Episode 47: Dean Brown

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Today I’m talking with Dean Brown about how he helps professional men and dads create six-figure plus businesses. 

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About The Guest

Dean empowers professional men and dads, to face their suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, and self-denial to embrace life without guilt, anger or hate, and manifest their highest vision of peace, love and profit in life and business.

Dean is preparing to begin his own segments on Life Balance TV that is featured on a new Roku app, on your smart TVs, Amazon fire and soon to be on Apple TV.

Right now, he has a high-performance group Coaching and his Men’s Mastermind group to facilitate helping professional men and dads develop a high performance, holistic law of attraction mindset that creates a six-plus figure multi-stream business income unique to them.


Episode Transcript

 Virginia [00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell. Where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online.

Virginia [00:00:09] Hey, everyone. Today I’m talking with Dean Brown about how he helps professional men and dads create six figure plus businesses. Dean empowers, professional men and dads to face their suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs and self-denial to embrace life without guilt, anger or hate, and manifest their highest vision of peace, love and profit in life and business is preparing to begin his own segments on Life Balance TV that is featured on a new Roku app on your smart TVs, Amazon fire and soon to be on Apple TV. Right now, he is using his real life experiences to excellent affiliate marketing platforms, his high performance group Coaching and his Menz Mastermind group to facilitate helping professional men and dads develop a high performance, holistic law of attraction mindset that creates a six plus figure multi stream business income unique to them. Welcome, Dean. 

Dean [00:01:08] Happy to be here. Virginia, I’m sorry I gave you that tongue twister to work on. 

Virginia [00:01:13] That’s OK. Looks like you’ve got a lot of ways to help the dads and men.


Dean [00:01:19] that’s because they’ve been through a lot. And I have come to the realization that to be my best, I can’t be just one thing. I’ve got to be like a whole book. Good. You know, lots of subject matter, lots of depth. That’s where I am now.


Virginia [00:01:38] Well and life’s multifaceted to right like we’re not. Well, I hope I’m not just a mom, right or right or right or just whatever my work position title is, so.


Dean [00:01:51] I think that having a title can sometimes be that definition can hold us into a box, and sometimes we’ve got to make sure that we don’t allow ourselves to be in that box if we’re going to be full and complete and able to help other people. I’m all about helping other people. So it’s one of those things where I try to avoid judgment and definitions so that we can actually be a complete self and, you know, accept things from a different angle, be creative and that sort of thing.


Virginia [00:02:16] Yeah, so could you tell us how you started this entrepreneurial journey or got to where you are?


Dean [00:02:24] Absolutely, absolutely. So I used to work in the manufacturing industry here in Canada. I used to work on a big printing press that we made Sears catalogs and you know where Sears is these days. So obviously, I had to be willing to embrace change in order to continue to survive. So in 2008, along with the rest of the world, with the crash, I was forced into a position where one day I was making one hundred twenty thousand dollars a year. The next day I was unemployed. So it was OK. So what do you do now? And up to that point, having been raised by a World War Two fighter pilot from the Depression era, I was kind of forcibly taught how life should be. This is what you should should be a man. Don’t show any weakness. Don’t show your emotions. This is what you got to do. You’ve got to be the breadwinner.


Dean [00:03:08] And I always found that that was that definition that held me in a box. And even though I was able to be successful at everything I ever chose to do, I wasn’t me. I wasn’t complete. I was always feeling a certain amount of locked in what it was. I wasn’t allowed to to.


Dean [00:03:27] There was lots of stuff that just wasn’t me. And in that 2008 beginning of that journey that forced me to change, I started to become an entrepreneur on my own at that point. And that’s where the entrepreneur journey truly started. I went for being a renovation to a carpenter, doing home renovations, landscaping, that sort of thing. And that was my first foray into my own business. But I found myself in small claims court trying to get paid more than I did actually doing the work. So I ended up in a place where I used up all my savings, used up on my my pension, struggled intellectually, mentally, spiritually. I was also involved deeply in a fundamental Baptist church as an addictions program leader, as well as I had a prison, a prison ministry, where I would go into a Canadian medium security prison once or twice a week and do spiritual studies, spiritual guidance, as well as prerelease counseling. And even then, I knew there was something missing. There was, and I couldn’t connect to it and got to the point where I was I was more frustrated then happy and more depressed than inspired. And I actually tried to kill myself a couple of times each time I was saved by one person. The first time it was a stranger. The second time was one of my own children. Now, let me explain about the child. The second time I was going to do it right, I was going to go where nobody could find me, but I wanted to say goodbye to my kids first. And one of those children was unavailable to say goodbye to. And I couldn’t do that to her on an ongoing basis because I’ve had actually other family members, cousins, uncles and that sort of thing actually commit suicide. And I saw what that did. But at the same point in time, I still had that mental place where I thought the world was better without me. The universe had a different story, a different plan, and it wouldn’t let me go. And today I’m very, very thankful for that.


Dean [00:05:23] My children are very also thankful for that, although there are some of them that don’t want to talk to me. They’ll we’ll work our way through that. And this is life in the modern era. But the the whole purpose at that point was, OK, so if I have a purpose, what is it? And many of us struggle with what are we here to do? Why are we here? That’s a huge question for I think everybody at some point and for many people right through to their deathbed for me, I know that I’m blessed with that knowledge. I have that blessing. Call it a blessing. And so I went through a lot of personal coaching and I studied real estate investing. I studied stock market investing. And then I started realizing that, wait a second, I’ve always been a coach. When I was in the manufacturing industry, I led a team on the press and that press was like a machine that could kill you out of ten most hazardous work circumstances. There was seven at my workplace, so it was always the focus to make sure everybody went home with their fingers and toes. Just actually go home, right. Go home to your family safely each day. And I saw many circumstances where people almost didn’t do that.


Dean [00:06:30] So I was in the Health and Safety Committee. I was the first aider lead hand fire ward and all these different things.


Dean [00:06:37] And the training to help people not hurt themselves led to me digging into this coach thing after the universe saved me, when I came to realize that it wasn’t part of what I needed to live by. And aggression wasn’t what I needed to live by, I needed to break out of that pattern that my dad had kind of forced me into society, school, all those things that tell you you have to be a man, you have to be the breadwinner. You have to be tough, like I mentioned earlier. And so to break out of that was a huge challenge for me. And when I did break out of that, it was so freeing, I was able to connect with my emotions. I was able to connect with my spiritual self. I was able to recognize suppressed memories and not have it be one of those things, it was like, oh, no, I’ve got this repressed memory and so was just the the ability to be myself. Was such a free, freeing thing that I have to share. I just have to share it because it’s the way we should all be.


Virginia [00:07:41] That’s quite the journey you’ve been on.


Dean [00:07:46] And it’s not over. Thank you. Thank you. The really interesting part has just begun, actually. So I’m happy. I’m good.


Virginia [00:07:58] So what do you like most about the work that you’re doing?


[00:08:03] Oh, there’s no question. I like seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they realize who and what they can be, that it wasn’t what they thought there in that place where they’re struggling. Like I mentioned how I was and the ability that I have to do it for myself makes it very, very, very rewarding when I can help someone else do the same thing. So everybody’s different. Everybody’s unique. Quick joke. How do you catch a unique rabbit? Go ahead and try to figure that one out. That’s right.


Dean [00:08:33] Yeah. You know, this one. And how do you catch a tame rabbit? Yeah. You’re the first person I’ve ever met that knows that joke. Where to go. We must be parents.


Virginia [00:08:42] Or both Canadians, one of the two.


Dean [00:08:45] Or both Canadians. Right.


Dean [00:08:47] So that’s the beauty of what I do. It allows me to re-experience that joy, that happiness, that elation of being more today than I was yesterday. That’s the thing. I like to share that and to encourage that. And the people. That’s cool.


Virginia [00:09:06] I know you said that everyone is unique, which is totally true, which is awesome, it would be kinda boring if we all weren’t right.


Virginia [00:09:13] Right, what are there some common mistakes that you see from your clients making?


Dean [00:09:20] Big time, big time, there’s two I’m going to speak about to the first one in self-denial or self judgment, where we’re not giving ourselves permission to celebrate the winds. We’re always about spanking ourselves, about the things we didn’t get right. And I find that that’s one of the most insidious things to hold people back. They get into this mindset where I missed this, I didn’t do that, or even worse, where they’re blaming other people more so than themselves, where they’re not even connected to themselves. And it’s all about what the rest of the world is doing to hold them back. So I find those two aspects are very, very powerful and holding someone from being who they can potentially be and actually giving themselves permission to pursue that potential. The second thing is judgment now that I’m connected with my spiritual self. I meditate and I understand the law of attraction, quantum mechanics and and entanglement and all these things that I don’t want to get into a big, crazy discussion about this stuff. That’s really a mind bender. But it’s helped me understand that true spiritual love and we’re all meant to love. That’s our most powerful ability, is to love you as a mother, as a father. And we both know that love is the most important thing we can share with our children. And judgment is the worst, because when you put judgment on yourself or someone else, you are putting them in that box that I mentioned earlier. And you’re trying to force them to stay in that box by having that judgment, as well as your forcing your own thinking to stay in that box because you’re not allowing yourself to be free.


Dean [00:10:54] Think out of the box, think from out of the blue, so to speak, and just be one with your creative self.


Virginia [00:11:02] To think I just got this out here because I’m a mom of young kids several times that I thought of Elsa from Frozen.


Dean [00:11:10] Yes. Yes.


Dean [00:11:12] Right. Right.


Virginia [00:11:13] It’s OK now. She’s back to being who she can be.


Dean [00:11:17] Right 100 percent.


Dean [00:11:18] And that’s that’s her. Excuse me. That’s our most important. That’s why we’re here. We’re here. We’re spiritual beings on a physical journey. And the purpose of the physical journey is to give us the contrast from our spiritual perfection so we can appreciate that spiritual perfection. That contrast is the key. That’s why we’re here for this experience.


Virginia [00:11:39] Sorry.


Dean [00:11:40] It’s OK. It’s OK. I was mentioning that spiritual experience and how we’re freed from it. So we’re.


Virginia [00:11:47] Is there?


Virginia [00:11:50] We’re going to tell you try to deep but is there anything.


Dean [00:11:52] anything at all, anything at all. Go ahead. Dig deep. I don’t mind. I like it, actually.


Virginia [00:11:58] So how do you help solve those problems that come to see?


Dean [00:12:03] Well, we’re awareness, so deny it or not. The truth of it is that we’re born with two things, Virginia. We’re born with awareness and we’re born with choices. Those are what we’re born with. That’s what we’ll die with.


Dean [00:12:15] And there’s everything else is an illusion. So if you are in a place where you’ve been taught by your parents, by society, by school, by your job to ignore your awareness, you don’t realize that our emotions are our signal from our spirit about whether or not we’re on track to what we’re supposed to be doing. So if you’re feeling happy and joyous, that’s your spirit saying you’re doing the right thing. If you’re feeling anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, that’s your spirit telling you you’re thinking and doing the wrong thing. So this is where I start with people. I ask them, how are they feeling about what they’re thinking, what they’re doing in life? And then I get them to be. Willing, I asked them if they’re willing, because I actually before I coach anybody, they have to be willing, they have to be coachable and they have to be hungry. And if they’re not those three things that then, you know, I try to find someone else to help them. But to answer your question more directly, when people are struggling with what I just mentioned. That awareness, that connection to their awareness has to be nurtured. It has to be connected to it has to be made aware of awareness, and they have to work through what’s been blocking it up to this point. And I help them with everybody, just like I mentioned that you and you’ve agreed everybody is unique. So the things that hold you back from that awareness. Are different for everybody, but as soon as you get that awareness, you can start to make better choices.


Virginia [00:13:48] Uh huh. I know that we’ve touched on the idea that you work with dads and men, but is professional in your profession.


Virginia [00:13:58] And so is there an ideal group of men that you work for?


Dean [00:14:04] So I work with anybody that’s trying to build a business and have it be something that embellishes or improves their life while they’re at it. A lot of people separate the two. The old school approaches separate your life from your business. And there’s that separation is our mistake at the core. We need to be connected. We need to be connected to ourselves. We need to be connected to our community. And the niche of men that I work with are men that are willing to embrace that.


Dean [00:14:32] You can be a tradesman, you can be a CEO, any form of C suite individual, any business owner, anybody that is in a place where it’s not just about the job or even if they are like thinking that a job is, they’ve come to that awareness that a job isn’t the ultimate and they need to get out of it. I coached several people who have walked away from several hundred thousand dollar a year jobs because they knew as soon as they asked their boss for a time off the boss. I don’t know, man, you’re in charge of million dollars of our of our revenue. You can’t go anywhere. Where’s the freedom in that? Right. And 90 percent of the time when men ask for time off, it’s about their family because they have someone at home that says daddy’s not here anymore. And I want daddy here. And that’s where your life becomes connected to your your.


Dean [00:15:23] Your whatever your job is or your career or whatever the case may be, and that’s the part that I work with, I work with men that need to strengthen that. And, of course, I have different ways to start different businesses for them, depending on who they are and what they want to do. So that’s where the multi stream thing comes in.


Virginia [00:15:41] OK. So how do you get in front of these gentleman? Do they do you do Facebook ads or is it more word of mouth?


Dean [00:15:50] Now there’s a I do podcast like you do. I have a private group on Facebook. I reach out organically on Facebook and LinkedIn. I find ads paid ads as much as they’re effective or not personal enough. So you don’t always get the kind of person you get lots of people responding, but they’re not necessarily the person of your tribe. Right. So for me, what I talk about is believe, receive to achieve, ask belief and receive to achieve. And that’s all about the law of attraction. So I look for men that are in a place where they’re ready to make a change and I reach out to them on a basis that the law of attraction provides as I go through just being myself, showing that I’m always giving value online and everywhere I go. And that right there, the law of attraction. It’s the most powerful aspect.


Virginia [00:16:48] Cool, that’s good.


Virginia [00:16:54] Are there any big goals that you’re looking to achieve for the next couple of years?


Dean [00:16:57] Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. So one of the most important things that I want to do is it’s my goal to reach a hundred thousand men. Over the rest of my career, I’m pushing 60 now, so it’s not like I’m starting in my 30s. It took me a long time to get where I am. Excuse me. And. The awareness that, yes, I have the strength of mind, the strength of body to continue on. I’m probably going to be doing this when I’m 80 because I love it so much. In that time. I want to help as many men as I can reconnect to themselves so that they can strengthen their family and. You see, we don’t raise a family, we cultivate a family, when you’re raising something, you’re telling them how they’re going to do the next step. When you’re cultivating something, you’re nurturing it to grow into its own purpose, its own self. So this is so there’s a paradigm shift going on that started with in twenty twenty with both a pandemic where the whole world was put in a place where it was forced to change. I’m taking that forced change and turning it into a chosen change that includes a paradigm shift of heartfelt love. Purposeful existence and a life full of abundance and accomplishment.


Virginia [00:18:15] I like how.


Virginia [00:18:17] You cultivate the family instead of raise the family, right, and then.


Virginia [00:18:23] And really, like 2020, in essance is just all of our like how we perceive to look at her, how we perceive.


Dean [00:18:32] Awareness and choice.


Virginia [00:18:34] Mm hmm. Do you have any roadblocks that you feel like are holding you back from achieving your goals?


Dean [00:18:39] as a human being?


Dean [00:18:41] I struggle with what my mind tells me all the time. And it’s you know, we all have days where we’re supermen and we all have days where we wish we knew who Superman was. And it’s it’s it’s that ebb and flow. But I always celebrate the wins. And I don’t get into that judgment box where I’m telling myself that I’m not worthy when I think those thoughts, it’s always based on something external that I’m allowing myself to to possibly believe is real. So I just tell myself through my coaching, through the people, my mentors, I as a coach have more than one coach. I have several mentors and coaches that are all six, seven and eight figure earner’s million dollar earners that really know their business, their mindset, all these different things. And I value them deeply. There’s there’s never been a circumstance where I succeeded without their help. Everybody that’s a success today has that success because they chose to ask for help. That’s probably the most powerful thing that I do, and I also encourage is when you’re struggling, ask for help.


Virginia [00:19:51] And that’s the big thing.


Virginia [00:19:53] And it’s hard sometimes for products to swallow the pride and ask for help.


Dean [00:19:58] The big time, big time.


Dean [00:20:00] And, you know, one of the things I try to teach is that it it’s a strength to choose to ask for help, because in that you’ve realized that you can’t do it alone. And that’s powerful when you can come to that awareness and make that choice again. Back to awareness and choice. You’ve just stepped to the next level.


Virginia [00:20:20] And it’s interesting, too, because when we allow other people to help us, we might be helping them to write in ways that we never realized or it’s right.


Dean [00:20:33] I mean, every time I’ve helped somebody, they’ve helped me just by the simple fact of their insights as to what their challenges were. Because I always ask people, how does that make you feel? How long have you been living with this? What are your what have you tried to solve this with? And everybody always has a different answer, even though they’re based in the same aspects of mindset challenges, everybody’s tried so many different things and or struggle with so many different things and to be in a place where they can express that.


Dean [00:21:05] I’m also a suicide prevention mentor in a large men’s group. So when I have people call me up and ask for help and they’re like at the point where they’re on the verge, as I have been, their story is never the same as mine. Right. There has been men that have been in a place where they’re about to have their wives, about to have a baby, and they’re thinking about killing themselves. And that’s like that’s that’s a tragedy right there. And the baby’s going to come into this world of their dads. Are dads already dead through suicide? So this is a powerful, powerful stigma that is out there for men’s health today, men’s mental health. And it’s it’s a privilege and an honor for me to be in a place where I can help men get through that.


Virginia [00:21:48] Especially with the year that we just went through and all of the.


Virginia [00:21:55] Financial pressure even means that the men have and just how much our suicidal rate has gone up, that’s like last year.


Dean [00:22:04] Absolutely.


Virginia [00:22:05] So hopefully you’ll be able to reach more men.


Dean [00:22:08] And that’s the plan.


Dean [00:22:10] That’s the plan. I mentioned one hundred thousand men. And I’m willing to get beyond that. But I’m certainly pushing towards that, right. Yeah.


Virginia [00:22:17] So could you give us a couple examples of the small wins that you allow yourself to celebrate and acknowledge?


Dean [00:22:25] Absolutely. Absolutely. Let me pick one up. There’s so many I win at things every day. There’s opportunities for me to help other people. There’s opportunities for me to be helped.


Dean [00:22:37] So one of the greatest challenges that I face is. Expanding my business. What’s the next step? Do I hire another individual? Do I add more work for the ones that I have? Do I go with another intern? Do I change my systems? So there’s there’s so many things that you can win. And that’s just business with respect to self, my mindset. I had a deeper meditation earlier today.


Dean [00:23:06] We started a new diet. My wife and I, because we understand that lecterns we just came to the understanding that lecterns in our food are causing problems with digestion and in autoimmune challenges. So we’re now we’re we’ve just embraced last night was our first meal of a brand new diet, and it was great. We enjoyed it. It was quite tasty. And I was surprised because I was raised on meat and potatoes and I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy. And this was all about no meat and no potatoes. It was kale and mushrooms, like I’m still here. That’s right. So lots of wins every day. And that’s the key to give yourself permission to accept the challenge. Of recognizing those W’s and stack those WS up and realize that you will win it many things every day as long as you’re awake and try and at least.


Virginia [00:24:00] Even just one step forward can be a win or even just stationary.


Virginia [00:24:04] Right. Like I did go back. I’m still here.


Dean [00:24:06] Right. I didn’t go back to that bad habit or, you know, I focus on one percent better today than I was yesterday. And the power of exponentiation, that’s three hundred and sixty five percent in one year.


Virginia [00:24:16] I think the biggest thing, too, is like folk, like the small things is what gets you to where you really want to be. Don’t expect to do it all in one step.


Dean [00:24:28] Well, I have to admit that you didn’t get here yesterday, you work your way up to it and you had to learn a lot of stuff to get there. I always use walking as an example. Some people can’t swim, but everybody seems to be able to walk unless they’re handicapped. And my heart goes out to those individuals. And that leads me to actually, I want to talk about Joe Despend a little bit in the power of our mind to heal ourselves and to get to that next level. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Joe, are you?


Virginia [00:24:51] I don’t know, I not the name, but I might be a quick story, I’m not sure.


Dean [00:24:56] So he was a fellow that he got into an accident many, many years ago and he was had several vertebrae crushed and he was told that he would not be able to walk ever again. So we figured, well, while I’m laying here, well, I can’t walk. I might as well.


Dean [00:25:11] Practice this thing that I was just studying about the power of the mind to heal the body, and he had some techniques and he practiced and practice until the fact that he was able to meditate himself into that state where he healed as vertebrate, that today is a very healthy man.


Virginia [00:25:25] Didn’t do like a triathlon right after like a year after or something like that.


Dean [00:25:30] I’m not sure if you’re going to try a triathlon, but I’d have to research that part.


Dean [00:25:35] But I know that he was able to end up walking out and be healthy and teach other people to do the same thing, have the power of their mind, heal their body.


Virginia [00:25:42] Amazing what our mind is capable of doing, right?


Dean [00:25:45] Absolutely.


Virginia [00:25:46] That’s positive or for the negative.


Dean [00:25:49] Right.


Dean [00:25:49] And the thing is that most people delve into that thing where what we think is what we become. And yet they always think about the negative. What did I do wrong or what did they do wrong or what should they have done or what should I have done? And that creates your tomorrow. So if you could just be aware of that back to awareness and choice, be aware of that reality and flip the coin and embrace positive tomorrows will be more positive one percent a day.


Virginia [00:26:18] And so what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?


Dean [00:26:23] All the best advice that I’ve ever received.


Dean [00:26:28] Let me see, I’m going to have to say that I always accept the fact that you can get better. And do better.


Dean [00:26:37] And use someone else as an example of how you can do that, just for example, what I mean by that is so I follow Brendan Bouchard. I don’t know if you know who Brendan Bouchard is. And I’m actually I’ve been through his training, and that’s part of what I use for my training. His version of what he teaches because of the the absolute transformation I’ve been through by going through his 12 month course and being invited to the second and third levels there, invite only. So when you do the first portion, it’s you know, yet you’re paid to be there, you pay to be there. But if you don’t perform, you don’t get invited to the next level. And it was it was a real joy to be invited to those next levels and to have that opportunity to be taught all those different things. So the most important thing that I have been coached or taught to do was don’t give up and be one percent better today than you were yesterday.


Virginia [00:27:38] And I like the. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given?


Dean [00:27:45] Oh my, It has to be along the lines of it’s a combination of what I’ve already spoken of. For the most part, the the most the best advice that I’ve ever given is don’t give up and try to be one percent better tomorrow or today than you were yesterday. I mean, if you’re not consistent, what are you right? You’re all over the map, so I focus on consistency and the reality of life, what it is. Don’t let yourself get into that negative. It’s a trap when you get into that negative and you can choose to think positive. So be around positive people is another thing that I share with people don’t expect when you’re looking at someone to follow.


Dean [00:28:23] This is another thing that I like to give advice on is be aware that they had to struggle to get there to. You look at these people that are super like Oprah Winfrey, for example, she didn’t get where she is overnight. She went through a lot of struggles to get there and a lot of people that are trying to make better for themselves look at that and say, why can’t I do that? Well, the thing is, you can you just have to understand that it isn’t going to happen tomorrow.


Dean [00:28:49] So be patient with yourself.


Virginia [00:28:51] Or take little steps to get there. Not that one big step.


Dean [00:28:54] That’s right. You can’t change everything overnight.


Virginia [00:28:56] An imperfect action is better than no action.


Dean [00:28:59] 100 percent, 100 percent.


Virginia [00:29:03] Is there anything that you’d like to share with us that. I haven’t asked you that?


Dean [00:29:08] Yes, but it’s going to be more or less more of the same as what I’ve already shared. And it’s embracing our spiritual self. Please, everybody that’s out there that gets a chance to listen to this understand that we can be unlimited with a massive amounts of abundance that are just unimaginable if you just give yourself a chance to work towards it and accept the help to get there. Just be aware of who you are, what you can do. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. You are unique and just give yourself that permission. To grow without judgment and don’t spank yourself every day. Fight yourself every day.


Virginia [00:29:57] Well, thank you very much for being with us today.


Dean [00:30:00] I was happy to be here, thank you for giving me the opportunity. It’s great.


Virginia [00:30:04] You’re welcome. How can people find out more about you and let you do?


Dean [00:30:09] Well, they can go to my private Facebook group where I have it’s a men’s group, essentially, but I also have women in there that are in there for the purpose of helping their men. So they I let women in to my men’s group because they want to be there to help their own men. So that’s called my personal reality. You can search that on Facebook. You can search my personal reality dossier. That’s my website. And in that Web site, you will find everything that you need to find to contact me, my email, my linktree, which is all my profiles for everything that I do, as well as some assessments and opportunities actually to see if there’s some of the affiliate marketing programs you’d like to embrace.


Virginia [00:30:48] Cool, well thanks again Dean.


Dean [00:30:48] Thank you.


Virginia [00:30:50] And we will be in touch, you’re welcome. Have a great day.


Dean [00:30:53] I will.


Virginia [00:31:02] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some, leave through a review and I’ll get you on the next episode.




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