Episode 69: Christina Jandali

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Christina Jandali shares about being a Business Growth Strategist.

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About The Guest

Christina is a confidence-boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist who can talk about how to build a community of raving fans—not just followers—in your Facebook community.

She is a self-made millionaire who started her business from ground zero during maternity leave from her corporate job when she decided it was time to build her own dreams, not someone else’s. She’s since worked with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to create their own predictable cash flow machines.

Christina was featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post and Evercoach.


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/christina.jandali/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinajandali
Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/cashflowmethod/
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/DeliverYourGenius

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] VIRGINIA: [00:00:00] Welcome to entrepreneur conundrum with Virginia Purnelll, where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. Hi everyone. Today, I’m talking with Christina Jandali about how she is a business growth strategist. So Christina is a confidence boosting cash, creating business growth strategist who can talk about how we can build a community of raving fans, not just followers in our Facebook community.

[00:00:27] So she is a self-made millionaire who started her business from ground zero during maternity leave. Her corporate job when she decided it was time to build her own dreams and not someone else’s. She has since worked with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to create their own predictable cashflow machines.

[00:00:44] Christina was featured in Forbes or Huffington post, and ever coach welcome Christina. 

[00:00:49] CHRISTINA: [00:00:49] Hey, thanks for having me. 

[00:00:51] VIRGINIA: [00:00:51] You’re welcome. So how did you decide which avenue to go when you’re on maternity leave 

[00:00:57] CHRISTINA: [00:00:57] Great question [00:01:00] so I knew that I wanted to start my business with my first, daughter, when she was born.

[00:01:04] And I just realized that I wanted to. I wasn’t living my perfect life. I certainly wasn’t living my best life. And I knew that I wanted her to live her best life. And I thought the best way to be able to lead by example was to show her and demonstrate to her what it was like for her mom or woman to go after her dreams.

[00:01:21] But it wasn’t until my son was born, that I actually finally had the courage to get started. I had no idea. I had no idea what that looks like. I had no idea what I could do. I remember starting to research and start doing, digging in all different types of businesses. And when I was on maternity leave, I signed up for this coaching certification and it was with Tony Robbins.

[00:01:39] It was called Robin’s Madonna’s training and as I started to go through. I had these massive ahas and breakthroughs of just realizing so much about myself, realizing so much about how my thoughts and my thinking had such an impact on what I created. And I knew that other people needed to have this.

[00:01:58] And I didn’t start the program because [00:02:00] I wanted to become a. By any means. I just thought it’s gonna help me better understand people. It’s like a tool that I can build a no matter what I do and let’s face it, no matter what business we’re in, we’re still dealing with people. It’s about people and relationships.

[00:02:11] And so when I started going through that, I knew that I wanted to serve people and helping with coaching and then came the search role. What kind of coach do I want to be? Cause I was all a lot of different coaches out there. So that kind of started the beginning of the journey of exploration for me.

[00:02:24] VIRGINIA: [00:02:24] That’s fun. So you have said build into the business growth aspect. 

[00:02:29]CHRISTINA: [00:02:29] Yes. 

[00:02:30] VIRGINIA: [00:02:30] What is your favorite part that you like? 

[00:02:32]CHRISTINA: [00:02:32] You know it’s interesting I want to talk about settling, because when I first started, I was thinking about working with moms, rediscovering themselves after having babies and children. Cause I went through this.

[00:02:41] Who the heck am I in the world? After like now I’m suddenly a mom. And, you don’t necessarily get prepared for this, especially, having being in that, being in a competitive work environment in that space, that’s like about achievement and movement and progression and all that.

[00:02:57] And so it’s a much different world when your mom, like your mom [00:03:00] at home. And it took a lot of getting used to, and I saw, I thought that I wanted to work with those women, but when I started doing more hair research and talking to these ladies, I realized that they weren’t. They weren’t my ideal clients.

[00:03:11] They weren’t really motivated. They were more in a sort of a victim space of my life sucks. And I don’t want to do this and I have to work so hard. And my boss and appreciates me and my husband is useless and my kids do this. And it was like all these complaints. And I was like, oh my gosh, these are not my people.

[00:03:26] And so I knew that I had, because I worked in finance before, so I knew that I had. Just, and I’d had the opportunity and a privilege of working with wealthy people. So people would invest their money with the team that I would work with and we would invest their money into the stock market, bond markets and so on.

[00:03:42] So I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of really wealthy people and just learn about how they started their businesses and how they run their businesses and how they, how they manage and run their teams and their companies and how they, all of that stuff. Just, I just became obsessed with learning about that.

[00:03:58] And when I [00:04:00] started working in my business, helping other people with building their businesses and growth, I started just getting obsessed with trying out what I had learned in that corporate world, in that corporate environment and applying it to business and to testing the waters is this the same thing as this is still work?

[00:04:16] Cause it’s like this online world feels like it’s a total different element and it did. And so I think that thing. I love the most. Is that what makes it so fun? It’s we’re the creator. Like we can be the creator of anything we can go after and create anything in what may feel like near impossible or so far to reach.

[00:04:32] One day is something that is absolutely possible when you’re clear on what it is that you want. When you take action towards what you want, when you get coaching or support around what you want and just. Staying committed to follow through all the way through to the end. And it’s been just so fabulous to see how people have the opportunity to grow and to step into a life that they never even imagined possible.

[00:04:55] At one point in time. And to me, that’s just so rewarding for myself and my own business, but [00:05:00] also for being able to serve my clients and seeing what they’ve been able to create and how much they’ve grown as a person and how much more they’ve learned to enjoy. Life as a result of having those breakthroughs along the way, 

[00:05:11] VIRGINIA: [00:05:11] So what is one of the common mistakes that you see your clients making?

[00:05:16] CHRISTINA: [00:05:16] That’s a great question. There’s many mistakes. I think that, one, one mistake that I see people making all the time. Is talking themselves out of what they want, like settling for things. So talking themselves out of it. So it’s like they see the school and they want to go after it. And they think I’m going to create this.

[00:05:36] And then something doesn’t happen. It doesn’t work out. And they talk themselves out of saying I don’t know if I was ready yet. Or maybe they’re even under the conversation of I want that, but I’m not ready for it yet. So I’m going to settle for what I don’t really want here thinking that it’s going to need to take me longer.

[00:05:49] And I think that it’s so important that we have accountability, not just to doing what we say we’re going to do in those action status, but accountability to our vision, accountability, to what we want, [00:06:00] accountability to our possibility of accountability, to what it is that we want to step into, which allows us to stick with the course all the way through to the finish line and otherwise we can easily talk ourselves out of things. And I think so all too often, people settle for good enough rather than settle going for what they really want and going for. Great. 

[00:06:19] VIRGINIA: [00:06:19] And there’s not really that big of difference either. in let’s say the energy needed or what’s needed to go from settling to what they ultimately want either

[00:06:27] CHRISTINA: [00:06:27] no, and it’s 

[00:06:28] it’s often just like a lot of micros, little micro steps along the way that continue to build momentum along it versus put all this pressure that it must be blending. That’s going to be the right then maker or breaker. And if we screw up that one thing, we’re hooped and that’s just simply not the case

[00:06:44] VIRGINIA: [00:06:44] so who is your ideal avatar? 

[00:06:46]CHRISTINA: [00:06:46] So we have a couple different avatars just based on our products offerings of what we do. But when I take a look at the core of our business, our signature program is helping online coaches, online entrepreneurs grow and scale their [00:07:00] businesses by building online communities and using Facebook groups as a tool to be building their business.

[00:07:05] So it’s those that, we’re really struggling with audience growth. Like they know what they want to do, and they know they want to help people better, potentially struggling with getting the volume of people in to be able to hit their numbers and their goals of what they want. Like where are my people? I know I can help people, but where are my people?. The, was definitely that group of people also for those who have, so they don’t have the audience yet others that they don’t even know necessarily what they want to offer yet, but they have an idea who they want to serve, and it helps them using a Facebook group and using that community, allows them to get in touch with what their people want, what they’re looking for to craft their offer.

[00:07:37] And then lastly, those that are already successfully going through lunches and sales campaigns and so on, and they’re doing well, but they just know that there’s a next level and the opportunity that people have when you create a deeper connection with your audience and build those relationships with your audience through community, it gives you the opportunity to increase those conversions and convert more of those leads into buyers.

[00:07:58] So I would say probably the sort [00:08:00] of those three different categories are where people are coming in from. 

[00:08:03] VIRGINIA: [00:08:03] So where do you get your clients, how do you get in front of them? That’s what I want to know. What are you doing for are you doing certain types of social media posting? Are you like, what are you doing to get in front of them?

[00:08:16] CHRISTINA: [00:08:16] So the you know today,, the opportunity of running a seven figure company. And so the things that we do today are probably more extensive than. We do more activities now with more being more team members in regards to audience growth, when I first got started, it was like learning one thing and getting really masterful at one thing before moving on to the next thing. They feel like, speaking of mistakes is oftentimes we try and do too many things at once. We’re trying to do all these different audience, building all these different ways to get in front of people, trying to be on all the different social media platforms.

[00:08:45] And it’s quite honestly exhausting trying to keep up with all the things. So today, we have, I look at it as there’s three forms of traffic. So getting in front of your people, there’s only three ways that you can get in front of your people. That’s it keeps it really simple. There’s free methods, right?

[00:09:00] [00:08:59] So that’s where you’re using social media, which we use. We use Instagram and Facebook our top two platforms that we’re using for social media. So using social media can be free guest posting. Guest podcasting like we’re on now is a great method to get in front of an audience. So those are free methods that you can use for audience building and getting in front of your ideal clients.

[00:09:19] You can do, media publishing all that stuff. Then there’s paid advertising. So paying the play and paying for advertising is always going to be a key component. If you’re looking to scale, right? If you want to scale. up to seven figures, multiple seven figures, you’re going to need to add paid advertising.

[00:09:36] It just is the way it is. We just don’t have the control over to the faucet running as much as we do when it comes to paid advertising. So I personally use Facebook ads. We’re looking at exploring more into Google ads as well this year. So expanding on our paid advertising, you could use paid sponsorships.

[00:09:52] You can do those types of things. And then the third type of traffic, which is one of my favorites is joint venture, traffic and joint venture traffic is [00:10:00] collaboration with other people who are already serving your audience. So summit interviews, giveaways, that type of things where you’re bringing on diff a different group or different panels people, and everyone is supporting one type of event, like an interview series or a summit and so on.

[00:10:15] And so as of right now, We do all three free joint venture and paid traffic. It’s not where it started, but we do use all three and have found that having a model using all three is being able to generate business from different avenues, but certainly free is the slowest and it takes the most amount of time.

[00:10:34] And it’s typically where most people. 

[00:10:36] VIRGINIA: [00:10:36] They have to start somewhere. , right? 

[00:10:38] CHRISTINA: [00:10:38] Exactly. Yes. 

[00:10:42] VIRGINIA: [00:10:42] So I think we touched on one already, but do you have, or what are not, do you have, what are like one to two of your big goals that you’re having in the next year? 

[00:10:53] CHRISTINA: [00:10:53] So I always liked to work my big vision, my big goal of where I know that we’re headed is creating millionaires.

[00:10:59] So [00:11:00] I have a desire to create a thousand millionaires and not just in revenue for their business, but in regards to wealth, like in regards to net worth millionaires of having a million dollars of assets, money available to you. So that’s my desire so where we’re at now is we’re in the building stages of getting there.

[00:11:17]We’re talking about this is like the little micro steps that have the opportunity to be able to serve people and move people towards that. So knowing that my big vision is okay, we’re creating these thousand millionaires. How the heck am I going to create a thousand millionaires? Like where do we start?

[00:11:29]What’s the starting point? Where are we going to start with this? And that’s when I really got clear last year that in order to create. A thousand millionaires, I’m going to have to create a big pool of six figure earners that have the opportunity to elevate beyond that so that I can serve them in their growth.

[00:11:46] So our number one focus and priority right now is being able to pop as many six-figure earners. Possible in supporting them in growing their business, knowing that pool, that we’re building, we’re going to continue to move along and elevate. And so we’re actually [00:12:00] building a four year millionaires school curriculum over the years.

[00:12:03] And we got started last year and we’re just stepping into year two this year. So that is the big focus for, right now. 

[00:12:09]VIRGINIA: [00:12:09] How do you think that would change your buisness 

[00:12:12]CHRISTINA: [00:12:12] I actually don’t think here’s an interesting concept. So often we think in us often, we think that when we, when the goal to where we want to go, when we get to the other side of what we want, but things are going to be different.

[00:12:24] And I really don’t think things are very different. I think we’re the same, like things don’t change the big, the more money that you make. Maybe life gets a little bit easier and we’re afforded some privileges that we don’t have before, but ultimately things don’t really change that much.

[00:12:38] Like it’s there, we’re all we’re wired to grow. Like fulfillment comes to us as a result of two things from contribution and giving back and being of service and making a difference for other people and from growth, we always want to grow ourself. We want to stretch ourselves. We want to feel like we’re expanding and growing and doing things that we haven’t done before, whether .

[00:12:57]Getting fitter and exercising more frequently, [00:13:00] whether that’s growing your business, whether that’s getting more connected with your loved ones and or your partner, we’re always looking for growth, growth in our children, growth from the things that we do. So I don’t think that it would be like, I don’t see it as things would be any different.

[00:13:13] The only thing is that I look at as we would be serving more people, we would have, we would need to hold space for a bigger group of people to be able to serve them in that capacity. The team would need to grow. And so there’s expansion of the team, but I don’t think that sort of the feeling or the senses of things would be different.

[00:13:29] I think that it’s no better, really are different over there. It’s just different. And it’s a different, that’s calling me and moving me towards that and I will absolutely celebrate, along the way to be getting there, but I don’t see it as necessarily being, as a better place to be than where we are today.

[00:13:46] VIRGINIA: [00:13:46] Yeah. Your journey’s not over it’s still continuing yeah. So on that note then do you feel like there’s any roadblocks that are in the way? 

[00:13:53] CHRISTINA: [00:13:53] So I think that, it’s fascinating because I think that every new level that you get to things that you [00:14:00] thought were gone, come back. I thought I dealt with all those.

[00:14:05]No one ever tells you when you start an online business, that’s the worst, especially personal. If you’re in the transformational space, service-based they still never tells you that you’re like a personal development on steroids that you start your business and you are forced to look at yourself every single day.

[00:14:20]Your results are your lack of results. Look at you and stare at you in the face every single day and provide you opportunity for growth and expansion or retraction. And so I think that no matter what, even though we feel like we’ve cleared things that have come up, even though we feel like we’ve healed old wounds or old stories or old, blocks of things that come up.

[00:14:41] My experiences that every new level that you get too many of those things creep back in, in a slightly different way. And it’s about processing, processing through it. So I think that, oftentimes we have blind spots, to our own roadblocks. Like we just don’t see it because we see things as fact.

[00:14:56] So I can’t do this because blank or this isn’t possible [00:15:00] because of blank. We put limitations on ourselves. Like you think of the first time that there was the four minute mile. Right first, Roger banister. As the Saint I’m like, this is supposed to save again. And like you think that first time with the four minute mile, it’s no one can do it.

[00:15:13] No one could do it. No one could do it. No one can do it. Someone does it. And suddenly everyone starts doing it and it’s boom one, after another people start doing it. And so it’s there’s nothing that changed. People’s skill level. Didn’t change their ability, their capability didn’t change. It was like their belief in what they thought was possible changed.

[00:15:30] And so often we don’t even realize when there’s roadblocks. We just think that it’s ultimately, it’s an excuse that we’re looking at as a fact, and the moment that we realize, it’s not a fact and that it’s just a belief. We have the opportunity to reframe that into something that’s different. I would love to say any of the roadblocks that are coming up, but had I known and have the awareness of what the roadblocks are.

[00:15:50] I probably would have already moved through them, but once I uncover them and get to them, I will certainly come back to you and let you know. But it’s definitely in your hat on the stories that you come up [00:16:00] with and, lack or limitations, or, we, we don’t have a launch that you expect to be this the right way.

[00:16:05] And you’re like, I don’t know if I have the right people. I don’t know how, if I had the enough of the leads and I don’t know if this happened or that happened, or maybe it was this and we make up all these stories rather than just taking a look at it. We’re done. I didn’t even believe that this was possible.

[00:16:15] Like where was I setting my, where was I not playing to win and playing, not to lose. And that’s a big game changer. And when you’re stretching and going into bigger goals and going after bigger dreams, it’s easy. It’s much easier to slide back into camera though. I was like this is pretty good anyways.

[00:16:31] Like I’ve never done this before. I should celebrate this, but isn’t really what you want. It’s never ending road and journey star. 

[00:16:37] VIRGINIA: [00:16:37] I love  what you said about it’s a huge personal development journey.

[00:16:41]So what is the best advice that you’ve ever received? 

[00:16:47] CHRISTINA: [00:16:47] Oh my goodness. I’ve had so many golden nuggets 

[00:16:51]VIRGINIA: [00:16:51] share more than one. I won’t restrict you. 

[00:16:53] CHRISTINA: [00:16:53] Yeah. So one thing that was really impactful for me. I remember I was having a very fresh, I was pretty early on in my [00:17:00] business. And I remember sitting down at my kitchen table and I was looking at two sheets of paper.

[00:17:04] I had one sheet, a piece of paper, and on there was like my big plan, what I was going to create that year. All right. And then all of the things I was going to sell this many packages at this price, that is the plan. And then on the other sheet of paper was like my actual sales numbers and they were not even close.

[00:17:21] And I remember just feeling. So disappointed and frustrated that how could I have been successful in other areas of my life and was like failing miserably at this business thing. And I really questioned whether or not I was cut out for this. And as I was thinking about what the heck am I missing?

[00:17:38]And maybe some of you tuning in right now might have that experience where you’ve had that experience before. It’s what is it that I’m missing like, I’m missing something. What’s that thing. And I was like in constant pursuit of this thing, but I was always sitting there in my puddle of tears and snotty nose and upsetness in that moment.

[00:17:54] I remember just thinking back of this time that I went out for lunch with one of my mentors when I was in the financial [00:18:00] space. And her name was Beth then I said to her, Beth what’s the secret to success? Like you’ve been working with you’ve been in this business for, 30 years. You’ve seen so much, you’ve done so much.

[00:18:09] Like what really is the secret? And she leans that. It says, Christina, I’ll tell you. And meanwhile, I’m like, oh, I gotta get something good here. This is going to be so good. And she’s Christina, it’s really simple. I’m like, oh, even better. It’s simple. Okay. I got that. And she’s Christina. The key to success is building relationships.

[00:18:29] And it really hit me in that moment when I was thinking back of that time at lunch, because there was going and trying to build this online business things became numbers are checking off to do lists of things that I had to do or things that I had to learn to move forward. And I forgot about the most important thing, which was relationships.

[00:18:47] And yes, I was meeting people and talking to people, but I really. Spending the time to really cultivate deep, meaningful relationships. And so I thought how can I do that online? Because I felt like I’d sent an email and I’m like, comes on the other side. I don’t know who’s [00:19:00] there who am I talking to?

[00:19:01] And some people might reply. And so it’d be but I have no idea that was on the other side of it. And I thought I could do that with a free Facebook group. And so when I started my free Facebook group, that’s what I was really focusing on building this community in this space for people to be, and really focusing on building the relationship.

[00:19:16] And it was a massive breakthrough that first month that I started my Facebook group, I made $30,000. And before then I hadn’t even had a five figure month. So it was a massive leap for me as a result of that. And I think definitely such a piece of impactful advice. And it’s funny, sometimes we hear it.

[00:19:32] And sometimes it might take us a few years, like it did for me, for it to really, truly land and come back to yeah, that really matters. Relationships matter. People matter. That’s the reason why I wanted to start this business in the first place. And sometimes we can get caught up on ourselves. And lacking limitations or things that aren’t happening and tell ourselves these stories and lose track or lose faith into what really motivated us and got us started in the beginning.

[00:19:57] So I think that was definitely a piece of advice [00:20:00] that was super impactful. And the second one, like probably be. That you are not your thoughts, but you’re the thinker of your thoughts. And what that means is we often just live on autopilot and have this ticker tape of thinking that’s going on in the background that we don’t even pay attention to.

[00:20:17] Like our subconscious mind is just going and replaying thoughts in our mind. And oftentimes most times. Without a trained mind is often negative or it’s coming from a place of lack or from coming from a place of safety. And when I started to really understand this concept and have the awareness of my thinking and not just take it as it is why thinking and stepping back and stepping away and processing through and looking at my thoughts on a movie screen versus being in the thought and being in the experience, it really allowed me to be able to do.

[00:20:49] Choose a different thought, choose something. That’s more in aligned with where I want to go. And that’s been a massive game changer. And one of my favorites mantra is that I say to myself often when I’m [00:21:00] having one of those tech moments or how did one of those moments where I feel like giving up is you’re just a thought away from your biggest breakthrough.

[00:21:06] And it really gets me to shift my perspective until okay.. Well what is the new thought? That’s going to be the biggest breakthrough because the thought that I’m having right now is. Not moving me in that direction. So how can I upgrade my thought? And she’s a different thought that’s more empowering because as soon as you do that, your feelings change because they’re more aligned with that new thought that you have.

[00:21:26] So if you think, as an example of this, let’s say you host a webinar and you’re hosting a webinar and you have, you have 30, let’s say you have a hundred people on and you have, I don’t know, 10 people that buy, some people might say. Oh, I only got 10 people. I can’t believe 10 people only bought I really wanted to have a hundred people buy and they’re in this story geez, only 10 people bought and another person is looking at it and they say, oh, I’ll have a hundred people on this webinar.

[00:21:55] And 10 people thought this is amazing. Like those are [00:22:00] great numbers. And I can do anything in anything is possible. The circumstance didn’t change, but the thought process around it, the story around it, the meaning around it shifted. And so often, we just run on autopilot.

[00:22:13] And so taking a look at what is the, what’s the thought that we’re associating with something. So we have the opportunity to reframe it and think differently so that we can feel differently, which means that we’ll take a different action. 

[00:22:23] VIRGINIA: [00:22:23] So true It’s amazing how powerful our thoughts are 

[00:22:25]CHRISTINA: [00:22:25] yes.

[00:22:26] VIRGINIA: [00:22:26] Do you have any tips on a Facebook group that is very like interactive and to be able to grow though those human connections 

[00:22:35] CHRISTINA: [00:22:35] yeah. I think that, when you have your Facebook group, ultimately .  You’re wanting to build connection. So there’s leveraged connection, meaning that you can do something in the group that you do once, and that impacts and touches on everyone in the group.

[00:22:46] Just because if you think you’re having a one-to-one dialogue with someone in a group or you’re coaching someone in a group, the whole group is in the experience of what that conversation is going on. The whole group has privy to. So there’s leverage connection that way through your posts. And then there’s [00:23:00] also more intimate one-to-one connection.

[00:23:02] So you have the opportunity to be able to DM and connect with your members that way and connect with them in a more intimate environment. So there’s that one-to-one connection point with your members and then there’s leveraged connection. Do you need to use both? No, but I certainly know that my clients that do a combination of both see a significant increase in their results versus just focusing on leverage connections.

[00:23:23] And it doesn’t matter. It could be, you can be a team member that’s supporting to help with this as well. So when we’re talking about leverage connection of doing posts in the group, you want people to come into your group. Thinking like everyone in here is just like me. Like I finally found like my home, I finally found like my people.

[00:23:37]This is the perfect place for me. I feel right at home. And so how do we create that? We have to have members that see other people just like that because people want to hang around people that are just like them. So you want to be asking simple questions in the group and I call it purposeful engagement questions.

[00:23:52] You’re having the opportunity for people to open up in the group in a way that people get to look around and connect with other people and relate to them. [00:24:00] One of my favorite questions for a post like this is how do you feel about an insert, your topic or your area of expertise? How do you feel about getting your kids to listen?

[00:24:10] How do you feel about the engagement in your Facebook group? How do you feel about writing, writing an email to your. How do you feel about filling insert the blank? Of how do you feel about your topic or area of expertise? Now it’s not invasive at all. It’s just a very simple question. And what happens is it gets people to share like, oh my gosh, like I’m really strong.

[00:24:31] Like I’m really having a hard time. It was like, is this ever going to change? Or you’re going to have somebody like, that’s amazing. I’m doing fabulous. And so you have the opportunity to qualify people into your group as a result of that. But you also have the opportunity for people to connect with each other and realize oh, I’m not alone.

[00:24:44] Like I’m not the only one that has this fear. I’m not the only one that’s having this experience I’m not the only one that feels this way. And when people feel like people are just like them, guess what? They’re going to engage more. They’re going to show up more and it’s going to create that deeper connection with your members inside of your Facebook group as well.

[00:24:59] So that’s a very [00:25:00] simple way of creating some kids. 

[00:25:00] VIRGINIA: [00:25:00] Jumping back over at what’s the best advice you’ve ever given other than what the tidbits you’ve just given right now. 

[00:25:06]CHRISTINA: [00:25:06] One of my favorite phrases. And I say this to my clients all the time is done is better than perfect.

[00:25:13] And I used to get tripped up and hung up all the time, twiddling with funds and editing posts and editing and emails for like way longer than I needed to just trying to get it just right and just perfect. And it was a complete waste of time. It was like, I could have moved on to something else, but because.

[00:25:31] Fears right. Or not feeling good enough for maybe this isn’t ready yet or I’m not ready yet. It prevents us from putting it out there. I always say to my clients done is better than perfect. Just get it done. Because once it’s done, you get feedback from your results, like either worked or it didn’t work.

[00:25:45] And when it works great, do more of that. And if it’s not working, it’s time to get curious as to what didn’t work and how to tweak it so that you can go back out and do it again and revamped so you can move forward with it. So Done is better than perfect is a great, [00:26:00] simple little mantra that gives you the opportunity to be in movement and momentum, which is going to create the results that you’re looking for.

[00:26:06] VIRGINIA: [00:26:06] Imperfect action. 

[00:26:08] CHRISTINA: [00:26:08] Yes, exactly. 

[00:26:10] VIRGINIA: [00:26:10] So is there any thing. That you would like to share that I haven’t asked yet. 

[00:26:16] CHRISTINA: [00:26:16] So I think that if you’re looking at,starting a community, if you’re looking at starting a Facebook group and you’re looking at wanting to build your people, build your audience and bring your people together.

[00:26:28] I would just really encourage you just to get started. There’s a big difference between playing in someone else’s playground and someone else’s group and someone else’s community than building your own. And when we, sometimes we look and we think, oh, other people want this and this other group, but they’re following that person for some reason.

[00:26:45] And don’t forget, like your it’s not about being number one in the world. It’s about being number one in your ideal client’s world. So if you build your community, Space. It’s about being number one in their world and it’s about getting started. And so that’s what I would just [00:27:00] really encourage your listeners to focus on is like getting started as well.

[00:27:04]VIRGINIA: [00:27:04] Climb a mountain It starts with one step at a time. 

[00:27:06]CHRISTINA: [00:27:06] Exactly. It certainly does

[00:27:08] VIRGINIA: [00:27:08] If you don’t take that step, you won’t get started. 

[00:27:13] CHRISTINA: [00:27:13] And the longer 

[00:27:13] that you don’t Start the longer you talk yourself out of ever even getting started. 

[00:27:16]VIRGINIA: [00:27:16] And then the longer it takes to get there, anyway. 

[00:27:20] CHRISTINA: [00:27:20] Exactly. 

[00:27:21] VIRGINIA: [00:27:21] So where can we go to learn more about you and 

[00:27:24]CHRISTINA: [00:27:24] Yeah. So I’ve put together a free gift for your listeners, and I want to help you get a kickstart for your Facebook group.

[00:27:31] So this is actually something that we sell and I’m giving it to you guys for free. It’s a grow your group. 

[00:27:37] VIRGINIA: [00:27:37] Thank you 

[00:27:37] CHRISTINA: [00:27:37] Yes. It’s a grow your group bundle. So there’s three pieces to it. Number one, it’s a perfect naming blueprint. So having the perfect name is going to make a massive difference for you and making sure that your people know like this group is for me.

[00:27:49] This is where I want to click. I want to belong. This is where I want to hang out. So the perfect name and blueprint, the second thing is the perfect intro post. So here’s the thing, like we make these first [00:28:00] impressions and people either decide okay, I want to list this person or I don’t. And sometimes it can be really difficult when you are trying to introduce yourself that you’re like, oh, did I say the right thing?

[00:28:09] Did I build my credibility? But I don’t do it. I also create connection to my relatable. Am I too, am I being braggadocious of might not saying enough? And so it’s a perfect intro post on how to craft that intro post that you can use in your group. You can use in other groups and a template for that.

[00:28:24] And then. You need members as well when you’re getting started. So there’s a five-part mini course that you can jump into about growing your Facebook group and how to get started with that and get your first, next 100 members in your group in the next week. If you go ahead and take action on the steps that are in there, that you can jump in on right away.

[00:28:41] So you can go to deliver your genius.com forward slash E C to go ahead and pick that up

[00:28:48]  VIRGINIA: [00:28:49] I have enjoyed being here with you today.So thank you. 

[00:28:54] Yeah. It’s 

[00:28:54] CHRISTINA: [00:28:54] been fun. Thanks for having me, 

[00:28:56] VIRGINIA: [00:28:56] your welcome. You have a great day and we’ll keep in touch.. 

[00:29:00] [00:29:00] CHRISTINA: [00:29:00] Sounds good. Thank you. 

[00:29:02] VIRGINIA: [00:29:02] Bye thank you so much for joining us today.

[00:29:06] Be sure to subscribe and leave some love through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode.




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