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May Yeo Silvers creates memorable corporate events.

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Among the countless difficulties COVID-19 has brought upon businesses, hosting live events is one of the biggest challenges. With health concerns as top priority, venues closed and large in-person gatherings were canceled to keep people safe and healthy.

However, with the cancellation of in-person events, the demand for virtual events skyrocketed. Event companies, in particular, have had to pivot their approach to industry events, finding new ways to meet with stockholders, investors and new customers.

May Yeo started her hospitality career as a food and beverage trainee at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore. It was there that she fell in love with the industry and decided to pursue her career further. In 2004, she came to Miami and worked her way up to Director of Catering and Conference Services and Director of Event Planning at several luxury hotels.

As an event planner, she worked with celebrities, dignitaries, and leaders including Former President Bill Clinton, Rock Bands like U2, World Class Tennis Players including Venus Williams, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal, and Nascar drivers Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon.

In 2012, May decided to take all that she had learned and started her own event planning company, M2 Hospitality. She brought the hustle as she built her company to multiple 6-figures while shattering industry norms.

She ran her company without owning inventory, an office space, any event venues, and not a single full-time employee. She created an entirely new model for event planning that continues to be relevant and successful even as the pandemic raged on.

Today, May is passionate about helping other event planners increase profitability, grow their business, and create impact on their own terms. Her coaching business walks EVENTrepreneurs through building a business and life they are excited to wake up to.

How does the event planning industry impact other industries? How do you leverage people and technology to create successful events? Where do you begin to innovate your business to stay on top of any crisis?

Tune in to gain insights from the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs and learn more about setting your business up for success!



Episode Transcript

[00:00:00]VIRGINIA: Welcome to entrepreneur conundrum with Virginia Purnell where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online.

[00:00:09] Hi everyone today, I’m talking with May Yeo. Silvers about how she creates memorable corporate events May is a corporate event planner who immigrated from Singapore to build her event planning a career in Miami and has worked on events for dignitaries, celebrities, and athletes, including bill Clinton, Jimmy Johnson and Venus Williams. Welcome May

[00:00:31]MAY YEO: hi, thank you for having me today, Virginia.

[00:00:34]VIRGINIA: Thank you for being here. So, can you tell us a little bit about like your entrepreneurial journey, how you decided to go out on your own?

[00:00:43]MAY YEO: So I’m originally from Singapore and I started my hospitality career at the raffles hotel in Singapore. If you have watched that crazy rich Asian movie [00:01:00] where Nick and Jessica, where they were staying in that hotel, that was the hotel that I used to work and I’ve always had a passion for the hospitality industry. Since young as a family, we travel a lot for vacation and I’m always Enamored by the, how the hotel, how grand the hotel looks of the different events that they do. So I decided to pursue a career in hospitality, especially in food and beverage and events management for over 15 years, working in all high-end hotels. And the last place that it brought me to is in Miami. So. Being in the hospitality field, you know, the hotel business, we don’t sleep. It’s 24 7 being in the events feel is very similar. It’s very similar. So I have held senior positions as a director of catering and conference services. I’ve done several hotel openings. And my responsibility is to, is to determine [00:02:00] the, the event space that the hotel can sell and then how to sell it. And then once we have sold it, how do we plan events and how do we execute the whole party? Right. So in charge of higher fire training, selling the whole nine yards. So I work a lot of hours like when the hotel is in full swing in peak season easily a we’re up to 80 hours a week. So I came to Miami in 2004 and everyone is still back home in Singapore. Everyone is still is back home. So I don’t really get to see my family. I set when I take vacations and in hotel, business is extremely difficult to take vacations because you are busy all year round. So I’m limited on the number of days that I could actually get back to Singapore to see my family. But when I am on vacation, I will get emails like sometimes up to 3000 emails. By the time that [00:03:00] I’m gone. So let’s just say seven days, right? So, yes, when you were young and foolish, you can do that for X number of years. And then one day I woke up, like, what’s the point of working so hot, even though I love what I do and making good money, but I don’t have a life. I neglect my health. I don’t have a circle of friends that I can hang out with and I don’t get to see my family. So what do I want eventually to die by myself? And be alone in my own cemetery plot. No, I want it to have a life to live life. And I decided to start my own event planning company in 2012 and best decision ever. But I’m going to be very honest with you. It’s just, you know, entrepreneurship is not for everybody. And for me it was like cold Turkey when I left and I had withdraw syndrome and I went back for two times, and then finally, I woke up one day. I said, enough, That’s it going all in and [00:04:00] that’s where the beautiful journey really begin.

[00:04:03]VIRGINIA: That’s fun you definitely got to know whether this is what you, I meant the route you wanted to take. hey?

[00:04:09]MAY YEO: Yeah,

[00:04:09]VIRGINIA: that’s fun do I understand it right? Where you help planning that’s for people that you also teach people how to do the event?

[00:04:19]MAY YEO: So when I was in the hotel business, being in the position that I was in. I not only just sell the space and plan the event. I have a team that I teach them to do what I do so that I can do more management CEO stuff. Right. So CEO, while I was working for other people. So in a management role, looking over numbers, performance and stuff like that, then I started my own event planning company. It’s just me and all this time has always been just me. So I’m the one who does everything, but I have great partnerships with my, with my vendors. So I do have a team that I don’t have to pay a [00:05:00] payroll for. And that’s how I grew my business into multiple, multiple six figure profit company. Now last year in 2020. During COVID when I left the hospitality field to start my own business in 2012, a lot of my, my hospitality peers set that I really have got guts to leave a six-figure job, to start a business that where I have to pay my own health insurance and, you know, in United States, Insurance is like everything because healthcare is so expensive. So I have to pay my own health insurance, write my own paycheck, where I could just comfortably show up and do what I do best and get paid a big fat check. So now I have to create wealth by myself, but they don’t see how hard I work. They don’t see the things that I went through. That’s why they say what they said to me. So I took the leap of faith and I started the band. Again. It wasn’t easy, but I made it. And everybody see the, the nice and glory stuff. Right? So when COVID had a lot of my friends [00:06:00] got fired or furloughed or let go, because there were normal events. So all my friends in the hospitality field all lost their job, especially when you’re in the events field, because there’s no more events, it was so gloom you know, that. People that I, they are also not just my hotel peers, but they’re also my friends. And they’re also people who refer business to me when their clients in in the hotel require something that the hotel can not produce. They call me to help in terms of the event production. So overnight, they all don’t know what to do. So they’re just like lost and for me, it was just really shifting my business. Renegotiating contracts business still goes on. It’s not like my business full, overnight. We still have business. So we’re still able to sustain our business even a year of no events, we’re able to [00:07:00] pivot. But when you work for some one else, you don’t have the opportunity at the mercy of their paycheck whereas for me, I write my own paycheck. I know what to do to get the business going. So I, I felt that I had to do something and I started a business coaching, a company in July in 2020 during COVID wanting to give hope inspiration, motivation, and clarity to people in the hotel field or in the events fail that if this is what you really love to do, because for you to want to work 60 to 80 hours a week. In the hospitality field, you’ve got to have that passion. You’ve got to have that, that drive. So why not move that drive for your own business? So I started the coaching business. I showed them the path of how to build a business, and now it’s the best time to build the business because now you’ve got no distraction. You can fully focus on building your business. And then when we start having events that you’re ready to go. So I started a coaching business in [00:08:00] July and we are well 15 months in 15, 18 months in we, uh, we did a multiple six-figure, uh, we are a multiple six figure profit company. So, but it’s not even just the monetary reward, but the fact that I’m able to show another path for my peers, for people in general, that the environment doesn’t define you, you define you and they, they make their own wealth. Now they are making six figures too. So I can’t complain. Life is good.

[00:08:35]VIRGINIA: Yeah. Yeah. You get to help so many people in the process.

[00:08:39]MAY YEO: Yes, absolutely.

[00:08:40]VIRGINIA: So who would you say is your ideal avatar

[00:08:44]MAY YEO: For of my event, planning business, my ideal avatar. Like we help, we specialize in a few, few categories, so we do a lot of events with, with law firms. When they go to trial, we help them to [00:09:00] arrange the logistics in terms of the hotel stays. So my ideal avatar, the, the partners of the, of the law firm or the office administrator who are so busy preparing for the trial, that they don’t have time to know how to negotiate for a country. Where you will have no definite date of when you’re coming, because you don’t know when the trials dates are. So people who really need help to take away things from their plate so that they can really focus on where the big money is and serving their clients. And then I also help cultures and, and consultants for the in-person event where they do in-person launches retreats, because this in-person experience helps to extend the lifetime value. Of the existing clients and also expand their brand visibility for potential clients as well. And I have been to several in-person events by my own coach, or I help other coaches plan the events. And I’ve seen that their business has, has definitely increased [00:10:00] because of the experience given an in-person event. So those coach, those, those coaches and cost consultants are that my ideal avatar, those people who are in the seven or eight. Who only wanted to coach and help people understand that planning event. It’s not the Dawn of genius. Trust me to do my job. And you shine in your area. So, so people who understand that this is not what I do best. I’ll let you do this. It’s just like, they don’t want people to tell them how the coach, right. Same thing. I don’t need to be able to tell me how to plan. So, so that for the coaching site, my ideal avatar are people who knows that they, they do have some blocks, mindset blocks and fear. They acknowledged that, and they wanted to get help to overcome those blocks. But first they need to know how to acknowledge that fear. And they know that this is what they want to do. Building a business is [00:11:00] what they want. Even planning businesses, what they want. Yeah. Not afraid of the hard work, but they need a hand. They need somebody to push them and expand them. So action. takers not just information seekers. Those are my ideal client.

[00:11:12]VIRGINIA: Definitely action. taker part hey? So what, how do you get into. Your ideal clients like with the coaches and like, how do you, yeah. How do you get in front of them? What do you do?

[00:11:23]MAY YEO: So, you know, apart from the usual suspect that social media aspect, I, I try to put myself interests. Very interesting that you asked me this question because everybody’s relying so much on social media right now. Today’s everybody say that the social media is you must do social media. I agree. I agree that you have to do that. But when I, when I built M two hospitality, even, even now my event planning company, I rely a hundred percent on relationships marketing which is building relationship. Face-to-face visiting them, talking to people, attending networking events, showing values. You know, now that [00:12:00] we are able to take advantage of the digital platform, you know, I go on Linkdin I share, I teach I’m in a, in a, in a mode of how can I help you? So my content, I deliver my content in different forms. It could be a post, it could be a video. Or I go to in-person events. So I put myself in a room where I know my ideal clients will hang out. So, so if I know that this summit is hosted by a very well-known coach and that will, uh, other coaches was going to be there, I will be there. So I will be there. And I learn, I network, I show value of how. An in person event can help them. And then we make connection. Sometimes sales happen immediately. Sometimes it takes six months a year. It doesn’t matter. It’s all at the end of the day. It’s about how you make people feel and same thing for my, for my coaching business, I show up in [00:13:00] other people’s Facebook group. I see a question track. How do I price myself? How do I market myself? I answer, I answer, I give some tips. I think I constantly show up to show my value. How can I help you? And then you, eventually they say, who is this person, let me go Google her. And then they are in my ecosystem. A lot of them also came through from referral, like members inside my own Facebook group with my clients. And it was a, you need to join her group. You need to follow her so

[00:13:27]VIRGINIA: those are always the best referrals. Hey the best kind of clients. Yeah. So what big goals are you looking to achieve over the next year or two?

[00:13:36]MAY YEO: One of my longterm goal for the coaching business is to be the elite business coaching school. For event planners. I want to be a in institutions where every, every institution that teaches even planning will have a book of mine to teach them what exactly it means to own a business. And not just at an event planner, we’ll just make events [00:14:00] pretty, do pretty events. That’s more than that. You are a great event. Planner doesn’t mean that you are a great business owner. So that’s one of my big goals and to, to be a household name for anyone who has a passion who wants to have their own event planning company and like the Hubbard for event planners to come for business schooling. That’s my big goal.

[00:14:21]VIRGINIA: So you have a book then?

[00:14:23]MAY YEO: It will be published soon. Yes. I’m in the final edits is called it is called the unstoppable eventrpreneur so it’s, it’s not, entrprenuer it’s the eventreprenuer, the unstoppable eventrprenuer. Turning your passion into profits.

[00:14:40]VIRGINIA: That’s fun Congratulations on your book by the way.

[00:14:43]MAY YEO: Thank you. Thank you.

[00:14:44]VIRGINIA: So how would these goals change your business

[00:14:48]MAY YEO: financially? Definitely. It will change. It will change the, the financial aspect, of course, but I think it will make my business more. [00:15:00] Approachable in a sense that now that we are a household name, more people more people know about us and we no longer will just do just coaching like that. We wanted to have individual. We want to, to be able to duplicate this model and make it into individual schools. So almost like I would say a franchise but to be able to have people who graduate from the program to continue my teachings. So we make waves and not ripples. So I think we want to have several, several companies or satellite companies or several people who continue with the teaching so that we can reach out to a broader group of audience who really need help.

[00:15:45]VIRGINIA: I likeyour phrase , like making waves not ripples yes, that’s fine. What do you think is the number one roadblock that’s stopping you from reaching your goals?

[00:15:57]MAY YEO: Currently? I would [00:16:00] say on the visibility end because people, I would just say people in, in my field in events, field event planners, they think that the person who makes the most beautiful event. Right produce the most beautiful events. There’s some big names out. they are the people that they should be learning from. Unfortunately, I have known of such big names who try to do a coaching program, but quite a few of them of my clients came from their coaching. What does it tell you? There may be a good event planner, but they may not be a good coach. So for me, I didn’t pay too much attention to MTL hospitality in terms of creating a big brand for ample hospitality, which is my event planning company. I do very unsexy events, put it this way. I do very unsexy events. So when you were saying that I do dignitary events and stuff like that. Yes. But all these are big names that I signed the NDA. So I can really produce a picture. [00:17:00] Okay. So I also understand working, although with all these big names comes with a different set of challenges and are they my ideal avatar you didn’t hear me say that, right? Not really. So I think that when my. Clients whom I want to attract into the coaching business. If they, if they see that, oh, you know, you don’t do sexy events. That means you are not the right coach to follow. Then they don’t see my, my visibility right now as the type of visibility that they want to see. So my biggest challenge right now is to position myself that I am the orchard or authority in the field in business coaching for event planners. My goal is not to teach you how to plan, even because you already know you can be the best event planner, but if you don’t know how to market yourself, People can’t find you, they can’t pay you

[00:17:54]VIRGINIA: Two huge ones, right?

[00:17:55]MAY YEO: Exactly. end of story. If people can find you, they can pay you. If you [00:18:00] can’t get over your own mindset, block your money story, you don’t know how to touch. You’re not going to make money. You’re going to do events for free. You become a very expensive hobby. So right now my biggest challenge because was just only lesson, you know, like over a year in business, online for the coaching side. Is to continue to build on that visibility, to continue to show the audience that I am your go-to when it comes to building a business. So it doesn’t really matter if I do sexy events or not. ,

[00:18:31]VIRGINIA: right. You need to produce results more. So what’s the best advice that you’ve ever received.

[00:18:38]MAY YEO: So many where to start? I would say the best advice that I received. Was from one of my mentors that is you don’t let the environment define you, whether its external environment or the internal environment defined you, nothing is permanent. [00:19:00] Success is not permanent. Failure is not permanent. You create your own reality and your destiny. That’s the best advice that I have received.

[00:19:11]VIRGINIA: That’s a big one do you have any tips for anyone to be able to maybe change their mindset a little bit so that they’re, they don’t feel like they’re stuck in that aspect, in the negative aspects?

[00:19:23]MAY YEO: I think the first and foremost you have to ask yourself, do you believe in yourself? And then you have to ask, you know, when you ask yourself this question, do you believe, do I believe in me a lot of times, if you have to ask that question yourself, That means you don’t really believe in yourself. You need affirmation from other people. And if you need to seek affirmation from other people, you better be seeking affirmation from the right people. Because if your environment, if you’re surrounding yourself in an environment of people who is the same as you or [00:20:00] not doing better than you. What kind of information you’re getting from them? They’re going to tell you that because they don’t, they don’t know any better. So how can they give you any information? That’s going to push you out of your own comfort zone to expand you. So my tip for you is to change your mindset. It’s not just all on you. If you could do it all by yourself, you could have done it already. So be in a room, be in a room and be. And learn by osmosis, be in a room of people who have already done it, who has already conquered their own mindset blocks. And you’re going to learn from them. How did they do it? Because they can show you the path they will share with you, their experience and let you know that you’re not alone in that path. There were you a few months ago, few years ago. So again, where you are now, it’s not permanent. Unless you make that choice to stay where you are. And not move

[00:20:58]VIRGINIA: that’s key. Hey, [00:21:00] thank you.

[00:21:01]MAY YEO: You’re welcome.

[00:21:02]VIRGINIA: What’s the best advice. Other than that, what’s the best advice you’ve ever given

[00:21:07]MAY YEO: the best advice I’ve ever given is it doesn’t matter how many times you fail or how many times do you fall is how fast you get up. You know, many people, if you don’t fail. That means you’re not growing. That means you’re not doing anything. That’s expanding yourself to do anything that is unfamiliar. That means you stay in your comfort zone and your safety zone. That means, you’re doing the same thing. That means you’re getting the same results. Right? So if you, if you want to do something you haven’t done before and you fail, what does that mean? Change your perspective. It’s not that you fail, you just gain a valuable lesson. Okay. And now this is the pivotal point. You gain a valuable lesson. What’s next? Do you get up and continue or do you say that? Thank you very much. I learned a lesson. I’m not going to do it again. The [00:22:00] winners are the people who get up and say, let me do it again. Now the best performer are the people who get up very quickly and say, I will do it right now. Over and over and over. So the millisecond in terms of how fast you get up and how fast you stay there and say, I learned the lesson is going to be detrimental to the performance of your business and your personal growth is how fast you get up. Get up, get up fast

[00:22:27]VIRGINIA: I like that. I grew up on horses. And so it was like, if you fall off, you always get back on and you hurry up and get back on.

[00:22:35]MAY YEO: Exactly. Because the longer you stay down there, you know, what’s going to happen. You’re going to talk yourself out of getting up.

[00:22:41]VIRGINIA: Yeah. You get scared and whatever else. So I have a question, a little outside of all of this. So how do you, I don’t want to say find time, but how do you juggle, like everything between. With your career in your work and mom and everything else that you have [00:23:00] going on.

[00:23:01]MAY YEO: I think a lot of us, when we start our business, right, we go all in, which is you sh you’re supposed to be, and you should be going all in all the way to the end of the day that you decide to sell your business. Right. But setting boundaries is extremely important and I learned it the hard way. Okay. My daughter had to, when I was starting the coaching business, even now, occasionally she will come to me when she’s home, she’ll come to me and she will shut down my laptop and say, mama, no more costs. And when we go to a Kung Fu class or gymnastics, she was saying, mama, not looking on the phone, not looking at the phone. Look at me and it’s a rude awakening that I am here physically, but my mind and my attention is not on her. So why bother? So then I get this into this guilt, right? That, oh my God, I’m here for her, but I’m not really here for her. But then I’m thinking 1 million things [00:24:00] that I have should be, I could be doing for my business. So the moment that she shut down my laptop, that was the final straw for me. I was like, you know, listen, I really need to create a schedule that I can live that I can live by, that can create sustainability and happiness in my business, my two businesses and also my personal life. So I set a schedule and I will tell you that when I make that my schedule is not set in stone it changes with season and it changes with her school schedule and it changes with, with her curriculum as well. Right. And also with how many events I have on the books. So it’s a very fluid schedule, but there must be a rule that says that I cannot, I will not work after 6:00 PM. I do not work the weekends, or I do not start work before a certain time. And you have to hold yourself accountable for. Because to continue sustainability in your business, not even talking about your personal life, [00:25:00] if you are driving yourself so hard, you can, you will burn out and I experienced that you will burn out. And when you commit something. But it put it on the calender. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t count. So I will have to put on my phone at one forty five pickup Mia. I have to alert myself to go pick up my daughter. And so if it’s not on the calender, it doesn’t count. So everything is on a calendar. And one trick that I will, I will share with you is it’s up here when you, whatever you block on your calendar. If I say that’s okay at four o’clockMia’s gymnastic class, I’m there. I’m a hundred percent focus on the gymnastic class. If I have five o’clock after the gymnastic class, that is to create content for my social media for one hour, I will tell my daughter, mama has to work at five o’clock. So no distraction. I give you my one hour. So now can you give me my one hour I sit down and a hundred percent focus on that [00:26:00] social media content creation or whatever I’ve put on that calendar. So you need to have a conversation with the loved ones in your life that we’re going to plan the schedule together as a family, we need to all respect everybody’s boundaries. Everybody. I want my mama time. I want my me time. I want my wife and my client wants me. So. You really have to stay focused on what you set, you are going to be doing based on what your Callender say you have blocked for. And you’ve got to be present for that. Otherwise you are neither here or there and you feel guilty when you’re doing your work. That you’re not pay attention to your daughter. Yeah. Your daughter’s dance class. You not pay attention to your business. That’s not gonna work

[00:26:40]VIRGINIA: yeah, too much guilt. Doesn’t get you anywhere.

[00:26:43]MAY YEO: No, I hope that. I hope that helped that long answer.

[00:26:46]VIRGINIA: I liked it. Thank you. It’s something I’m struggling with too. So thank you.

[00:26:52]MAY YEO: I think you just have to, whatever you put in the calender if you make an effort to put it on the calendar, you have to [00:27:00] respect your calendar. You have to respect your schedule and also give yourself grace that you can’t do everything. It’s okay. Not to do everything so do the things that you enjoy most and do the things that’s going to give you the most impact for your personal life and also for your business.

[00:27:18]VIRGINIA: Very true. Thank you.

[00:27:20]MAY YEO: You’re welcome.

[00:27:21]VIRGINIA: So May I have enjoyed having you with us today? Is there anything that we haven’t talked about that you would like to share with us?

[00:27:30]MAY YEO: I think, you know, your podcast has been wonderful and I liked your mission for the. That you, you have people on your podcast that are not superstars already in the online world or in the business world, but people who are still working the business, I think ultimately, anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur, please do not mistaken. What you see on Instagram that owning a business is all glam. It’s not all glam. The Glen comes [00:28:00] after you work your butt off. And working your butt off, doesn’t really feel that working your butt off. If you take aligned actions, if you really know your why, and if this is really what you believe that you want to do for term. So before you start thinking that you want to own a business, don’t be a one prenuer . Okay. One prenuer a lot of one prenuer out there just really understand that, you know, assess your risk appetite. Assess your level of commitment and it’s okay after you go in and you realize that this is not for me. That’s not a failure because you took action. So

[00:28:41]VIRGINIA: And then you know , that that’s not what you want, but you may have found your other passion.

[00:28:45]MAY YEO: Exactly. Exactly. You move. You didn’t just stay there and just spin around and think about it. You took action and that is worth applauding. So. That will be, that will be the last piece of advice [00:29:00] that I will. share

[00:29:03]VIRGINIA: Well, thank you. Where can we go to find out more about you? And what you do?

[00:29:09]MAY YEO: So you go on social media, everything under, under my brand is May Yeo silvers. So if you go to my, my social media, let’s say my Instagram is May Yeo Silvers M a Y Y E O S I L V E R S my Linkdin is May Yeo silvers, same spelling. If you go into Facebook, to look up May Yeo Silvers , I’m there as well. And then from there, you’ll be able to find my website for my event planning company and to hospitality or my coaching company events for number four, anyone.com.

[00:29:42]VIRGINIA: Awesome Thank you again.

[00:29:45]MAY YEO: You’re most welcome. It’s a pleasure being here

[00:29:47]VIRGINIA: Thank you, and we’ll keep in touch

[00:29:50]MAY YEO: Yes



Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some love through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode.[00:30:00]

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Virginia is a master funnel builder having been certified as an FG Society Master Marketer, Funnelytics, and ClickFunnels Certified Partner.

She also helps businesses with their visibility through online searches.

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