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Where we talk with entrepreneurs in the different ways they are becoming subject matter experts and how they get visibile.

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Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum where you’ll learn a bit about who I am and why I am living this entrepreneur lifestyle.

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Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum where you’ll learn a bit about who I am and why I am living this entrepreneur lifestyle.

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There I was a starting entrepreneur with two kids under the age of 3.

I was spending all my time trying to do all the things that marketers and influencers teach. Wanting to make enough money to bring my husband home so he isn’t away working for 14 hours every. Single. Day. 

Replace the house that is falling apart with our dream home. Having more family time. Ultimately living the life of our dreams. 

Working a 9-5 job isn’t an option with a growing family. 

That and I don’t want my whole paycheck going to someone else’s pocket, let alone having ‘someone else’ raise my children. 

Thus, Entrepreneurship is the way for me as it gives me the freedom and flexibility that is needed with my children and their activities. 

But I was struggling to let my story shine through, with being me, and not feeling guilty about not giving my children my undivided attention every single moment. 

However, my greatest struggle was getting my company visible. 

So many gurus say to post on social media every day, do Facebook lives every day, batch content and repurpose on various platforms at certain intervals…

I was struggling to find time to do any one of those let alone multiples, plus doing everything else. 

Everyone has theories and opinions on how to do this. 

Everyone has their favorite platform. 

And everyone does it differently. 

Join me as I talk with other growing entrepreneurs as we discover their unique story and what they are doing to become visible in their market.

And, while this is real life, you may even hear the kiddos in the background along the way too.

I’m Virginia Purnell and this is Entrepreneur Conundrum.

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Meet The Host

Virginia Purnell

Virginia Purnell

Virginia lives in Northern Alberta on a small farm with her husband and three children.  

Virginia is a master funnel builder having been certified as an FG Society Master Marketer, Funnelytics, and ClickFunnels Certified Partner.

She also helps businesses with their visibility through online searches.

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