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Dr. Nadia Brown shares how she helps businesses grow and get massive results.

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About The Guest

Dr. Nadia Brown is a sales strategist consultant, trainer, and founder of the Doyenne agency, a sales agency that works with business owners, companies and corporations to multiply revenue and awaken the consistent, closer within your sales team using the consistent sales method.

Nadia is also the author of the Selling Like a Lady Courage Diary book. Nadia brings over 15 years of experience in leadership, powerful conversations, achieving goals, and respect for people to develop a comprehensive sales process, to increase closing rates, and satisfied client retention.

Nadia’s clients have seen massive results, such as raising their rates, decreasing their refund requests, and doubling or tripling their annual revenues, including helping clients increase their yearly revenues by 800%.




Episode Transcript

Virginia: [00:00:00] Welcome to entrepreneur conundrum with Virginia Purnell, where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. Hi everyone. Today, I’m talking with Dr. Nadia Brown about how she helps businesses grow and get massive results. Dr. Nadia Brown is a sales strategist consultant, trainer, and founder of the Doyenne agency, a sales agency that works with business owners.

[00:00:23] Companies and corporations to multiply revenue and awaken the consistent, closer within your sales team using the consistent sales method. Nadia is also the author of the selling like a lady courage diary book. Nadia brings over 15 years of experience in leadership, powerful conversations, achieving goals, and respect for people to develop a comprehensive sales process, to increase closing rates and satisfied client retention.

[00:00:51] Nadia’s clients have seen massive results, such as raising their rates, decreasing their refund requests and doubling or tripling their annual revenues, including helping clients increase their yearly revenues by 800%. Welcome Nadia. 

[00:01:06] Dr. Nadia: [00:01:06] Thank you. Thanks for asking me, Virginia. 

[00:01:08] Virginia: [00:01:08] Your welcome, I’m super excited for you to be here today.

[00:01:13] So, how did you kind of get to where you are? 

[00:01:17] Dr. Nadia: [00:01:17] Uh, let’s see, this is a long story. We’ll, we’ll keep it short. I actually started my career in corporate and just with that. I kept thinking that if I just found a right wall to place my ladder, it would all work out. And eventually I realized I don’t fit.

[00:01:33] And so I left and with that with launching my own business, I was so committed and focused on serving clients that I neglected and overlooked and didn’t appreciate the importance of sales. And so through that process, Actually just honestly, being a horrible at sales, horrible, horrible, horrible. I went through my own process of figuring out how to sell in a way that felt good to me and was also effective.

[00:02:01] And with that, I has some really good friends and colleagues that were like, you know, now that you have this all dialed in. We think you really should, share this message with others, which is how the agency was birthed. 

[00:02:13] Virginia: [00:02:13] That’s so fun. So question for you. Why do you think we fear sales as much as we do?

[00:02:21] Do you have any insight on that? 

[00:02:22] Dr. Nadia: [00:02:22] It’s all in our mind,

[00:02:27] things. One is many of us, I would dare say most of not all of us have had a negative sales experience where it just didn’t feel good when we were the buyer. And then the other one I know, which was true for me was once I became an entrepreneur, a business owner the ways that I was told that I should approach sales didn’t feel right.

[00:02:46] And I just refused to do it, which wasn’t hard, anyone but me, but I was like, I just feel right. And so I think it’s sometimes that combination of just our mindset around sales and what we think it is salespeople. Aren’t like the love people, no one really wants to take on that title is the reason why we call ourselves everything.

[00:03:04] But, but yeah, I think that’s a big reason why. 

[00:03:08] Virginia: [00:03:08] Thank you. So now that you’ve dialed all that in, out on your own, is there kind of like a certain ideal client that you have? 

[00:03:17] Dr. Nadia: [00:03:17] Yes, there actually, two, we worked with business owners, mostly service-based that are at that place in their business where they’re like, you know what, it’s time for me to scale.

[00:03:27] I want to grow. And are they’re pretty much the business owner is the primary sales person. And so at some point they need to get out of that role to free up their calendar and their time, and so that they can take on more clients. And then we also work with clients in our trainings and our convert labs, where.

[00:03:46] They’d been at this for a while, so they’re not new business owners, but they just haven’t quite got it dialed in in terms of being able to get over that six figure annual revenue hub or having consistent five figure months. And so we work with those business owners because I was that business owner.

[00:04:06] Like it took me a very long time. It feels like forever to get to that point in my business. And so. We work with them to really help them get all of that down there and get their systems established so that they can really create that consistent revenue and grow or scale if that’s what they desire to do.

[00:04:22] Virginia: [00:04:22] So do you obviously then give, help them with their sales aspect of it? 

[00:04:26] Dr. Nadia: [00:04:26] Yeah. So in that we look at their packages, their offers, so sometimes offering lists and doing less or forward. Cause sometimes we have what I call the McDonald’s menu of offers. You have problems, I can fix it. And so we work with that dial in that, in we also look at their pricing and the structure of that, but then we talk about how.

[00:04:47] One of the things I’m really passionate about is helping them create what I call their conversation guide and how they approach sales conversations. So each one is unique. Each one is different. All of us have our own personalities, our own approaches. We also serve different clients. And so therefore we shouldn’t have the same conversation.

[00:05:06] guide. They should all look different. So we get that created for them. They get some time to practice and, try it on and tweak it. And then we also then look at developing their pipeline. Like, what does that process will look like? Their customer roadmap, but then also, okay, now what’s the plan to really get this thing moving so that you can create that consistency, which then is their sales system.

[00:05:26] So it’s a nice, I like it. It’s a nice overall approach to really focusing on their sales, how they approach sales, but also to systems that help them really grow. 

[00:05:35] Virginia: [00:05:35] Is there kind of like a technique that you wish they knew more about? 

[00:05:39] Dr. Nadia: [00:05:39] Ooh,

[00:05:43] I say totally consistent sales method. Like just really understanding the power and the importance, having that consistency coming, where there is new leads coming in ways to continue to nurture leads that you’ve already generated. But then also nurturing a really strengthen the relationship with current.

[00:06:03] And former clients, like sometimes I feel like they get overlooked. And I think some of us have experienced that where prep pre sale, right. Pre closing the sale before you said yes, there was a lot of interaction. I was a lot of followup. There was a lot of relationship building and it was like I said, yes.

[00:06:18] And it was almost feels like crickets. And so how do you create a system where you can continue to nurture and build that relationship? Because. A lot of times our existing clients will come back or continue to work with us if they’ve had a great experience. And I don’t think it’s always intentional.

[00:06:34] I just think that sometimes we just get overwhelmed with all that it takes to really build a business and we’re focusing on, okay, I got to get the clients and I have the clients I have to serve the clients. And so, how do you create a system that helps balance all of that out? So you don’t, you’re not overwhelmed.

[00:06:49] Your client service delivery is amazing and excellent. And. You’re continuing to bring in enough clients to where you’re generating a revenue you desire to generate

[00:06:59]Virginia: [00:06:59] so true. Cause so many times it’s like, ah, I did client. So then you’re like focused on doing the work and you’re like, wait a minute. I still need clients.

[00:07:05] Like,

[00:07:08] Dr. Nadia: [00:07:08] that’s exactly it. 

[00:07:11] Virginia: [00:07:11] So with, let’s say, keeping in touch with former and or past clients, do you guys set up like an automated system to kind of keep touch with them? 

[00:07:21] Dr. Nadia: [00:07:21] Yeah. So, setting up the email automation is probably one of the easier things to put in place, but then also taking a moment to really think about what do you want that to look like?

[00:07:31] Is it, you send out birthday cards, on their birthdays, what do we have to make sure we collect that information? Do you send out gifts? Do you send out, like, what do you want that experience to look like? So that’s the first thing. Just taking a moment. To really think about how do I want my clients to feel, what do I want their overall experience with our company to look like?

[00:07:52] And then putting in the pieces in place to make it happen, whether that’s hiring an assistant, making sure your assistant does it or leveraging different services that may do that for you giving services or card services that can do that. And then of course, email automation. We can always get that set up.

[00:08:08] But I think first we just have to think about what do we want that to even look like? 

[00:08:13] Virginia: [00:08:13] Which is a good one. It can be tricky too. Hey, cause you were talking about birthdays and then collecting them. It’s like, some people might not want to do that, but you could always do like anniversary of when they started working with you.

[00:08:23] Dr. Nadia: [00:08:23] Yes, you totally can. 

[00:08:26] Virginia: [00:08:26] So your ideal clients, what do you guys do to get in front of them? 

[00:08:31] Dr. Nadia: [00:08:31] Oh, let’s see. We had done called different things. I think it’s funny as I was preparing for our conversation, I was thinking about like what my personal journey has been like. And honestly, when I first started, I did a lot of in-person speaking, obviously this is way before pre COVID.

[00:08:48] And I remember one of my first actually was she, I think she’s my first business coach and. I attended a three-day event and she looks at me and she’s like, you belong on stage. And I’m thinking this woman is crazy. I do not want to be on stage. I have no desire, but of course afterwards, I was like, well, I do need to get in front of clients.

[00:09:06] So I found it actually in-person has been one of my favorite ways. When we started doing some of the done for you sales support, I kind of, kind of ease to the background. I noticed that about myself. And so then we were getting a lot of our clients through word of mouth. Although I was honestly still attending a lot of events because one of the things we do is back of room sales for him for live events, I should say live because we’re still doing a lot of stuff in person right now, but it’s, so I would meet people in those spaces and then we would have those conversations.

[00:09:35] But now we are shifting. So I am we were looking at leveraging a lot of different things. I think this is my year of experimenting and trying some things I haven’t maybe done before. So we’re looking at, we’re doing some ads and get in front of people that way, and then leveraging automation and different tools like that to nurture.

[00:09:53] And build relationships. We’ve done snail mail, which we’re going to bring back. So it wants to be collected and snail mail addresses. We send things into mail to build connection as well. I like that one because it feels a little disruptive in our online space. It’s like, wait, mail. So I can be a little contrarian and some, 

[00:10:11] Virginia: [00:10:11] but really like how often do we get happy mail?

[00:10:14] Dr. Nadia: [00:10:14] Right. I like sending happy mail and it’s colorful. So yeah. That’s what 

[00:10:26] Virginia: [00:10:26] you promised though. Confetti or sparkle?

[00:10:32] Dr. Nadia: [00:10:32] A little one. So we are definitely anti-D glitter.

[00:10:39] I promise not to do that to you. 

[00:10:44] Virginia: [00:10:44] So that’s fun that you get to try different ways to, and still be able to do marketing that still reflects you and who you are and stuff like that. 

[00:10:55] Dr. Nadia: [00:10:55] Yeah. Right. That’s a big thing for me to just be able, I think sometimes we get so bombarded with, you have to do it this way and I just.

[00:11:05] I don’t always like that.

[00:11:16] Virginia: [00:11:16] like the shift of everything with basically you and having to shift, like all of your online, more aspect of the advertising and marketing. Like, do you have any other big goals in the next year or two for your company? 

[00:11:29] Dr. Nadia: [00:11:29] I think one of my big goals is to re embrace leveraging online events has been a while since I’ve done those doing an actual event or multi-day event.

[00:11:38] And also just getting back to that place of speaking, whether it’s in person or virtual and really just, getting out front again because I’ve done well and I’m excited, but I can be quick ambitious. So, now, like I want to push it. And get, ready some other milestones. And I think that’s going to require me to embrace doing things differently.

[00:12:01] So I’m open to experimenting, definitely open to things that kind of go against the grain a little bit. But like you say, also I get to incorporate and showcase my personality. 

[00:12:11] Virginia: [00:12:11] Do you think there’s like any roadblocks that might be stopping you from that?

[00:12:19] It’s funny how we’re always in our own way. 

[00:12:20] Dr. Nadia: [00:12:20] Hey, always I’m sometimes too in my head. I think that that’s part of it is like, I have this idea and then a like, wait, wait, wait, hold up. Well, like we’ve been in it’s that whole thing around perfection and just really embracing that it won’t always be perfect and letting it go and not allowing that fear of criticism or that fear of making them mistake, getting away.

[00:12:44] It’s so weird. How. There are times that it sometimes in the same day where I’m like, no, we just need to be flexible and the faster we can figure this out and make the mistake. Right. We can fix it and move on. And then the same minute I’ll be like, but I don’t know about that because what is it so strong?

[00:13:04] Virginia: [00:13:04] All I can think about right now, is that inside out that one, where, like, it has like the emotions in the girl’s head and like there’s joy. Like that’s what I’m thinking of right now. And it’s like, all of them are playing a part in your conversation. 

[00:13:18] Dr. Nadia: [00:13:18] You can see that happening in my head time, like what is going on?

[00:13:26] Virginia: [00:13:26] So what do you love about what you’re doing and with helping the businesses? Achieve their goals and stuff. 

[00:13:32] Dr. Nadia: [00:13:32] What do I love about it? 

[00:13:34] Virginia: [00:13:34] Yeah 

[00:13:35] what are some highlights for you? 

[00:13:36] Dr. Nadia: [00:13:36] Oh my gosh. I think one of the, just seeing some ways, vision, I feel like, Many of us, at least the people that I get to work with.

[00:13:44] And mostly women, we have worked with some in the vision and the desire is not always just about the money. I have a colleague that’s always like money. Isn’t the most interesting thing, right there. There’s something bigger, something deeper that they want to accomplish. And being able to be a part of that and I’m thinking of blank client, but when we first started working together, she was just shy of hitting that six figure.

[00:14:08] Mark was like, it was a lot of stress. We work her offers at her packaging, all kinds of stuff. And two years later, she has nearly a half a million dollar business, and now she’s taking her family on trips to France and, just do it live in a completely different life. Uh, like that she envisioned, but also having a greater impact.

[00:14:27] Like she had clients literally all over the world and it was amazing to be a part of that vision. And you just see that, but also the impact that it had on not only her, but her family and her clients, and I get to be a part of that. So that’s one of the things that I truly love about the work I get to do.

[00:14:45] That’s fun. Helping 

[00:14:46] Virginia: [00:14:46] them bridge their ultimate. Why do you have any, like, what would be the best advice that you have ever given? 

[00:14:54] Dr. Nadia: [00:14:54] All that I’ve ever given.

[00:14:59] I would say some of the best advice I’ve ever given is do it afraid people are a lot of times when they come to me to work, about, especially with sales, if there’s a lot of fear, maybe a lot of judgment around sales and. You know, like do it afraid, but also used to remove the judgment and celebrate the fact that you had the courage to go for it in the first place.

[00:15:21] Virginia: [00:15:21] Right. So true. I remember hearing this story once that this one guy who had his resume out and he had made a goal to give his resume to a hundred different companies, either. It was either his resume or like a job interview. He never made it to a hundred, but you know, like that was his goal. And so maybe focusing on a goal like that, you weren’t necessarily.

[00:15:42] Focused on the rejection aspect of all the other no’s that it took to get there. 

[00:15:46] Dr. Nadia: [00:15:46] Yeah. And I’ve given my clients that challenge, I’m like set a goal to get a hundred nos in 30 days. And like that guy and your story, none of them have yet to call me back and say, Nadia, I got a hundred nos. It’s always like you got all these amazing clients and they’re off to work with their clients and they’re happy and I’m happy and they’re just over it.

[00:16:07] Virginia: [00:16:07] That’s awesome. So now what’s the best advice you have ever received? 

[00:16:12] Dr. Nadia: [00:16:12] Ooh. The one, the first one that pops into mind is I had a coach that once told me to fail faster. I wish that I could tell you Virginia, that I was all excited about it when she told me that when I first honestly had an attitude, like do what failure.

[00:16:32] Right? And so it took me a lot of really. Embrace the essence of what she was saying, but it was true. And so now that is one of the goals that I have is to get out of my way, but let’s fail fast. Let’s get to it and see what works and what doesn’t? 

[00:16:45] Virginia: [00:16:45] So what did you do to fail faster? 

[00:16:47] Dr. Nadia: [00:16:47] Ooh, girl, I got on a phone because she was a sales coach and I was like, I am all in my head about having these.

[00:16:54] Sales conversations and it was setting my own goal. Let’s do it. Let’s make the list, reach out. Let’s do the things that make me buried.

[00:17:05] Virginia: [00:17:05] How long do you think it took you before you implemented that? 

[00:17:08] Dr. Nadia: [00:17:08] I would say in that point it took maybe would say it took me a couple of weeks to really just kind of digest it, get out of my way. But once I was in motion, other it’s funny because what’s your emotion, other doors that other opportunities start to present themselves.

[00:17:24] And so that opens some doors for me to really just to continue to hone the craft, to work on moving past my own inner dialogue in our roadblocks around sales. And I had a mentor that brought me on the team. Now, I thought I was coming on to do one thing. I ended up doing sales. I still don’t know how that happened.

[00:17:49] I ended up over here, but once I was there and in the flow actually became the. When did the top salespeople and I was doing trainings and coaching others on the team, but I was like, wait, what just happened? And one of the biggest things was just being emotion and working on failing faster and moving past my fears and doing it afraid.

[00:18:10] And I know all of that sounds like cliche, but at the same time, it really was doing those things and taking that action that one day I looked up and. I was like, Oh my gosh, not only am I no longer afraid of sales, but I’m actually really good at it. And I realized, it was, I’m doing sales my way.

[00:18:28] I’m having conversations. I’m genuinely connecting with people as myself. Right. Not trying to be some become with someone else. And it’s working and I’m excited about it. And so that was kind of what fueled my mission, but it took some years, I wish I could say it was like 90 days and I was really doing, going and doing the work and making the mistakes and getting back up and doing it again the next day.

[00:18:52] Virginia: [00:18:52] But do you have any advice about doing sales your own way? 

[00:18:56] Dr. Nadia: [00:18:56] Yes

[00:19:01] really embrace yourself. I think sometimes we are so conditioned to do things. However, we’re told at least I know for me, especially spending so many years of academia at higher ed. Very like this, follow the rules. You’ll get that a gold star life, life will be fine, but that’s not at all how entreprenuership works.

[00:19:23] And so I just tell people, figure, it takes them some time to really get to know you who you best work with what and acknowledging. That people will still want to work with you as you write, instead of having to show up, in a stoic manner, like the way you and I are engaging, I laugh during sales call I’m there have been tears on sales calls.

[00:19:47] Not because I made someone cry, but because it was such a genuine connection that people just felt safe enough to let their guards down and to share what was going on with them. Then them at four of them at that time. And so, but that’s who I am. I listen, and I bring that out and create that atmosphere safety.

[00:20:04] But I also tell people, you may not be like me, you may not be as bubbly or giggly and that yeah. Okay. I’m really taking that time to get clear on who you are, but also still having a structure to that conversation so that you can guide your prospects to imbibe the decision, whether it’s yes or no.

[00:20:21] So, yeah. 

[00:20:22] Virginia: [00:20:22] Well, thank you for sharing those with us. 

[00:20:24] Dr. Nadia: [00:20:24] Thank you. 

[00:20:26] Virginia: [00:20:26] Is there anything that I have not asked you yet that you’d like to share with us? 

[00:20:33] Dr. Nadia: [00:20:33] That’s a good one. I would say, especially for those listeners who are newer at this, right. One of the things that really bothered me about some sales trainings is there was so much emphasis on the yes.

[00:20:50] Right? Getting the, yes. Getting the sale. And obviously you’re in sales. That’s what you want to do to the ultimate goal, but it sometimes put too much pressure on you as the sales person, especially when you’re new, to only solely focus on that. So one thing I encourage you to do is to. Celebrate the fact that you had the courage.

[00:21:10] So it’s about the courage to put yourself out there to ask for the sale to keep track of that. Because honestly, that’s all we really ever have true control over. We can’t control when someone says yes. Right. We can only show up, do our best to have that conversation. Extend the invitation and see what happens.

[00:21:31] And so just, don’t put so much pressure on yourself around a yes. And I get that, that may sound weird coming from me, but celebrating the fact that you had that courage to put yourself out there. And even the things that you teach Virginia about visibility also can bring up a lot of stuff for people.

[00:21:47] Right. And so just celebrating yourself that, you know what, I had the courage to put myself out here, whether it was in sales or in being more visible, And yes, it may not always go the way that you want, but if you continue to do it, you’re consistent and you don’t quit. It will turn around for you. 

[00:22:04] Virginia: [00:22:04] I like how you said to extend the invitation, because like really they can’t say yes if you don’t ask them.

[00:22:12] Correct. And very few people are going to be like, like dig information out of you so that they can buy something from you. Yeah. I like that anyway.

[00:22:28] So where can we go to find out more about you and what you do? 

[00:22:31] Dr. Nadia: [00:22:31] Yeah, so you can find this. Let’s see, my website is the Doyenne agency.com and I’m on social media. Most places. I am. I am Dr. Nadia. I am Dr. Nadia. 

[00:22:46] Virginia: [00:22:46] Awesome. I will look forward to seeing if I can catch any of your ads on there. And if I never see if I can spot you in any virtual event.

[00:22:59] You’re welcome. Thank you so much for being with us today. 

[00:23:03] Dr. Nadia: [00:23:03] Thanks for having me, Virginia was great.

[00:23:05]Virginia: [00:23:05] Have a great day and I’ll catch you soon. 

[00:23:07] Dr. Nadia: [00:23:07] Okay. Thanks. You too. 

[00:23:09] Virginia: [00:23:09] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some love through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode.




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