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Carrie Donatelli discusses how she helps businesses become more profitable.

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About The Guest

Carrie Donatelli shares how she helps businesses become more profitable.

Carrie is a business operations experts and financial coach. She’s certified as a Profit First coach and uses this method to help business owners become more profitable and pay themselves more within weeks.

She offers one-on-one and group coaching models and is passionate about helping business owners streamline their finances and operations.


LinkedIn: Carrie Donatelli
Instagram: peak_business_group
Clubhouse: PeakBizDenver

Episode Transcript

Virginia: Welcome to entrepreneur conundrum with Virginia. Purnell where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online.

Hi everyone today, I’m talking with Carrie Donatelli about how she helps businesses become more profitable. Carrie is a business operations experts and financial coach. She’s certified as a profit first coach and uses this method to help business owners become more profitable and pay themselves more within weeks.

She offers one-on-one and group coaching models and is passionate about helping business owners streamline their finances and operations. Welcome, Carrie,

I’m excited to have you here today. 

Carrie: Yeah, I’m excited to be here. I love podcasts. 

Virginia: Yay. So can you share with us your entrepreneurial journey, like how you got, where you are today? 

Carrie: Yes, absolutely. I got most of my experience in the construction management space a company that I was employed with built transmission lines and substations.

So we did [00:01:00] really high dollar projects and I was involved in all the planning and the financial part. And I was often a liaison between departments because. I say this with caution, but oftentimes in the financial fields, people who love numbers, don’t love people. And there’s oftentimes a communication issue between moving parts, so to speak.

So I was off the liaison. Between departments, because I like to talk to people and I still understand all the numbers and everything there. So I worked in that space for about 12 years. I started helping other people start their businesses. And I was involved in those as like at the director level director of finance director of HR.

And I knew I wanted to start my own business. It was just a matter of when. I had my daughter who is now six, and as she started, she was super little and, needed me a lot. [00:02:00] And as she started becoming more independent and I knew she was going to be in school full-time I started laying the legwork for my business.

So that, it was it was an easier transition. So I started networking before I was able to actually work my business. Full-time I started researching names, things like that. I wrote my business plan. I started doing some little odd contractor kind of jobs for other. Local small businesses.

Like I write business plans for other entrepreneurs and that included, full market research section with competitors and pricing and a budget because so many of my friends and entrepreneurs. Started their businesses, but didn’t really have a plan. They just jumped in with both feet and didn’t think about it.

And so if they ever need financing, you have to have a business plan so that you can show how your company is going to become fine or profitable. [00:03:00] So through this journey, I have started my business. I started, I filed for my LLC about six months before my daughter went to school. And I have networked completely through Facebook and referrals and on LinkedIn.

So my business, I haven’t really put any money into advertising, which has been a huge blessing. And now I’ve focused my efforts on being an external operations department. So I offer. Done for you services for bookkeeping, HR and payroll. And recently. I got certified as a profit first coach, which profit first is a game changer for any business.

It can be fine tuned to an end of what, and then individual owners goals and their industry, their business specifically. And as a certified coach, I have access to a lot of resources that you can’t get just by reading the book. Yes, I get this a lot of. Business owners [00:04:00] will say to me I can read the book profit first and I can implement this myself.

And I’m like, yeah, absolutely. You can, 100%, there are sample allocations there. You get all the information you need to start, but implementation and accountability are a big deal and doing any kind of change like this, and it’s a big change. That’s what I offer is accountability and help really fine tuning the system for a specific business owners, goals and 

I’ve been in business for two years.

So it’s been a really great journey for me. I bring over a decade of experience and operations, and I feel like what sets me apart from other financial coaches or financial services models is that I genuinely want to partner with business owners. I get to know them and get their win their trust.

Before we exchange anything. So the relationship building [00:05:00] part of my business is very strong. 

Virginia: That’s nice. Yeah. So what do you like most about the work that you do?

Carrie: I enjoy the interaction. I offer all the whole range of operation services, but I do work with, I have a team who help me with the work as far as bookkeeping.

I usually do most of the payroll and HR myself, but I enjoy the coaching aspect. I like to teach people how to do things better and easier. I’m passionate about really actively helping people and that I believe comes through my coaching. That’s the best part for me. 

Virginia: Nice. So you’ve mentioned about lots of.

Entrepreneurs starting without a business plan. Is there any other common mistakes that you see a lot of your clients making? 

Carrie: Yes. Almost all of my clients began their business with intermingled finances. So that just means they were using their [00:06:00] personal checking account for both business and work, or they had separate business accounts open, but they’d use.

They’re a business account for personal expending or spending as well. And that is a nightmare. I say that with a grain of salt because I’ve done it, I’ve done it. I don’t recommend it and I don’t do it anymore, but that is a very common thing. That many entrepreneurs do.

And I would suggest from the start separate it. If you need money from your business account, take it as a distribution, pay yourself. You definitely want to be paying yourself, which comes as part of the profit first implementation will. Pay you, but I can’t stress enough that how important it is to keep those business and personal expenses and income separate.

So if you have another job, keep that separate from your business thing. 

Virginia: Yeah. So true.

So who’s an ideal client for you. 

Carrie: My ideal clients. And this has [00:07:00] been very hard for me to drill down because I’m so anxious and I want to help everybody. So my ideal clients are more established businesses, usually three to five years. And the revenue stream looks like 500,000 to up to maybe 5 million in a year.

And I know that’s a big range, but. There’s a lot of business out there in that category. I enjoy working with people who have employees up to 50 employees, but not really more than that, usually businesses who have more than 50 employees have an HR director, or they have a department for operations.

They don’t necessarily need me. I. Work with a lot of retail clients I offer or help in sales tax filing. So that is an added value that I offer that don’t necessarily charge extra for. But that is basically my ideal client. I [00:08:00] haven’t niched down into a specific industry, although I do specialize with women businesses.

Virginia: How do your ideal clients find out about you? I know you’ve mentioned networking on like Facebook and LinkedIn and stuff, but how do you get in front of them? 

Carrie: I am doing a lot of things like this podcast. I’m networking on LinkedIn and Facebook. And so I’m actively setting up. Discovery calls with new people.

And we talk about, it’s not necessarily a sales call per se, because I just genuinely want to know what they’re doing and want to share what I’m doing so that we can connect each other if that’s a possibility or collaborate I deal with a lot of referrals 

I’m starting to do podcasts like yours. I am. I’m starting to run row rooms in clubhouse, which I think is a pretty valuable platform, even though it is only iOS at this point. I’ve had a lot of fun talking to people in clubhouse. So [00:09:00] that is where I am getting out there. So that my ideal clients can see me, but also I’m.

Posting I have a newsletter that I’m getting out there. I have a website I can be found and reached literally on any social media platform. And I welcome all of that. So

Virginia: fun.

What is a big goal that you have for the next one to two years? 

Carrie: For the next one to two years, I want to help another. I would like to help. 20 new business owners find more profits, become more streamlined with our operations and meet some funny, big financial goals. So currently the clients that I have on profit first are working towards savings goals, or they’re working towards hiring more people or scaling their businesses.

So I want to help. 20 new business owners from now until two year, two years from now. [00:10:00] That’s my goal. I also want to implement my next phase of group coaching. So masterminds is in my wheel house. I, my next group starts April 1st and I’m super excited to offer that to the 10 participants each quarter.

So I want to run. And three group coaching sessions every year for the next few years, at least see how it goes. So those are some big goals that I have.

Virginia: That sounds fun. How would those goals change your business? 

Carrie: They will make my business more financial sound. I will let myself be reaching financial goals and be able to scale my business so that I can not be working.

60 hours a week. I am a single mom. I don’t think we mentioned that I’m a single mom, so it’s important to me to be present and participate in my daughter’s life. And I want to do fun. I want to show her things and [00:11:00] do fun things, take vacations and things like that. So this, those goals will help my business be more financially sound and helped me.

Be able to live a lifestyle that supports all of my goals personally, as well. Yeah, for sure.

Virginia: I can understand now how you waited until your daughter got in school. 

Carrie: Yeah, stay at home mom with her and I didn’t want to just, I felt like it would be abandoning her to just.

Put her in daycare or find a nanny or whatever, just so I could do that. And it was a natural train. It was a more natural transition for me. I felt more beneficial for me. 

Virginia: Yeah. Do you feel like there’s any roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals? 

Carrie: At this point, it’s visibility.

So am. This is actually the first podcast that I’m speaking on. I did a YouTube web show last week, and that was a lot of fun. I’m trying to get out there and be visible and network and be connected to [00:12:00] more people to get to my ideal clients and find those people who need my services, who I can serve and.

Add value to their businesses. So I think that just simply connecting is going to be big for me right now. 

Virginia: Yeah. True. So what’s the best advice you have ever received? 

Carrie: The best advice I ever received. And I’ve told people about this advice, especially during this pandemic situation, because I feel like.

Business owners are either not a lot of business owners are thriving during the pandemic because others and their ideal clients are wanting more professional about development and they’re at home more so they’re able to participate in things like that. For me, the best. Advice that I received when I started working from home, even before I was a business owner, I was working from home for another company.

It was in the morning, [00:13:00] observe a schedule. So it was, you work from home, but that doesn’t mean you can just, you should stay in your jammies all day long. So it was, get up, get ready. Like you’re going to an office, put your clothes on, but it was. The most important piece was to put shoes on, but shoes on and then go to your computer, even if it’s an extra room or in your bedroom, or however you have it set up, put your shoes on and then go start working and observe a schedule and hold yourself to it.

Because otherwise, if you just live by, your meetings or whatever You can fall into a downward spiral, even if it’s a slow downward spiral and two living in your yoga pants or becoming super isolated because you don’t have to go out and it’s not, that’s not the best way. As far as mental wellness, it can really impact your mental wellness.

So that I joke a little bit, but that has [00:14:00] been. Really it has held true,

Virginia: so true.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever given?

Carrie: The best advice I have ever get given. I’ve given a lot of advice in my life, so this is a tough one, but as a business owner and as a, as an advisor, it has been. Keep your personal and your business finances separately completely don’t intermingle. It’s going to be easier for you in the long run and keep looking forward if you’re, if you have failures, fail forward.

No, doesn’t always mean you’ve failed. It’s, I’ve worked in a lot of network marketing companies as well. And so it’s a numbers game. You have to keep moving and action usually yields results. So if somebody tells you, go find, I’ve been told and I’ve advised other people, if you’re in sales, This is just one example.

You go out and get [00:15:00] 50 nos because with those 50 nos are probably going to come a few yeses, so increase those numbers and it will yield results. 

Virginia: Nice. And one thing to remember too, is it’s not just because they say no, it doesn’t mean it’s like a personal rejection.

Carrie: No, it isn’t, you’re exactly right. It isn’t personal it’s business.

And if your business, as entrepreneurs, it’s, it feels personal because this is our baby. And it’s hard to take a no once in a while. It’s hard to take it. No, a lot of the time. So they are not rejecting you. They’re just saying no to whatever you’ve offered them. So I’ve also. Given the advice, and this is probably like way too long of an answer for your question, but It’s to find the problem .

Be a problem finder first and then be a problem solver. So you have to diagnose before you jump into a conversation and start throwing out all the solutions that you [00:16:00] offer because it’s overwhelming. So if you’re really trying to serve and help. Figure out what the problem is, and then offer a solution to the problem.

And instead of just offering all your solutions and figuring out what might work for them and what might not

Virginia: so true. Thank you for sharing.

Carrie: Yeah, absolutely. I’m excited to share. I’m happy to be here. 

Virginia: Is there anything that you’d like to share with us that I haven’t asked you yet?

Carrie: I’m always trying to encourage other business owners.

So my clients oftentimes will text me for the simple goal of reaching out to somebody who’s supportive. So I am a super supportive person and I like to help, obviously I’ve said that a dozen times or so. I just encourage people to keep going, even when it’s hard. And it’s hard a lot for everybody, especially right now.

And the conditions that we have, but just keep going and take those [00:17:00] little steps towards some goal that you have. Take action and action yields results at some point. So that is, I think I’ve already shared kind of that, but. I always just try to encourage people on every level.

Virginia: Nice. And the action one is true, you can’t get anywhere if you’re not taking a step, right?

Carrie: Yeah. You can’t. I get irritated with people. I have like friends and my personal life, or like they complain all the time and I’m like, okay. And they beat themselves up for, failures or whatever. And I’m like, okay. Yeah, you did that. We can’t change the past. So either do something, take action against it, or take action towards what you actually want.

We’re stuck complaining, right? It’s no point it’s time to, it’s time to do something about it or stop complaining because inaction is just feeding whatever and [00:18:00] not taking action and sitting there and complaining all the time is just feeding the negativity. I realize, and yes. Yes, it is.

So I know that it’s not all go. And we have to take care of ourselves. Self-care is super important. And mental wellness is on the forefront these days. And everyday it really should be put this out there, like I’m saying go. And it doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters, but don’t wallow for too long.

I always let myself, I’m like, okay, I’m going to let myself. Wallow for a minute and then I’m going to get up and do something else. Nice. 

Virginia: So Carrie, where can people go to find out more about you and what you do? 

Carrie: Great question. So my website, my domain for my business is your peak business.com .

So Y O U R P E A K business.com. And so my website is www.yourpeakbusiness.com. [00:19:00] My email is Carie C A R I E . At your peak business.com. I am on Facebook. My name is Carie Donatelli peak business group can be found on Facebook, Instagram clubhouse. My, my clubhouse user ID is peak Bizdom Denver and it’s peak Biz Denver.

So those are a few of the ways you can reach me. LinkedIn is just my name Carie Donatelli and my business pages out there. Linked there. I’d love to hear from everybody. So communication is obviously huge for me. I can’t say enough about it, and I love, love, love talking to new people. So I welcome it.

Virginia: Thank you very much, Carrie, for being with us today. 

Carrie: Thank you for having me thrilled. 

Virginia: Have a great day.

Carrie: Okay. Sounds great. Thank you so much. 

Virginia: You’re welcome.





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