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Everything just clicks when you hire Click Branding and Julia Slike! Her story of helping business owners create dynamic branding campaigns evolved from our love of design and her business partner’s love of photography. They realized as a team they could redefine how they helped clients achieve their goals.

Julia has an Instagram course + and the ability to provide design and photography services to help them create resources for business owners who want to uplevel their brand.

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Julia is a co-founder of Click Branding, her Bespoke Brand Agency, and a co-host of Launching Simplified podcast, and also a newly licensed cosmetologist and host of hair-obsessed podcast.

Julia Slike




Episode Transcript

Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. Where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online, hi everyone could talk about how she helps businesses with all things branding and marketing.

Virginia [00:00:16] Julia is a co-founder of Click Branding, her Bespoke Brand Agency, and a co-host of Launching Simplified podcast and also a newly licensed cosmetologist and host of hair-obsessed podcast. Welcome Julia.


Julia [00:00:29] Hi, Virginia. Thank you so much. I’m happy to be here with you today.


Virginia [00:00:33] I am excited to have you here.  Could you talk a little about your entrepreneurial journey and how you are where you are today?


Julia [00:00:42] Well, I don’t know if we have enough time for that. I have been an entrepreneur or 20 years now.


Julia [00:00:48] It’s kind of blows my own mind. I started background, graphic design. That’s what my four year degree is in. And I was getting married in two thousand and I couldn’t find wedding invitations that I like. So I designed at the prompting of my own boss who said, why don’t you design your own invitations and print them at work? So I did that. And then friends and family started to ask me if I would make invitations for them. And that ended up turning into a five year freelance career that I did in tandem with a full time graphic design job. And when I was pregnant with my daughter, who’s almost 15, I always joked around with my boss and I said, if I can bring my baby to work, we’re not going to have a problem. They were like, no, you can’t do that. So at that point when I was pregnant with her, I had built up my freelance business enough to go full time on my own as a designer. And then I did that for 10 years, got involved with another company that I just wanted, like a side hustle. So, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs kind of do like multiple things. And I had fell in love with this company that was all about helping you get organize and bags and purses and things like that. And it was competing with my design business.


Julia [00:01:57] So at one point I was like, sit at my computer and design more alone by myself or like how people shop and drink wine and get paid.


Julia [00:02:06] And I was like, I think I’ll do that. So I actually, after 10 years in business, my own, I closed my local design studio and then I went full time 10 years with my direct sales business, which is where I fell in love with coaching and mentoring other women and mostly moms like myself who wanted to have a flexible career, that they could bring income into their household and still be there for their kids and going to all their events and playing a taxi driver. And and so that was growing and that was growing. And then it kind of ebbed. Right. Like there’s like an ebb and flow to our to our businesses. And so I started looking at alternatives and I realized after getting some life coaching myself that, wow, like life coaching is like a thing and people get paid for that. So I learned everything I could about becoming a life coach and building an online business. And fast forward to what, twenty, twenty one. I have been online now for seven years, which seems crazy.


Julia [00:03:03] It seems like I feel like it’s like cat yours or dog years or something when you’re online. It’s like a time warp, right. Yeah. So here I am.


Julia [00:03:13] And now I just want to collapse that timeline for other entrepreneurs who have multiple passionate, doing different things, finding their passion, creating their own income, fitting their business into their life and not their life into their business, making that an easier process for them. So that’s that’s what I do now. And that’s why we have the consulting agency and the done for you branding and marketing, as well as the classes that we teach.


Virginia [00:03:36] Cool for certain aspects that you like most of about what your doing?


Julia [00:03:42] Well, somebody had asked this in a Facebook group. What’s what’s the thing you like most about your about your business? And I would have to say, number one, it’s my clients. And on that note, too, like, what a success to me and my business. And it’s not my success. It’s when my clients have success. So we were consulting with a client this morning and she had said, you know, if I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found you, like finding you was just simplify this process.


Julia [00:04:11] I wouldn’t know what questions to ask. I wouldn’t know where to begin. We were inside her software and setting up her funnels and all that stuff. And so that feels like really good to me, that somebody has a great service, a great product. They want to help people. But they didn’t know how to do that until we’ve kind of consulted with them and plugged all the pieces and gave them like the foundation in the past to do that. And as we’re setting it up, she’s like, wow, I can just see how I can add this here and add is here. And I have so many different things that you’re helping me create this one digital product to sell. But I have so many other things that I can plug into this platform and other things that I can bring to my audience. And that really excites me.


Virginia [00:04:50] On that note is there anything you wish your clients new more about what common mistakes are they making?


Virginia [00:04:59] Well, I think a big mistake that we all make, and I know I’ve made it myself, is maybe too many courses and too many sources and not kind of stepping back and realizing that you are the expert of you and your business and you’re a lot smarter than you probably give yourself credit for. You don’t always have to go. Now, if it’s something technical and you really don’t know how to set it up, you might need some advice on how to do that. But as far as like launch strategies and pricing and what to name things and how to facilitate things and how to go get clients, we find that so many of our students, the clients are like doing all the things, but not in a strategic way because they think they have to do it in a certain order. Somebody maybe told them to do it this way and then it might not be a way that’s actually in alignment or feels good to them. So they kind of get stuck in, like trying to do it the right way, but it’s not working because it’s not really their way. And so a lot of times I’ll just say to people, just forget everything that you’ve ever learned. Like if you didn’t have that last coat, that last course, like, what would you do? How would you think about this and go from there? Because it’s great to take it all in and make educated decisions and move forward. But if it’s keeping you stuck and you’re getting nowhere fast, that’s not helping. And sometimes we just need to, like, take a step back and listen to our own ideas and what feels right for us. Because I say it all works. Everything works out, different things work for different people. And as entrepreneurs, we have to find what works for our business and our customers and our clients and just do more of that thing.


Virginia [00:06:35] So true when other clients have so much knowledge but was totally getting on her way of making decisions and moving forward.


Julia [00:06:42] And moving forward and making decisions like it’s hard to do.


Julia [00:06:45] And that’s the great thing about having a coach or consultant to do that with you. I even was like kind of at a crossroads of the sticky situation and a decision I had to make. And my business partner, Kirstyn, she kind of like talked me off a ledge and helped solidify my decision. But it’s hard to make those decisions by yourself.


Julia [00:07:03] Right. You need that outside perspective.


Virginia [00:07:07] So who’s an ideal client for you?


Julia [00:07:09] So our ideal clients would be somebody who’s definitely we love to help people who love to help people. They’re usually creative, multi passionate. They’ve got so many ideas that they don’t know which one to to kind of take and run with and get them focused on really the results that they help people get. For instance, we have a client we’ve worked with for a couple of years and we finally did her website. And so she had more or less articulate exactly who she helped and how to help them. And so we did what we call a launch party and we did a YouTube video and we put it out there. But we interviewed her and we revealed her website. But she was actually explaining it in her own words. My business partner and I were like, we need her services.


Julia [00:07:55] We had known her for over two years and we didn’t. We were always like, what exactly does Susanne do?


Julia [00:08:01] Like, because she did so many different things. But when we got her on the spot and she could use in her own words and talk about what she did, for instance, this health coaching that she was a woman in her 50s, tried everything, couldn’t lose weight, lost several pounds and a little bit of time. And the way she described it, we were like, that’s us. We need this. My business partner and I hired her to help us. We enrolled in her program and my partner and I both lost like 50 pounds in like two and a half months.


Julia [00:08:29] It was crazy.


Julia [00:08:30] And we were like thinking we had known her all this time, but we never knew what she did because she didn’t explain it in a simple way, like, here’s my story and here’s how I help myself. And then we’re like, oh, she can help us. And she did. I think it’s really important just to be able to really articulate who you help and how you help them so that somebody can say, yes, I need that, or they can think in their head, oh, I know somebody that needs that. It’s sometimes it’s hard to get clear on that. So our audience is definitely people that are multi passionate. They’ve probably had a business offline that they’re trying to turn into a online service. They do like to do it themselves. But I always say, like, I am a trained graphic designer, you know, it’s OK for me to play in Canada. That’s what my that’s like one of my superpowers. But if that’s not your superpower, your superpower, like going out and helping people like you don’t need to play graphic designer in your business and do those things, like let somebody else play in their superpower while you go play in your superpower, like like just just empower everybody to stay in their zone of genius. You don’t have to do every little thing for your business.


Virginia [00:09:36] So true, so how does your ideal client find you? Like, what do you do to go out in front of them?


Julia [00:09:45] You know what? I’ve been thinking about this because, you know, a lot of our clients will say, you know, is this something? I turn into a Facebook ad and I’ve done Facebook ads a long, long time ago, not so strategically when I did. And now we haven’t done any paid traffic in the last two years that we formed our partnership because we’re all about the relationship that we would we’re building our business slow and steady. So a lot of times the clients that we do get become repeat clients or they they do stay with us. We we make it accessible and affordable to continue working with us. So we just pretty much build relationships with people that we meet in Facebook groups or it’s almost random, but not random at the same time, how we connect with people or now there’s a clubhouse. So a lot of times we look back at like how did we get like our dreamy, dreamy clients? Some of them is through podcasting and building a relationship there with that person. And most of the time we’ll just say to someone, hey, we want to we want to hop on Zoom and help you. And so they’re either. Yes, and they jump on the call and then we’re like, we give them some tips and we’re like, this is how we could continue to help you. And they’re like, I want to do it. Or, you know, like this is helpful and they go on their merry way. But we really don’t do social media. We actually just want to get to know and help people. And there’s also been time for people are like, no, like I’m not ready to invest. I don’t need to get on a call. And I’m like.


Julia [00:11:09] Oh, have you been on those calls where somebody pretends they want to help you and then they just try to sell you something and they’re like, yeah, I was like, no, no, that’s that’s not what we do. We actually just want to get to know you and help you. And they’re like, oh, OK. So that’s what that’s what we suggest to our clients.


Julia [00:11:24] That’s been what’s working for us to get our dreamy clients is just somebody has a problem and you have a solution. We’re just like, hey, you want to hop on Zoom? We can show you how we do in our business, how we think we could help you in your business. And that’s been working so far.


Virginia [00:11:38] Awesome, that’s cool. And it’s interesting how it makes a difference when you put that gender in helping others first.


Julia [00:11:47] Yeah, we have zero attachment to the outcome. Like, we’re just I mean, we literally wake up every day to serve. And I think I mean, some people maybe are driven by the money. There’s a lot of things you could do for money. And I wouldn’t advise being like an online business owner if like like a heart centered person that’s of service. If you want to just do it for making money, because it does take time to build up that momentum and build up that baseline to pay yourself a salary. Yeah, I mean, we just come from a place of just wanting to serve and make things easier for people than they were for us. It doesn’t have to take seven years to figure out.


Virginia [00:12:25] So what are a couple of big goals or a big goal that you have for the next one or two years?


Julia [00:12:33] Well, so our our our number one big goal right now is to continue with being consistent with our own podcasting and recording and getting those episodes out there and building relationships.


Julia [00:12:46] And then we want to help at least one hundred other entrepreneurs this year we’ve launched.


Julia [00:12:54] Twenty in December, and then we have ten students this month, so when I launched my podcast, I was so inspired about how long I had dragged my feet, literally five years I had bought. And of course, it was very overwhelming and confusing. And I thought I had to do all these things and do them just right. Right. This is I was like my own worst student, and so I didn’t. And then one day I made a decision and I said, I’m going to do this thing. And it was my last day of beauty school. And I wanted to record it on my last day of beauty school because that was the whole inspiration of my podcasts. And so I hit record on my phone and it was super simple.


Julia [00:13:31] And I got out of the car and I went I said to my business partner, Oh, my gosh, I just had a podcast, baby.


Julia [00:13:35] And she goes, I have a podcast baby.


Julia [00:13:38] And I was like, we need to teach people this. It’s so simple. And she’s like, what do I need to do?


Julia [00:13:43] And I was like, so I kind of kept her on a need to know basis. And she launched her first episode. And then we’re going to teach this to people. She says, like, are we going to like this? What are we going to do? I said, I’m going to make an application right now. So within one week we had one hundred applications come in all organic and then accepted twenty students into the first round and they all launched their podcast. Maybe it was really exciting. So we it was something that we never sat down and planned. You had said what are your plans for the next one or two years?


Julia [00:14:12] Now that is a plan because we think if you are an entrepreneur, there’s no better platform than using your voice and connecting and sharing it with other people in a place that’s searchable and lives kind of forever, unlike social media posts that get buried. So if you’re stuck spinning your wheels and you don’t know what to post on social media or what content to do or this or that, it’s like just start talking to yourself, talk to somebody, have your podcast, get your message and your mission out there. And so that’s what we’re super passionate about doing, is getting one hundred people one hundred new podcasts out there for us. It’s not about the money. Obviously, it’s a business that we want to make money, but we never lead with the like. How to make six figures and six months are we will you know, the money our business makes will be a byproduct of the amount of people we help so we always lead with. We have twenty people on our podcast. We helped ten people launch a podcast. We helped one hundred people launch a podcast. The money that was attached to that, it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, our whole mission is to help other people share their mission. So we look at like the number of people that we’re helping. And same thing with our with our clients. Like we don’t I mean, obviously we want them to make money.


Julia [00:15:17] And we come from a very, very conscious, driven, making smart business decisions. But at the end of day, we’re not concerned with how much money are you making? We’re concerned with how many people are you impacting? How fulfilling is your business to you? How is it working for you and your family? So that’s how we measure success, is the amount of people that you’re helping and how fulfilled are you filling with your business? Because there’s there’s no point having a business that doesn’t fulfill you that’s called a job and you can go get one of them.


Virginia [00:15:45] So on that note, though, how would your goal affect your business? Told you before.


Julia [00:15:53] Yeah, well, if we focus on the number of people that we want to help, the the money is just like a byproduct of that. So every person obviously comes with a price tag, which sounds like awful because people aren’t always like I don’t see them as dollar signs. I see them as like a heart beating inside them that have this mission that they want to share.


Julia [00:16:11] So, yeah, if we have one hundred students and then we can one hundred students in here, it could be one hundred students in a month, it could be one hundred students in two weeks. And that’s like a scalable business model for us. So it’ll definitely affect our bottom line. And we do like to keep our programs affordable and we do like to do free coaching when we can. So if we if the business is making enough revenue to do that, I find that as I’ve been in this space for a while, there’s kind of like two camps. It’s the people that are like the charge, what you’re worth if you don’t have the money. I don’t have the time. And they charge a lot, a lot of money to work with you. And then they get to a certain point in their business where the money is so overflowing and abundant that then they release lower price point things and do more things of service to the people that can’t afford like the higher end pricing. So it’s very interesting. So, yes, I’m looking forward to getting the point in our business where the steady income, large steady income is always rolling in. That gives you the opportunity to release that financial pressure and just go and do things that aren’t attached to the revenue goals for the business.


Virginia [00:17:26] Do you think there is a roadblock for stopping you guys from kind of reaching out for serving one hundred people.


Julia [00:17:34] No, I mean, I think other than getting distracted of wanting to do like, this thing in that thing, because I did tell my business partner, I said, OK, we’re on to something. This is really helping people. We’re excited about it. It’s a fun project. I was like, don’t let me create any more courses this year. So it’s just.


Julia [00:17:53] Trying to stay focused and, you know, getting really good at that one thing I think I did say, you know, if our goal is to turn it into a nine ninety seven program, it’s still as hands on with us. We were no hands off with what we do. One hundred people at nine ninety seven would be one hundred thousand dollars. And that’s a pretty nice benchmark in in our business. So I would say to her, you know, until we make one hundred thousand dollars from this program and help one hundred people, we can’t we can’t divert our focus like we have to stay focused on this and then we can go to the next thing and automate that process.


Virginia [00:18:34] You need blinders.  So with the, some success you have achieved so far. What do you think the challenge now? Is it just the blinders or that always the times?


Julia [00:18:52] Well, I think when you’re it depends like where you’re at in your like in your pricing, because you have to get the more you serve, like the more confident you get with the services that you offer. Like I have we have clients that will say, you know, they’ll want to charge like three thousand dollars for a package, but they haven’t sold it to anybody yet. So we’re like, maybe you should sell it for a smaller like, don’t make a three like like I want to have ten people my group program and have it three thousand dollars and I’ll be a thirty thousand dollar lunch. And we’re like, why don’t you go like help one person for a thousand dollars first before you try to do this, this big thing.


Julia [00:19:28] And I think we kind of get this like shoot, shoot for the moon, fall in the stars like mentality. But really, like, I think it’s better to kind of like a send your way up there because every notch in that staircase, it gives you more like confidence in the products and the services that you offer. For instance, we delivered a proposal and it was a very significant proposal that I would have never, even in the last couple of months been confident to propose until I had been really immersed in this work and knowing the value that we provide. So when I did give this proposal with a number that I’ve never given before, I actually said to her, I hope you’re sitting down because you’re going to fall off your chair when you see this.


Julia [00:20:09] And then I also said, and I don’t even know if I’m charging enough for the amount of work that we’re going to do based on this proposal. But it was so nice for me to go in there with that confidence. But I only I didn’t, like, fake it till I make it right. Like, I didn’t go in with this proposal, like, I, like, worked my way up to that. So then when I did get to that, find that dream client and I had that proposal that I had the confidence and the portfolio to back it up.


Virginia [00:20:37] A good way to get the validation clear of your product and stuff.


Virginia [00:20:42] I’m going to change it up a little bit on your OK. What what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?


Julia [00:20:49] Well, let’s see. The best advice I’ve received. Gosh, I’ve received so many different things. I think one of the things I really like was from my from my coach Marou, and she had an attitude of more like I wonder, instead of like being really tied to the outcome, have more of a curious I wonder how this is going to end up. I wonder what’s next after this. I wonder what lessons I’m going to learn for this. And they’ll have more of a curiosity about your business and like being open to the possibility of the things that are going to unfold as opposed to thinking they need to be a certain way. You know, if you’re like, my business isn’t going like I didn’t have my ten thousand dollars a month or whatever my goal was, you know, I didn’t feel my program with a hundred people like I thought. And not just to dwell on that, but think like, oh, I wonder if I there’s going to be a different program or I I wonder if somebody this is making room for something else to come in. That’s more of an alignment.


Julia [00:21:42] So just having that, I wonder if you like what you think things should be with. Like I wonder.


Julia [00:21:48] It’s like a game changer.


Virginia [00:21:49] What’s the best advice you have ever given?


Julia [00:21:56] Well that’s easy. I love this one. I give it all the time in my classes. It’s number one. I so I’d say there’s two rules. Number one, you are the boss of your business. And number two, there are no rules.


Virginia [00:22:10] Right.


Julia [00:22:12] And there are no rules. So like do what you want your business. You can do whatever you want.


Virginia [00:22:17] Freedom. Is there anything that you want to share that I haven’t asked you yet?


Julia [00:22:21] I would say, you know, here’s like my little analogy for those of you who are listening and you’re like you’re seeing the success of other people and you’re wondering again, there’s that. I wonder. Right. I wonder when my success is going to be. It’s going to be if you don’t quit, if you don’t give up, if you just keep going, your path might not be the same as somebody else’s path. You don’t see the layers underneath the iceberg of where somebody got to where they are that day. And if you don’t. Give up, it’s going to happen, you might not understand while you’re in the journey, I mean, I my only goal is I hope I understand by the end of my life that I what my path was and why it was and that I can fully appreciate it. But if you just keep going, it’s like a I call it the turkey timer. At some point your timer is just going to pop and things are just going to click and fall into place in your life and in your business. It’s going to happen that the turkey’s in the oven, it’s going to pop when it’s done. You just don’t know when that is going to be. It could be days, months, years. But if you stay true to, like, not giving up and just moving forward, when you get the nose, when things don’t seem to be working out like everything is is working out for you, like, for sure.


Virginia [00:23:41] Cool, thank you.


Virginia [00:23:45] How can people find out more about you and let you do?


Julia [00:23:50] They can go to our website or follow us on Instagram, we’re at click branding dot com or click Branding on Instagram. And we I just want to show you how we got that name again. I’m really I don’t really sit down and think of, like, what can I do? Like when I had the podcast, maybe it was just like a birth of inspiration where we got that great business idea. And when we named our business, it was a photo shoot that we had done with a client. And she had said something like click, click, click. Like everything just clicked when you guys work together. And I was like, so it kind of like the play on words of like the click, because my business partners in New York City, brand photographer, and when we came together, like our businesses just clicked. And we help other people kind of see the light and things just click. So that’s where we got the name click branding. So just like always find inspiration where you go. So find us a quick branding. That’s where that’s where we’re at.


Virginia [00:24:45] Awesome. Thank you. Thank you for joining us.


Julia [00:24:49] Oh thanks for having me. It was nice chatting with you.


Virginia [00:24:51] You have a great day and we’ll chat soon.


Julia [00:24:55] Sounds good.


Virginia [00:24:57] Bye.


Virginia [00:25:05] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some, leave through a review and I’ll get you on the next episode.


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