplements you throw at something. It’s not going to work. It’s a Band-Aid. And I’m not interested in bandaids. I want to help people actually get better. 

Virginia [00:05:46] Which is very noble. 

Theresa [00:05:53] Well, I just I know I know how good you can feel, and I’m very passionate about the belief I have that we all have a unique purpose and a unique set of skills that we’re supposed to go out and make the world a better place with. 

Theresa [00:06:08] And you can’t do that if you feel terrible. You really need to have enough energy and get up and go to get through your day. 

Theresa [00:06:16] So you have something left over to help people with. 

Virginia [00:06:19] Who would be an ideal client for you. 

Theresa [00:06:25] Because what I teach is Bible based, I generally Christian women are attracted to me, I’ll work with anyone that wants help, but Christian women tend to relate the best to the way I teach. So I work with Christian women that are motivated to make change because if you’re not motivated, I can’t help you. The things that I have to offer our lifestyle related. So you have to change your lifestyle. But generally women that are about thirty five to 70 actually seem to get the best results out of what I have to teach. 

Virginia [00:06:59] How do they specifically find you like how do you typically get in front of them? 

Theresa [00:07:04] I developed a 12 week course that I’m working to get online right now, but I have taught that course in person on Wednesday nights, once a week for 12 weeks. 

Theresa [00:07:14] I’ve taught that once in the fall and once in the spring at my church, and through teaching it live, people have realized that I’m kind of the go to person for anything natural health, natural wellness or people that are running into brick walls, going through the traditional medical system. So partly I find people, because I showed up and taught live with no expectations of anything in return. But I’ve also purposely presented myself as the authority on those things. So any time there’s a conversation where something comes up, I say, well, you know, I could help you with that. You know, I helped so and so that, you know, with that problem and they got this got this result. It’s that sort of positioning, I think that’s made the biggest difference for me, because I get a lot of my clients through word of mouth. Now, I will at some point start the whole Facebook ad process and all of that. But I’ve really just been working with people in person. Even with covid, I’ve had an opportunity to meet with people kind of one on one to answer their questions and let them know how I could help them. 

Theresa [00:08:22] Does that answer your question. 

Virginia [00:08:24] Yes, you did. Do you have any big goals that you’re looking for over the next 1-2 years? 

Theresa [00:08:32] Yes, I have a 60 day challenge. 

Theresa [00:08:36] That’s a no fluff, all actionable kind of meat and potatoes content that I’m getting ready to launch on January 1st. I’m really excited about it because it’s something that can be consumed and acted on in about 15 minutes a day over a period of 60 days. And then if people participate every day for 60 days, they’re going to get half of their investment back and supplement credit. 

Theresa [00:09:00] I’m really excited because that’ll give people a reason to really get in there and get through the content. So I’m going to launch that January 1st. 

Theresa [00:09:09] I’m calling it a 60 day challenge because it’ll be a challenge to get in there and consume it and do everything in 60 days. And then I’m going to roll right into my membership program, which is something I’ve been working on for about a year, and I’m really excited about that. So that’ll launch March 1st. 

Virginia [00:09:25] That’s cool. How will those goals? 

Theresa [00:09:30] Well, I’m still working full time as a hospice nurse and I would like to not be doing that anymore. 

Theresa [00:09:37] So once I have the challenge launched and the membership program launched, then that should replace my income enough to where I can really just focus on my business, which is what I feel like I’ve been called to do. So I’m really excited about the financial implications of that, but I’m more excited at the number of people that I’ll be able to help reach their own health goals. I really get very excited every time somebody is like, oh my goodness, I didn’t know I could feel this good. 

Virginia [00:10:08] Thats awesome. Do you think there’s any roadblocks or what do you think the number one roadblock would be that might be holding you back from your goal? 

Theresa [00:10:18] Figuring out how to get started was tough. Is tough, was tough. I think part of that is the mental. 

Theresa [00:10:26] Do I really want to put myself out there, like the vulnerability that comes with launching your stuff? But I think that the tech can be confusing and overwhelming. And I mean, in the very beginning, I didn’t even know what I was supposed to Google to figure out how to get started. So it’s just been a process of learning and figuring out who I am, what I wanted to do, who I want to serve, and then what technology I need to put all of that on. I think that’s been my biggest roadblock. If you would have asked me this before I got started, I would have told you it would be finding people that wanted my stuff. But that just hasn’t been true. It’s really just been how do I want to present this and then building a business that would be sustainable long time, long term. I didn’t want to build something that exploded or that I didn’t like that I couldn’t keep up with or didn’t want to keep up with. 

Theresa [00:11:16] It’s been kind of like a journey of self discovery, I guess. 

Virginia [00:11:20] And look how much you’ve grown. 

Theresa [00:11:22] So much. I can design a website, I can put together a funnel. 

Theresa [00:11:26] I know all this technology terms. I have grown so much and then I’ve grown as a person a lot to I’m much more secure about who I am and what I’m about. 

Virginia [00:11:37] What is the Best advice you’ve ever received. 

Theresa [00:11:40] That life is really a daily adventure and not a destination. 

Theresa [00:11:45] I think that in my younger years I was always chasing this finish line that doesn’t exist and that isn’t really the way it works. It’s really something that you pursue daily. 

Virginia [00:11:57] I like that because so many times it’s like, oh, well, when I get that raise or when my kids get older or when I get the house or when I get something out, then I know that. 

Theresa [00:12:09] I’ll be happy when it’s a dangerous, dangerous place to be. 

Virginia [00:12:14] Yeah, I’ll be happy right now. Now I’ll be happy. 

Theresa [00:12:18] If you can learn to be happy now with what you have, then you’ll be given more. Know you’ve got to be a good steward of what you currently have before you can be expected to be responsible for more. We teach our kids that right. It’s the same for us. 

Virginia [00:12:34] Yeah. What’s the best advice you have ever given? 

Theresa [00:12:40] It’s along the same lines that your health also is not an end game, it’s something that you have to pursue on a daily basis, and you’re never going to arrive at this unrealistic set of expectations. It’s really just a series of daily choices that you make every day. And those choices compound on top of each other. And then that’s the quality of your health that you can expect. How good of you taking care of yourself? It’s something that you choose every day. 

Virginia [00:13:09] I like that, like, how can I expect to run a marathon if I’ve just been hanging out on the couch all the time? 

Theresa [00:13:16] Well, how can I expect to be healthy if every day I go through a drive through? It doesn’t it’s not all about food, I think in our culture, we want to make it all about food, especially the food you shouldn’t eat, and that’s not true either. 

Theresa [00:13:31] There are so many more things that go into health than just what you shouldn’t eat. It’s really more about what you should eat. And like we said, water and sleep. And there’s all of these different facets and you can’t just get there. And one day you have to every day be working towards whatever your health goal is. And we all have different health goals. 

Virginia [00:13:50] And I think it also is multifaceted in a sense that it’s not just, let’s say physical, but it’s mental, emotional, spiritual, all of those combined. 

Theresa [00:14:01] Well, and it’s also I alluded to this concept of this energy tank. It’s also what you say yes. To and how you expend your energy. 

Theresa [00:14:11] One of the problems I find, especially with young women that are mothers and work, is that we wake up out of bed every day and we start running like our hair is on fire until we fall back into bed at night while you burn through all of your energy. But you keep going once. You should have stopped. And that’s how you burn out your adrenal glands and run into like long term serious problems. But that’s what we do. We think we’re supposed to do all of the things all of the time, and you can’t do that either. 

Theresa [00:14:41] So it’s it’s the physical. It’s the emotional. It’s the spiritual. And it’s also taking good care of yourself and learning what to say no to. 

Theresa [00:14:49] And we are not good at that. 

Virginia [00:14:52] Or want to let go of my floors need swept, but I’m going to go to bed. 

Theresa [00:14:59] One of the best pieces of advice my mother ever gave me about that is that your children are never going to remember how clean your floors were. Never. That’s like a set of expectations that we put on ourselves that nobody actually cares about, just us. 

Virginia [00:15:16] So true. Where would you like to fall or is there anything that you would like to share that I haven’t asked? 

Theresa [00:15:26] Yeah, the holidays are coming up, which often leads to a lot of extra stress and this year has been stressful enough already. We do not need extra stress. I encourage people to take just a little bit of time for themselves. And when people used to tell me that I would roll my eyes and sigh and think, oh, my goodness, are you kidding me? But taking a little bit of time for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes locked in the bathroom, is it’s an amazing thing to do for yourself. 

Theresa [00:15:57] It can give you an extra boost. You need to get through your day. It can give you a chance to recentre to breathe just find, 10 minutes that you can spend just on you to try and help the stress as you go into the holidays. 

Virginia [00:16:12] I like that advice and then to carry on through the holidays. 

Theresa [00:16:17] Absolutely. 

Virginia [00:16:19] I like that. Thank you so much for joining us today. 

Theresa [00:16:23] Oh, you’re welcome. 

Virginia [00:16:25] How can people find out more about you and why you do? 

Theresa [00:16:28] They can head over to my website, which is empower and flourish dot com or email me directly at Charissa, which is t h e r e s a at Empower and dot com. 

Virginia [00:16:44] Awesome. 

Virginia [00:16:45] Well, thanks again and have a great day. 

Theresa [00:16:48] Awesome, thank you so much. I appreciate you. 

Virginia [00:16:52] Bye. 

Theresa [00:16:53] Bye. 

Virginia [00:16:59] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some love through a review and I’ll get you on the next episode. 


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