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Today I’m talking with Connie Terry about how she helps businesses implement strategy plans. Connie has a superpower. She can look at a business and look at all of the pieces and know exactly the next step for them to grow their businesses. She is the only VA who was invited by Facebook to work on a guide for Facebook groups to keep bullying and false news at a minimum.

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Connie Terry helps businesses implement strategy plans. Connie has a superpower. She can look at a business and look at all of the pieces and know exactly the next step for them to grow their businesses. She is the only VA who was invited by Facebook to work on a guide for Facebook groups to keep bullying and false news at a minimum.

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Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. We’re growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online.

Virginia [00:00:09] Hi, everyone. Today I’m talking with Connie Terry about how she helps businesses implement strategy plans. Connie has a superpower. She can look at a business and look at all of the pieces and know exactly the next step for them to grow their businesses. She is the only VA who was invited by Facebook to work on a guide for Facebook groups to keep bullying and false news at a minimum. Welcome, Connie.

Connie [00:00:33] Thanks for having me. Super excited to be here. 

Virginia [00:00:36] I am excited to be here, too. So how did you get invited by Facebook?

Connie [00:00:40] Yeah, so I had a business owner that got accepted into Facebook accelerator and Facebook accelerator is a six month invite only you go through a long interview process that you get to work one on one with Facebook. So you have an ad person and you have a Facebook group person. And I mean all the people. And my business owner, he doesn’t really know his data because I do all of the social media management, all the Facebook group stuff. And so I would end up being in the meetings with all of that. And so he messaged me and he was like, hey, we’re supposed to meet with Facebook. I didn’t think anything of it. I showed up and they’re like, hey, we’re going to talk about Facebook groups and how you deal with bullying and how you deal with fake news. And a lot of the things we were seeing. It was right smack in the middle of the election. And so part of what they told us was Mark Zuckerberg wants to see more community and Facebook groups versus people just randomly posting stuff or people making claims. I mean, we were in a pandemic and all of this stuff. And how do you keep some of that out and what does that look like?

Connie [00:01:49] So I did not realize I was the only VA I showed up and we were about an hour into it.

Connie [00:01:55] And I’m like, OK, how in the world did I get here? But it was so cool. And it’s it’s a guy that now goes out to anybody who starts a new Facebook group. You can get that guy out. And just some of the best practice on how to build a Facebook group and and keep that out, because spammers are spammers are a problem in Facebook groups and people. You see a lot of bullying in Facebook groups, especially the larger the Facebook group gets. So it was really cool for them to hear, as you know. And I could give real life examples of what some of the bullying and some of the things that we were just seeing that and how we, you know, how I come in there and kind of change that and how I ban people and stuff and how we put keyword alerts and all of the stuff that we’ve tried to protect that community. Really strong women, because I tend to get taken advantage of more than men do.

Connie [00:02:56] So but it was an honor.

Virginia [00:02:57] I was like, wow, cross that one off your bucket list. Right.

Connie [00:03:01] I didn’t even know it was on me. It was the funny thing.

Connie [00:03:04] I was like I literally and we had to sign papers and stuff because I quoted us and then all the stuff like we had to be legal. And then I literally just worked with Facebook one on one. Like, that’s pretty that’s pretty darn cool in the whole ecosystem. And to be heard, I mean, we want people to have amazing Facebook groups and, you know, not to have the problems that I see on a daily basis. So it was really fun.

Virginia [00:03:34] Right. That’s so cool.

Virginia [00:03:36] So how did you become a VA?

Connie [00:03:40] Yeah, so I took a Facebook course and in the middle of the course, I guess, was about two years ago, I figured out, like, I was really, really good at looking to see when people are posting on social media, like, why is that not getting engagement? Why is that not being able to help them come up with content and stuff like that? And one of the coaches in there was like, I mean, girl, you’re really great at this. Like, it’s just a gift. And so she just kind of came in and just mentioned a little bit. And it’s like you could totally be a social media manager and, you know, all the stuff. And I was like, I’ve never had thought about it. So I started out slowly, just kind of getting my feet wet with some brick and mortars and helping them. And then it just kept growing and people kept referring and and that’s really it. I really focus on the social media part or that’s what I was focusing on. And then like Facebook groups, because I could just see this trend in Facebook groups where people were giving everything for free and just no strategy as far as how do I turn this into a paid had been paid. And I just I’m super strategic. Like, I just have that gift to be able to go in and see things and put the pieces together. Most people tell you, like I’m the puzzle piece or like I can put the pieces together and be like and to make it simple, so many times people get strategy stuff and it’s so far out there, it’s like big picture that they don’t know where to start. And I like coming in and saying, OK, this week, here’s what you’re going to do and this time here’s what you’re going to do. So but I honestly just fell into it accidentally, but then I just kept learning and I love it. I absolutely love it.

Virginia [00:05:27] That is so cool.

Virginia [00:05:27] And I could be like, really helpful to like just break it down for people like my stuff, not on requirement and this is what I do and just make it so it’s not so overwhelming. Right.

Connie [00:05:41] Well, I think the biggest lie out there is that if you simply just build a Facebook following or an Instagram following that people will just come in, they’ll purchase, you know, and I’m like, that is such a lie. And I don’t know where it started from, but I’ve seen it in courses. I’ve seen it all over the place. And and business owners will come to me. And I mean, I had one that came in. 

Connie [00:06:04] She had five hundred thousand and had one hundred on email, you know, and engagement was like it less than one percent. And I might and there’s always like there’s a little graphic that I use to figure out, like, have you gotten the right people? And I was like, Houston, we have a problem. Like we you know, if you’re missing those pieces and I always tell people, like your numbers on social media don’t mean anything to me. They’re just a number. Are they engaged? Are they on your email, are they in your text or are they are they connecting with you and are you connecting with them? And that’s where a lot of businesses, you know, they just want to build that number. And I might I would rather you have one hundred people that will follow you around the world versus five hundred thousand that you don’t even know who you are.

Virginia [00:07:01] Would that be the biggest mistake that you see from your clients making or is there something else? 

Connie [00:07:08] A lot of times it is, but it’s not it’s just not having a strategy. They they kind of have this idea. Like usually they have at least one product or one service that they’re providing, but there’s no thought as to how do we get the how do we get people to that?

Connie [00:07:26] It’s just that sort of if I just post on social media, if I just send an email once every three months, you know, and I’m like, OK, you know, there has to be this strategy of how consistent are you with all of that? And I think sometimes they’re just overwhelmed. They’re confused. And so it’s more than just one piece. I would say it’s like it’s like a circle. It’s like this ecosystem. All of these pieces work together. But when you take one out of the equation, then it’s a broken will and you have to look at and that’s what I do when I do my audits as I go through and I look at what are you writing an email, what’s your email often? Is it something that people are even clicking over to? Like if they’re on your website and they’re not even clicking about, then that’s not resonating with them, you know? And then what’s your I mean, I literally cover everything. They’re like, oh, my God, because most business owners can’t tell me their numbers, you know, they don’t know what their open rate or their read rate is in emails or what their click rate is. And there’s some tricks to some of that. And being able to really help them lay that out, like all of my business owners have doubled their income and added streams of income that they just hadn’t even thought about, which is just it’s fun, but it’s really cool to be able to do that and to give them a step by steps to be able to.

Virginia [00:08:51] And to be able to see that reward for them to.

Connie [00:08:54] Yeah,. 

Virginia [00:08:55] So who’s an ideal client, for you.

Connie [00:08:56] So my ideal client is somebody who they’re really pretty established. I work with a lot of medical professionals, but I also work with a lot of bloggers and even some brick and mortar. But they have to be pretty established like they’ve been in business for a while and they’re just not using email. They’re not using social media email, all the things. So they’re kind of usually my business owners are relying on word of mouth.

Connie [00:09:18] Sometimes if they’re a bigger business, they’ve done like Billboard, they’ve done some of the direct mail stuff and they’re not getting results from that. And so being able to put those pieces and using social media for that, they immediately see results just being able to build out what they need to be using. So that is really the people I love. I just have to serve them because they’re already I mean, they’re pretty amazing at what they do. So they’re not in that struggle. But I kind of have an idea, but I don’t really know. I love new business owners, but they’re just not they need a little bit different to be able to get started.

Virginia [00:09:59] How do your clients find you like you do ads, do you do lives? What do you do to get in front of your ideal people?

Connie [00:10:10] That’s such a great question. Some of it is that when a business owner has success, they typically know four or five other business owners and they’ll refer those. I’m starting to use LinkedIn and seeing results with that because that’s just a different it’s a different platform where you can. And they’re usually more professional, clubhouse has been a great asset to be able to go in there and give content and to be able to really connect with some of those business owners and to collaborate and just do that. So but I mean, it’s just word of mouth. I mean, you just need a few people who love you and sing your praises to you. And then you have to ask them, like, who else do you know? I’ve tried Facebook ads. It’s really hard to get a quality person on Facebook ads.

Connie [00:11:06] So it is. And I am good at Facebook ads and it just it takes so long for the algorithm to kind of figure out who you’re looking for. And so many people use generic like I’m a business owner. Well, they’re they’re selling jewelry or they’re selling something. They’re not really a business owner as far as making five or six figures a month.

Virginia [00:11:31] So, yeah, and most people probably aren’t going to check that button anyway, right?

Connie [00:11:37] Probably not. So it’s just a hard like I just haven’t found great success with Facebook ads. I can do it for my clients and they get amazing results. But it’s just a different of there. It’s a different target. So, yeah, I’m loving LinkedIn right now and clubhouse would probably be my top two, but I had to go figure out LinkedIn. I was like, I just didn’t understand it. There’s a great room for me listening. There’s a great bunch of people and I can’t think of what if you follow me on clubhouse all send me a DM, I can point you in that direction. But there a room typically every day about 4:00 p.m. Eastern that they’re all LinkedIn experts and they’re amazing at just giving. What I mean, I was like, oh, my gosh, I’m taking a thousand notes on what LinkedIn is and and they totally changed like how I did on LinkedIn or.

Virginia [00:12:36] Yeah, do you have any big goals for the next one to two years?

Connie [00:12:42] Yeah, but they’re not really. Well, they are business related, but they’re not completely business related. One of the things that I I love being an entrepreneur. I love, but I love that I can take that a little bit in my business and be able to impact the world. And so my heart beat is to help foster kids who are aging out of the system and helping them to kind of see, like, what skills do they have that they kid that we can foster and have people come in and mentor, but then also be able to help with some of the abandonment, the the shame and the guilt that they typically have and being able to release some of that.

Connie [00:13:23] So just really helping them get a jump start on life when they’ve been given like a cruddy life. So and that’s such a broken system. So but to have business owners come in and even just mentor them a little bit of. To see their gifting and to be able to help them do something a little bit different, so.

Virginia [00:13:43] That’s cool.  Do you think that that would make like a change to your business, like I thought you didn’t really change the business aspect for it, so it might not really.

Virginia [00:13:56] Be able to openly correlate?

Connie [00:13:58] Well, I think it correlates because, one, it takes money to do that. I mean, it takes money to to be able to provide that training, to provide those resources. But I also see it as partnering with my business owners to be able because they’re all gifted. I mean, they all have amazing ability in their own right, you know, and so being able to see them kind of step even into that place, a mentor a little bit. And it really is a partnership and, you know, me helping them, but then them also stepping into that place where we’re able to help these kiddos.

Virginia [00:14:30] A great way to help give it back to the community to.

Connie [00:14:35] Yeah, and to be because I business owners all over the United States, so, you know, it’s not just one local area, but to really be able to see that expanding and I could build a Facebook page, I can go to Facebook groups, you know, being everything I have. Yeah. I mean, do we even have a safe place for these kids to land and ask questions and and really get mentored with nothing expected of them except to follow through and to live out the gifting that they’ve got? So but that’s one of my goals for twenty twenty one, is to really bring on some business owners that to serve them. But for them to step in and serve these kids to some degree,.

Virginia [00:15:20] that would be pretty rewarding.

Connie [00:15:21] Yeah.

Virginia [00:15:22] Do you feel like there’s any roadblocks holding you back from the.

Connie [00:15:27] I think you always have roadblocks. I mean, if you’re an entrepreneur, you have roadblocks and if you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.

Connie [00:15:33] I think one getting clear on what that looks like and I’m not sure I’m still super clear on all the pieces of that. But then, you know, I always think there’s roadblocks there, you know, financially. What does it take to be able to do that? It literally takes an army to do that. So, you know, I think any entrepreneur, like any business, has roadblocks. And I think any time that you get to a place financially, there’s always a place where there’s some mindset, stuff that you have to kind of bust through and and figure out what’s holding you back. And so that’s kind of been my journey for the past, probably six months or so. It’s looking at some of those things that I’ve heard passed down, you know, from my parents, my grandparents, and really working through some of the mindset stuff. So.

Virginia [00:16:25] We’re crazy how it can affect generations.

Connie [00:16:29] Yeah, and I think that that’s just not I mean, again, going back to clubhouse, I kept hearing people in a room so you can go from zero to ten thousand. And I might if you don’t have systems in place and you don’t have, you know, that mindset dealt with, like you can’t go to there, you know. And so I think helping people kind of figure that out, I think it’s a journey for all of us to figure out. You know, where you get stuck and to recognize that maybe you are stuck and get a coach or get somebody to help with that. I just signed up for some coaching to be able to kind of work for you in getting more of the systems in place. So it’s you know, because I just saw that is kind of in this new year, like that was probably my biggest deficit was systems.

Virginia [00:17:17] So that’s cool. Fix it up a little bit.

Virginia [00:17:21] What advice would you have ever received?

Connie [00:17:25] Oh, that’s a great question. I think the best advice somebody gave me was you can’t do everything.

Connie [00:17:33] Figure out what you’re good at. And stop trying to be everything to everyone.

Connie [00:17:40] And I was like, OK, I hear you loud and clear because I’m good at a ton of different things. I can write emails, I can write, I can take a Facebook group from three to paid. I can do tripwires, I can do all of these things. But am I supposed to be doing all of those things? And so being able to look at that and are really like I think sometimes we get into ourself and we I finally had to go ask people like, what do you see? What what do you see that I’m amazing at. And and everybody had the same answer, you know, you’re so great at putting the pieces together and looking at the strategy, you know, and sometimes that’s scary, you know? Not take on everything and be like, OK, this is what I’m going to focus on. And so but that was the best advice and that wasn’t long ago, like that was probably a few months ago. Or somebody was like, why are you doing all this other stuff? And she did it lovingly. But it was like, OK, we need to have a come to Jesus meeting on. You know what you’re amazing at?

Virginia [00:18:48] Thank goodness for friends.

Connie [00:18:52] You have to be open to hear that, though, you know, I mean, as an entrepreneur, you have to be open to to hearing that and in doing so. But, yeah, I’m super grateful that she was like. This is what you’re amazing at, go do it, you know, so it’s always good to have that circle of people that you can talk to her.

Virginia [00:19:16] Especially. I was going to say, like in the online space or like in the in the business world, like not just like my best friend who doesn’t really understand that aspect.

Connie [00:19:29] Yeah, and I and I would say to anybody, but if you don’t have that, like, really look for that, but it also needs to be somebody who’s a little bit ahead of you, a little bit just able to sew into, you know, somebody who’s barely starting their business and no clue with everything. Like it needs to be somebody who is a little bit farther ahead of you that can be like, OK, girl, why are you charging this for this, you know, and some of that stuff? Because you’re going to work through some of that for her. You know, just I see that a lot with especially beginning veis. You know, I’m like, you’re going to pivot a thousand times. And it’s OK that you don’t love something, it’s OK that you don’t want to do something private. It’s not a failure, it’s just a pivot.

Virginia [00:20:16] That failing forward.

Connie [00:20:18] I like that. Yeah, I don’t even know that it’s failing because of you, if you just, like, fall and get back up, you know, and say, OK, what did I learn from this? Every client. I mean, I had to fire somebody the other day and lesson learned, you know, like there was just a lesson in that, that moving forward, you know, there will be a different policy there. And you don’t just take somebody at their word or whether they stay in their businesses and stuff. So, you know, it’s it’s looking at that and saying, OK, what lesson I’m supposed to learn from this and then move in and just be OK. I mean, we don’t like it, little kid. I was trying to learn to walk and say, oh, you’re such a failure because you felt, you know, you fell down like we were like, OK, get back up.

Connie [00:21:07] And I think we need more of that in especially in coaching in veis in is and stuff like we want to say, you know, oh, I failed, but really we just sat down for a minute and got back out with more clarity.

Virginia [00:21:24] And stuff like that.

Connie [00:21:27] Make them share screen on Zoom before you sign a contract saying maybe we should have.

Virginia [00:21:40] So is there anything that you have given that you think is like your best advice?

Connie [00:21:49] Word at that point and say you no, I love that. So when I when I do rooms and clubhouse, here’s what I tell brand new entrepreneurs because I have a heartbeat for them.

Connie [00:22:02] I say take baby steps.

Connie [00:22:05] You can see the big picture, Way far off, but there’s a million steps to get there, and if you try to jump through all of those steps, you’re going to get frustrated and you’ll end up quitting.

Connie [00:22:16] Just take the next step.

Connie [00:22:18] Just take the next step and know know your strategy, know why you’re doing what you’re doing, because you’re going to make up on some days and not want to do it at all. So knowing like here’s my end goal, here’s why I’m in this, but here’s my next step. You know, and you’re not putting the cart before the horse and all of this stuff, like you’re you’re literally just eyes focused. And I also tell people, stop looking at comparing yourself to everybody else. Business is never going to look like somebody else’s. It’s not meant to, you know, and I tell I tell business owners like because I’ve had people come to me that, you know, we did the whole strategy stuff and they’re like, well, so-and-so has this many following. And I’m like, and I can go look at so-and-so page. And they really don’t like, you know, the the the analytics are not going to tell me that just because I can see that on social media. So I think so many times we get into that trap of looking at somebody else’s business with a little bit of envy because we think that they have it all together. We were talking about this in my house the other night because we were talking about they were talking about six, seven figure people. And I’m like, I actually worked for somebody. And out of six figures, she brought home 15 percent.

Connie [00:23:46] You know, you don’t know what somebody’s business looks like. You’re seeing an outside what they want you to see on social media.

Virginia [00:23:55] Yeah, it’s like this because my neighbor has the big house and the nice car and everything else doesn’t mean that they’re not like that’s a keeper.

Connie [00:24:05] Well, and I think especially now with having as we filmed this, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic like there were a lot of people in the middle of this that you have nice cars and nice houses. But when you have no income coming in there, they’re living paycheck to paycheck and everybody else thinks they’re doing amazing. So you just don’t know. So when you take your eyes off of that and say, this is what I’m gifted at, this is what I’m called to do. This is I’m called to serve. And you’re super clear on that. I asked my business owners for questions and we write out their mission statement to be super crystal clear. So their social media reflects that. You’ve got to you’ve got to have it written.

Connie [00:24:46] You’ve got to know why you do what you do and what you’re called to do and stop looking at everybody else.

Connie [00:24:57] I mean, it’s hard.

Connie [00:24:59] I mean, it’s hard when you see everything on social media, but you don’t know how many times it took them to take that one perfect picture, you know, or, you know, showing. I mean, people I’ve seen people put up even like we made this. And I’m like, I mean, how do we even know that that that’s your bank account or your like you don’t, you know, and I mean, you hope it is, but you just don’t know. And so when you take your eyes off and you’re looking around at everybody else.

Connie [00:25:32] You just get lost. You’re off the path that you were called to be on. So I just tell people like Winston now you just take the next step every day. One tiny step.

Virginia [00:25:45] I keep having so I don’t know, I have little kids. And so we watched Frozen two at our house and pretty close up. 

Virginia [00:25:57] But there is this interesting fact about the movie that I discovered not long ago.

Virginia [00:26:01] And so it’s when Ana is in the dark, she doesn’t know how she’s going to get out. Her sister, she knows, just died off, just disappeared. So she’s by herself. And so she starts singing that song like just take the next one after the next step for it.

Virginia [00:26:19] And what was really interesting, too, is I think it’s Kristin Bowers who plays on it, but she also deals with depression and stuff like that and has a really hard time from base and.

Virginia [00:26:33] That’s she says that’s literally what she does, is she just all right, well, what’s the next what’s my next step?

Virginia [00:26:40] Set up out of bed and watch the next best step. And so.

Virginia [00:26:45] Or related every. There’s so many things going be relating to different movies, but that’s really, really impactful. 

Connie [00:26:52] And so I’m afraid that even practical to do is not write out a ton of To-Do list, like literally take and write out one or two things you can accomplish for that day. What are those steps that you need to do instead of maybe you need to do any more often.

Connie [00:27:14] Maybe you need to sign up for an improv, or maybe you need to find somebody that can help you with that.

Connie [00:27:20] But like, what is that one thing? Because when you don’t accomplish it, then you beat yourself up. But if you can say, you know, because we all have I mean, we’ve all been guilty of writing 50 things on a to do list and then the world falls apart. We’re like, I only got one or two things done. One, if you would have only wrote two to three things and got a majority of them crossed off.

Connie [00:27:46] And you’re like, OK, success,.

Virginia [00:27:49] Or even in their ideal world, could you even get all those 50 things done in one day?

Connie [00:27:53] No, but that’s the reality of it. But I think we somehow think we’ve got superpowers that we can just do it or that it won’t take as I hear this all the time. Oh, it won’t take me very long to do that. Emma Upton is going to take you a little bit if you’re going to look at it and then come back to it and decide you want to add something to it or take something away or you know, and I think, too, sometimes I see this a lot with business owners. They want it to be perfect. There’s not a perfect email. There’s not a perfect social media post. There’s not a I mean, there are things that you’ll think will go viral that you think will do super well and they just go flat on social media, you know? I mean, who would have thought? I mean, as a feminist, we just had a girl. I would have never guessed that Bernie Sanders in a jacket and mittens would go viral and then there would be a million memes of him. You know, he didn’t even think that. So, you know, like it’s one of those things you just don’t know. You just have to keep trying. Don’t be afraid to keep trying. And something doesn’t work. Have somebody else look at it.

Connie [00:29:04] Have somebody say, like, you know what? What are your thoughts? And and just and pivot if you need to.

Virginia [00:29:16] Don’t be scared.

Connie [00:29:19] Don’t be afraid to pivot, pivot is just like switching things up a little bit, right?

Virginia [00:29:24] It’s like not having passed every night before.

Connie [00:29:27] Well, it’s like your favorite pair of jeans that you make more during quarantine. And you can’t just right this minute, you know, like you don’t just be like, oh, I just quit life, like you say, OK, when I need to exercise and to why don’t I go get my jeans right quick, fixes everything out and be like, I wouldn’t want failure.

Connie [00:29:52] Like you’re just like, OK, we got to make a change and that’s all it is.

Virginia [00:29:57] Yeah. Change the perspective really will be so hard on yourself. Yeah. Is there anything that you would like to share with us that I haven’t asked you yet?

Connie [00:30:10] I don’t think so.

Connie [00:30:13] I know not that I can think of the girl.

Virginia [00:30:18] Well, I appreciate you being here.

Connie [00:30:21] Thanks for having me.

Virginia [00:30:23] Where can people find out more about you and what you do?

Connie [00:30:28] So my favorite place, places I am on Facebook so you can go to grow your business online is my Facebook page.

Connie [00:30:37] If you’re looking for a blog post or I have a really fun quiz right now. What’s your business superpower? And you can find that on Instagram or you can just go to my website at Business Strategy Plans dot com.

Connie [00:30:51] If you are in clubhouse come follow me. We do. I do a room usually twice a week. So but just come hang out like come say hi at least like that would be fun.

Virginia [00:31:03] Cool. Thank you again, Connie. Have a great day. We’ll keep in touch

Connie [00:31:07] Ok. Thanks.

Virginia [00:31:15] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some, leave through a review and I’ll catch you on the next episode.




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She also helps businesses with their visibility through online searches.

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